Mysterious world of Lazred

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Jun 21, 2011
World of Lazred:
Just to clarify that this story is connected with world of the Nameless one orc's saga!



Chapter One - The begining at the end

Cold,harsh and devastating were the last moments for the great archbigil Sidor,standing behind the gates of the great ancient city of Biligy,awaiting for his enimies to attack,to make his last stand against the archevil
of the unknown.At this very moment he was wondering "how did we ended up in this position",he smiled ,and looked upon his brothers,elves,humans and orcs and said "isn't this ironic ,the situation we are in at this very moment my friends........"he smiled again, and continued "we trough ,we could be something that cannot be achieved by force,and we brainwashed generations of humans , forced them to believe that their existence is blessing from the gods, and that all the actions that we humans commited were classified as good,but the truth is far from that,what we didnt see is the true enemy,and we accused orcs,elves,orilans,reptaloids and other races as an enemy,as pure evil,as the disgrace of the world,while none of them was the actual evil,but only one ,one that we didn't noticed or we didn't even bother to even notice.....",one of the soldiers asked"wich one is it my lord",Sidor answered"my foolish friend,its your race,mine race,we are the hidden evil...."shocked by the statement of his lord the soldier has fallen under traumatic depression!Billigy the last safe haven for humans,elves and orcs ,is besieged by the army of the Archdarkness Luthul,the lord of the unknown,for wich mission is to destroy the human race forever.You would probably ask why,is it becouse he is evil?Well we cannot assume who is evil or not at this moment,but we could go back in time when the world was a very peaceful place to live,when the humans were just well........... slaves!Yes,slaves to the great elven empire of Iylbigalasir,but that is for another story,maybe we could go back in time at very moment when the humans were invented to this world!Reader you probably noticed the story is centered around humans,well its not actually,our main charecter is from other race!You will see when you go deeper into the story!enjoy!

Chapter Two - The first humans

Humans didnt record much in their early history,but some of the oldest elven books give us some background of how the early humans lived,wich reveal some bizare information.The elves called them "kialasim",wich transleted from elven means "Hell spawn",and they also described them as ,ruthless barbarian creatures,which has no meaningful purpose in life,most of their activity was based on,physical strength,war,slaughter,breeding and pillage!There were no signs of civilized behaviour,nor did they have any major settlements which could last for decades ahead!The humans were classified as experimental failure,no major figure was implemented in the records!The elves used it as an opportunity and enslaved every living human on the planet!What the elves didn't realize is that they invented a Trojan horse!Why?Why the Elves?What Trojan Horse?Well you see the humans are the creation of a supreme being,like humans the elves are too creation of the same supreme being!What is this supreme being?you will see!Most of the answers will be answered below!

Chapter Three - The rebellion

A moment has come when a baby was born,blessed by the gods he grew,to become a legend amongst the humans,and the main figure in of their history who will be remembered as the man who freed all humans from their elven oppressors!His name will be remembered as Keynary.But he was more different form his brethren ,more unique but in the dark way,he whore a secret burden that no one knew,an unknown force,witch tortured him to do its bidding,a force that was placed within him before even his birth!A voice,that was commanding him and his actions.It forced him to abandon his family and start a rebellion against the elven rule!Keynary didn't listen,he wanted to live peacefully with his family under the rule of the Elves,that didn't bother him too much!One day Keynary returned from his job,to see his House burned to the lowest level!Heartbroken,by the death of his family he burst into anger,and began to hurt himself,traumatised by the death of his Wife,and children.Then he accused the voice for the death of his family,but the voice replied that the death of Keynary's family is not his doing!Keynary heard elven soldiers marching horn,he hid himself in the bushes.The elven guard stoped near his house,one of then asked"Did you find him",second answered"No"the one asked again"Find him but don't kill him like his family,i will deal with this dog myself",at this moment Keynary centered his pain in his anger towards the elves,the voice said to him to calm down,that he must be cautios.Keynary realized that if was to use his ager now he wouldn't have a opportunity to avenge his family!He assembled an army of humans,mostly farmers,freeman,blacksmiths and so on ,to fight the elven warlords.The rebellion lasted 50 years,huge percent of humans have died ,mostly massacred!Keynary died but his second wife,son Tolian Keynary
continued the rebellion.Humans were losing the war until one moment in the bay of Glavion,the elves actualy lost their first battle against the human rebellion.Most of the grasslands around Glavion were captured by the humans ,they were winning the war!Tolian died,in his honor the grasslands around Glavion were named after him the Tolian grasslands.Tolian II Kynary son of Tolian I ,he named himself the first human king wich gave courage to all the other human who were still slaves to the elves!The rebellion slowly turned into war between sovereign states.Humans versus Elves.Tolian II created the first human dynasty of lords,Tolians.The capital city was Glavion.But still the wars was far from over, the rebellion was over and a new age has come for those two races to face!

