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Naruto Arcademania

Submitted by Dregonx
This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
NOTE: This game was made years ago before Warcraft III Reforged, for details of why it took so long to release, check this thread out here: My Megathread of Multiple Warcraft III Games I've made (Primarily Third Person Action Games)

NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: Dregonx ( Dregonx ) - StreamerLinks will lead you to all of them, this includes YouTube, Twitch, Twitter etc.

(NOTE: This game was made around the Pain Arc I wanna say, so some characters might not be as OP as you expect them to be)
Engage in all kinds of Game Modes with characters from Naruto in this PvP Arena Style Third Person Action Based/Strategy Based Game!

-Up to 12 Player(Online or with AI)
-Stealth System, some characters can detect Stealth Units, where others cannot
-Some Characters will achive new moves based on the combination of other abilities.
-Tailed Beasts are a part of the game, depending on the Game Mode, and they have a Will of their own
-Destructible Environment(Trees, Buildings, the Terrain, just about everything can be destroyed)
-Destructible Environmental Damage(If you are too close to things that collapse, you will take damage, and thus this is a viable strategy for characters with knockbacks to aim their abilities correctly.
-Items can be obtained at shops to become stronger.
-Transformations: These will cause your character to drain more HP/Chakra, but in exchange you will gain some crazy benefit until you decide to deactivate the form, which will also automatically disable itself if it drains too much.
-Fountain for HP/Chakra Restored if Needed.
-Multiple Bases, and depending on Game Mode; you will have to defend/attack these bases.

Game Modes

Destructible Environment

Combo Abilities + Transformations

Regular Abilities

Stealth System

Anti Stealth System

Tailed Beasts


Naruto Arcademania (Map)

  1. Alexen


    Map Reviewer

    Aug 6, 2015