Nameless - One Orc's Sage (Single player RPG)

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Apr 20, 2008
Nameless - One Orc's Saga (yes, the thread title was misspelled)

Greetings to everyone on The Hive Workshop! I am here to introduce a project I've been developing off and on for the past few months. It is a single player RPG that I hope will eventually evolve into a campaign-style sequence of maps, similar to Frozen Throne's Orc campaign.

STORY: The story begins with your main character in a dungeon - you are an orc who has no knowledge of his past, where he is, or who his captors are. While this may seem a bit cliche, I have utilized the "memory loss" story mechanic so that the player feels on the same level as Nameless (as the orc hero will come to be called). This is an entirely new world I am creating, and I don't expect anyone to know anything about it (yet).

However, I can say that the overall plotline will not be "save the world from certain destruction," nor will there be clear definitions of "good" and "evil".

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay will be close to standard Warcraft 3 gameplay with new twists and ideas. The standard top-down view is used, and you will command your hero(es) using the normal commands. I decided to make it similar to standard WC3 so that players can jump right into the game and not have to worry about being swamped with new, strange game mechanics. This is an easy-to-play, fun, and yet challenging map/campaign. The first map is extremely linear, but subsequent maps will more than likely have a large degree of freedom (though the overall story progress will be linear).

HEROES: You will start with only one hero, but as you progress, more heroes will join your party. So far, the first map, which takes place entirely in a dungeon, only has two heroes that you will command. As this campaign develops further, I hope to give players access to many different additional heroes. In order to balance the game, the player will only be able to have four or so heroes in their "party" at once, but the player will be able to switch out heroes whenever they are in a city or town.

SPELLS: The spells and abilities will be UNIQUE, and I guarantee that none of them will be clones of existing abilities. So far, all of them are trigger based to some extent. As an example, here are Nameless' four abilities:

Not-So-Trivial Pursuit: The hero move so fast between two points that the action seems to take place instantaneously (i.e. Blink). The sheer speed causes the ground to shudder, damaging and briefly stunning all enemy units near the hero's starting and ending positions.

Inner Focus: Causes the hero to enter into a state of concentration, during which he has a 25% chance to dodge enemy attacks and a 33% chance to deal extra damage per strike. Drains mana until deactivated.

Nerves of Steel: Grants the hero passive life regeneration and reduces the damage he takes from enemy spells. Passive.

Sundering Maelstrom: The hero skillfully strikes at nearby enemies for 4 seconds, finding weak points in their armor. Affected enemies take damage and have an armor reduction penalty for 12 seconds.

The hero abilities and spells will be leveled up via normal means - each level, the hero will gain a hero point which can be spent on learning new skills or upgrading existing ones. While each hero only has four abilities, the player will be controlling up to four very different heroes at once, giving him or her plenty of options.

Items: Heroes will be able to carry the standard six items, and eventually (though it is not implemented yet) the player will have a single secondary inventory and perhaps access to pack mules for additional space. Heroes themselves will be limited in what items they can carry; for example, a hero can only carry one main hand item, one offhand item, and one armor item at a time. If a particular weapon requires two hands, then they will not be able to carry an offhand item. Furthermore, certain heroes will be able to use different kinds of weapons and armor. A caster, for example, will only be able to use cloth armor, whereas Nameless, the main hero, can use light and medium armor, and can use two-handed weapons. Main hand and offhand types will include: one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, daggers, staves, and shields. Armor types will include cloth armor, light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor.

CURRENT VERSION: Nameless - One Orc's Saga - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

Screenshots are in the post below.
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Apr 20, 2008


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Sep 6, 2008
I like the running water screenshot (3rd from the bottom) It looks like they are in a river.
Anyways looks like a mediocre map but +rep cause of screenies.

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Oct 18, 2008
The screenshots look good so far. The plot does seem cliche which isn't exactly too good of an idea, but you've got a reason for it. I think its good that you're doing a close-to-standard WarCraft 3, its easier to understand and there's not much explanations needed.

Overall I think it sounds promising, but has a good way to go right now.

- Infinite

P.S. Don't double post. Edit your first post and put the screenshots in there.
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Apr 20, 2008
Bump, I have uploaded the first version of the first map. This is the first map I have ever actually completed, and I am eagerly awaiting additional comments and criticism.

As for the cliche elements in the story, I haven't decided if Nameless' amnesia will be central to the storyline or not. It may be involved, but may not be pivotal.

Also, I could not successfully move the screenshots into my first post, very sorry.
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Sep 13, 2008
A whole freaking lot of games use amnesia or some form of it in them. Please for the love of all that is originality don't to it lol.

Oh yeah no plane crashes