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I didn't touch the weapon, I recoloured the nack (had no idea how to edit it! And most of all: WHY to edit it! :D) and the face was just edited. All others were made from scratch. Comment please. (Size reduced!)

NagaSummoner (Texture)

THE_END: The colors on this are wicked, and that armor is totally sweet




THE_END: The colors on this are wicked, and that armor is totally sweet
Level 3
Aug 27, 2004
Try darking the edges of the armor with a small black line using the burn tool. (if you use photoshop that is) Might decrease a little bit of the blurryness. I think it looks pretty nice though GJ. Also i agree with Pins about the weapon.
Level 2
Dec 24, 2004
I agree with Rui, this isn't far from Undead... This model doesn't fit with the other naga units either.. Diff colour...