Chapter Four - Whispers form the deep cornes of space

Generations of Keynaries have come and passed ,but the whispers will never be erased from the memories of the Keynaries.No one has ever talked about it,never had,never will ,they all keep that to themselves .Everyone individualy thought to themselfs that they were unique to have a voice inside their head that can help them in various situations,what they didn't realize that they were manipulated to do things that were against their morals.Ages have passed ,war didnt seem to end,new dynasty of human lords have emerged ,the Rookians!It ended with the death of Rook III Keynary of Rooktoliy,the elves were advancing inside the Tolian Grasslands,it was a mess for the Tolians and their last King Silma.But a new human kingdom has emerged from the noth.Lothgarians,under the leadership of Loth of Lothgar,or the Breton.Huge amount of soldiers stepped in to assist the fellow humans.The crusade ended with success but also with the death of Loth,and Silma Keynary!Humans won,and the elves retreated,peace treaty was signed.The war was over and the Trojan horse was partly successful.The idea was based on the destruction of the elves.But by who?By the Whispers of "Keynary's burden"?...................

Chapter Five - Down of Keynary

Keynary's were to be remembered as the saviours of the human race,but their rule was not so permanent.Tolians have left the rule over humanity to the brave Lothgarians.The time of the bretons has come,with the rule of king Albert I Lothgarian.He changed the capital of his nation in Glavion,there he assembled as the new leader of humanity!His first task was to create a cuncil of the righteousness,wich was composed of elven mages,human mages,human lords from around the new human order and of course me ,lord Sidor himself!
Yes i was major figure in this council,which fate was to become a unthinkable nightmare!Best friend will turn against each other,but they have no clue of what is to come!
In the cuncil was one of my very best friends,Lord Nuldua,King of the Jargadians, also my right hand Archmage Alvbagdousis, and others of royal bloodline like sir Lenard,General Howardson,Relsh Darkenson,Brian Culwich and one of the gretest heroes to be in my timeline sir Nicol Edmond.Mostly Lothgarians.Our union was composed of Tolians,Esternians,Lothgarians and Repuvians!Indeed we were strong as never before,no race or nation could have challenged our military superiority.But we had a weak spot,one that we didnt noticed,and it was the Keynaries.Yes what happend to them?They disbanded their faction,away from the throne,they pledged their service to King Albert as his most trusted advisors!Here he came in all his esteem,the Great Cicero Keynary with his nephew Kaelius Keynary.Cicero as grand advisor ,Kaelius as his elite champion.Technically they were still in control ,only as state representatives of the union, but with higher political rank.The cuncil assambled,they were ready to deal with the any problems ahead.One them was the Rooktoliy rebellion against the new Lothgarian order over humanity.King Albert appointed young Kaelius Keynary,And Sir Lenard for a mission to investigate the this major problem,to find a peaceful solution and to end the separation movements!General Howardson of Delvinson(Breton City),didn't like the idea too much,for that he left the council angered by this treason against what his people have given their lives for!Howardson ,war veteran from the great war against the Elven slave lords,didn't forget what happened back then,he didn't forget all the dead soldiers and lieutenants who gave their lives,to leave their families,knowing that they will never return!Howardson knew one thing,never to trust an Keynary!Betrayers,murderers,villains,that's how he portrays them!He left with with all the dignity that was left with him!He will never let himself collaborate with them,if he has to he will die before he sees his people aiding the Keynaryies!

