Naga Sea Dragon

Been wanting to create a dual wielding naga for a long time now. Took some design elements from my Naga Stealthviper and Whaler models.
Went on a few passes to get the final look on the weapon. Decided to make it not gold like most of his armor. Also surprised to have made this on par with most Naga units in terms of polies. I also tried to make the UV as seamless as possible. trying to avoid cuts in the model's mesh to make it look more natural and not a mish-mash of textures.

-added attachment points

Naga Sea Dragon (Model)

Naga Sea Dragon Portrait (Model)

General Frank
A very well made custom model with great and creative use of in-game textures. The golden frontal scales are especially great. Model works in-game. Good job.
Level 9
Mar 16, 2013
New Nagachad hero nice one! Reminds me of Tarrasque's Naga Incursor. Now im thinking to have this as Hero paired with Incursor units...what a sight 👌


Arena Moderator
Level 42
Jul 29, 2008
So I adore this model; you really have a way with the Naga mesh that helps keep it looking fresh & unique every time, despite the limitations. I'm lovin' the crocodilian face/mouth, the dual-blades, the 'dilophosaur'-style fins (with the obligatory awexome 'frill-shake' in Stand-Ready). The armor is good & fancy, the wrapping schweet... Really the only gripe I might have about the mesh is it could use even a bit more to push it away from the Myrmidon (visually). Maybe thinner?

Honestly my only real problem with the model is 1) the name & 2) it's a Hero?

1) For the first time in a long time, your naming leaves me nonplussed. x ) "Sea Dragon" is a much more obvious fit for this beauty; this guy isn't a Dragon, like, at all. If you're looking for suggestions (& don't mind carrying on the "greek-ish" theme shown by Myrmidon), I'd go with something from AoM or this list; "Hoplite"? "Hypaspist"?

2) It's funny how this never occurred to me when you posted your WIPs; I just always assumed this was a unit. Maybe blinded by my mental version of it... Anyway, it would be simply stellar if you were able to throw Decay anims on there. It would increase it's utility! : )

Another wonderful model, man.
Level 12
Jun 11, 2004
This is a well made model. Nice mesh and animations. My primary criticism for this is that it doesn't add anything that unique to the current suite of naga models on the hive. It introduces a dual bladed melee unit, but other than that it's not far from a Myrmidon. Would love to see a little something extra - perhaps an extra set of arms or something.

Regardless, I still wouldn't feel right rating this below a 5/5 due to the quality of the model. Good job!