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"See me and know fear."

-added Decay Bone Animation
-Added Death sound (oops)

Myrddraal, Half, Man, Shadow, Lurk, Fetch, Fade, Wheel, Of, Time

Myrddraal (Model)

05:26, 8th Feb 2016 MiniMage: He has a funky name and lacking eyes, but it's a rather creative use of the blood elf animations to make a sword wielding man. Approved.




05:26, 8th Feb 2016
MiniMage: He has a funky name and lacking eyes, but it's a rather creative use of the blood elf animations to make a sword wielding man. Approved.
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Dec 23, 2013
I've yet to get physics objects to look right in an animation, so I just have him go about a bit of a death-clutch on his sword.

If I were to stay true to the book, he would flail about as if trying to continue the fight even after he was slain.

I'll try to make a suitable stand-ready animation.


To those who speak of using in-game textures.

Much as I'd like to do so, I am just not that clever with UV mapping and juggling enough geosets to have all of the different textures/materials I would need is beyond me.
The only textures I can think of replacing would be that of the sword (changed to knight's sword) and the cloak (Acolyte's robe)
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Jul 29, 2008
At the risk of copying Direfury, FANTASTIC.

Seriously, though, this is excellent. Not only because I love (the) WoT (models that you are making), but because you've done an excellent job re-purposing a set of animations; seriously, turning the ranged-wizard Blood Mage into a sword-wielder?? I'm so glad that worked; it really fits well the way you have integrated it.

This is the next best thing to a full-on custom model (where the more sinuous & shadow-hiding & snake-like elements could be fully expressed).

I think the face is great, though I will (as always) echo the others in asking for in-game textures (though I've read the exchange & I see the difficulties (wait, nothing works? What about the Zombie/Dalaran Mutant? Don't they even have missing eyes?)).

Direfury, I'm sure he's grateful for the positive encouragement; what would really help is some suggestions. Just telling him "if you are clever enough, you can do it" is little more than patronizing.
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Dec 23, 2013
I downloaded and tried milkshape for a few hours, but I didn't really gel with it. The figures I could make from it were too high poly to fit in, or their body parts just looked too round or stubby. I don't know if it has other uses outside of modeling though, I didn't stick around long enough to explore its workings in-depth. :(

I'll see if I can touch up the walking animation to make it look lighter and a deal less stompy.

I thought about using the zombie head, but the zombies have either yellow or black goo in place of their eyes. I then thought about using the arthas face with an extra plate on his cheeks pulled up to his brow (to hide the eye part of the texture) but I bumped into two possible problems in my head. The first being that the texture would be very obviously stretched, which I have been chewed for in the past. The second being that the arthas texture has been used everywhere and I've a sort of fear of people looking at it in-game and going "Thats a cool looking-- Oh... pfft."

I just finished two small requests from a fellow orc lightning fast so I am on cooldown and have late thanksgiving dinner to prepare for. There are four models that are upcoming right now.

-Updated Whitecloak (New Helmet, Sword & Board, Touched up Texture)
-Updated Questioner (New Helmet and Touched up Texture)
-Orc Slasher (LotR) (Militia/Murloc Based)
-Warder (WoT) (Arthas Based) (Semi Transparent)

Thanks for the compliments, gentlemen.
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Mar 3, 2015
Lol your spell animation is so funny I can't stop laughing, The normal attack doesn't look so great but I love attack-1, the portrait talk and the portrait looks disturbing, stand-2 also looks weird
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Jan 8, 2014
Now I'ma big fan of the wheel of time series and feel that this model is almost perfect. If i had to criticize it, i'd say that the eyes (or where they should be) needs to be a bit darker, but doing that right is hard so no worries,