Chapter Six - The Coliue(PEST)

A disease has been spread through the Tolian peninsula,disiese coused by an old Priest named Mahbreet,old member of the Templars of Hightoliy,from which he was disbanded long ago!Mahbreet.....hmm...he wasn't the enemy that everyone wanted him to be!Poor lad!He was living the life of a hermit,cant blame him more for the Coliue(disease) than the people who want him dead for it!Sad hero?He just wanted justice to prevail above all evil,but he failed!He failed to reveal the true images beyond the masked "Ones"!He was rejected by his family,friends,brothers and sisters for being accused for participating in dark arts!"Lies,it's all lies ,and you believe them fools"he yelled,and left in search for another ally that could aid him!He ended up in the company of the Drophal(black winged) Ubaldagar,mysterious being from the stars!He resembles something that primitive people will call demon or mephal!
He pledged his service to this Black Winged Being from the skies in return granting him with powers with wich he will be able to finish his holy mission!The Drophal asked him about his mission,but he didn't tell,it was a secret he said!The Drophal asked again"How am i supposed to give you powers,without you tell me ,what are you going to use them for?"!Mahbreet promised him that all the answers will be answered in time!The Drophal furiously asked"Dont play fool on me priceless worm,i know what youre up to,you are going to create an army for the false God you serve,i will never let him take this world under my body!".Mahbreet realising his plans were doomed if he didn't do something,so he kneeled in front of his new master!His first mission was to rise an army,for that he used the Great Graveyards of the Poor's hideout.Massive armies of undead zombies assembled for war,Mahbreet was ready,but the world wasn't,war was coming and so were the end times!

Chapter Seven - Watchers of the wall

The disease plagued the peninsula,everything was going as planned.Masses of humans have been massacred, near the port city of Rooktoliy,here Mahbreet assembled his undead troops which he gathered from the Poor's hideout for his main base of operations!In the meantime in the deep deserted corners of the Poors hideouts mountains,Ubaldagar assembled his base in the center of the Mountain where he is mastering his plans for the future menace to come!Rooktoliy was the last safe haeven of the resistance against the Lothgarian rule.Here resides the imperial stewarts and the nobleman of the old Tolian empire.They were stubborn and proud people,never to fall back ,never to surrender,they fight for their freedom ,as their birthright is to rule their homeland of Toliy.Ruler of this city was Templus Modian!Modians newly born family self proclaimed itself as the true rulers of the whole of Glavion and Rooktoliy.He finally managed to gain enough men to launch an invasion into Loth's fall, which ended with failure and unending raging frontline!Word has come to King Albert,and emergency plan was needed for counterattack!Since Howardson left the King was left with nothing to fight wars with but a frightened farmers,but here he comes,Cicero Keynary , the terror of the elves stepped into the throne room,with a proposal for solution of this problem!"My King!!"he spoke,"I've heard of this tragedy,many people have died in Loth's fall,but you mustn't lose faith!",the king replied"What do you propose my friend,look at my people ,they left me,look at my allies they also left me,i have no friends i have no power in here,so tell me what am i supposed to do?"said the king,Cicero looked him and said,"I can help you,like you helped us before,will help you now",the king asked "How could you help me ,you have no man?",cicero answered"Oh but you are wrong,never misjudge a Tolian,,we might not be the warriors that you want as to look like,but we are as stubborn as our cousins,you must use us my lord,arm us ,unlock the imperial armoury,and left the war to us!",the king smiled,Cicero asked"Dont you trust me my King",the king replied"Oh i do my friend,I'm Just fascinated by your willpower.You can have armoury".Masive amount of soldiers had been assembled at the gates of Glavion,there on the walls of the city Cicero and King Albert were standing with pride ,and soldiers were awaiting their orders.For this crusade,three Captains were choosen,Sir Edmond,Kaelius Keynary and Sir Lenard!A great battle was on their way,will they survive,only the future can tell!

Chapter Eight - Mysteries of the peninsula

Chapter Nine - Evil from the good side

Chapter Ten - Inadequate endings

Chapter Eleven - The trojan fail

Chapter Twelve - Plains of Madness and games of steam

Chapter Thirteen - Burden of Keynary

Chapter Fourteen - The ugly elves

Chapter Fifteen - Plans of the Gods

Chapter Sixteen - The girl Queen

Chapter Seventeen - Ending of the begining at the end


Chapter Eighteen - New begining

Chapter Nineteen - Orshvaht Problems

Chapter Twenty - The red manace
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