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A critter of the Nautilus species ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautilus ). Made for underwater maps. Simple but maybe useful. If you want to add an Ink_Blast for cinematic purposes, than put the Dragonhawk's cloud at the bone Ink and use the Walk/Swim anim. Can be used as the (prehistoric) ammonite as well. Feel free to use and edit it!

nautilus, molusk, cephalopod, shell-fish, squid, small kraken, sea animal, underwater, ammonite

Nautilus (Model)

21:15, 29th May 2011 anarchianbedlam: Meh, might be useful for underwater cinematics, works ingame and all that jazz. approvable




21:15, 29th May 2011
anarchianbedlam: Meh, might be useful for underwater cinematics, works ingame and all that jazz. approvable
Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
Yes, I know what nautilus means, but you will get same comments as mine as long as this model looks like faceless one's head stuck in a shell.
At leats make it look less like a face or put black eyes on it or something
this is better (IMO) then olofmolemans verson (his was a difrent kind of animal) but i liked that1 too, so i like this one more. the shells good, looks 3 dimensional and the number of little feeler parts is appeasing, so theres no lacking of number on them which is nice. good file size too it is like half less then olofmolemans verson (not meaning to trash u olofmoleman)

the face on him dos kinda look like a faceless, perhaps changing the face a tiny bit, by removing thos facless features that are noticible, one feature thats some what displeasing are the wierd extended flabs of skin that extrend from his cheak bones to underneath the eye and out past his head,to the out side of the shell, also making the forhead sqiush into the shell more may help too in making it look like he can suck into his shell even tho animations for that would be crazy *wink wink*. also, if u could pick eny color eyes for it, wouldn't something to contrast pink be better then green? (like Milky Blue or a Glazed putrid white?)

still neat, and this is a good additon to my fishing map so i find it quite useful. good size too. an icon beyond using the faceless ones (pinkyguys) icon would mabe be nice too, if it was nice n small.

6.5-7/10 its neat.