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My second terrain ever.

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Level 14
Aug 25, 2005
I, suck but... here it is anyways.

Edit: damn i just saw theres green marks on it.... ugh


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Level 15
Dec 24, 2007
It looks ok...

1)It looks pretty good except for the scorched granary and barn buildings, get rid of 'em, there's a green mark in the Background:hohum:

2)Looks way too empty, fill in that empty spot in the lower corner with trees, bushes, etc. Did you use the Noise tool?!?

3)looks the same as number 1.

4)looks ok but again, get rid of those scorched buildings!
Level 10
Jan 21, 2007
It's not very good, terrain-wise, and your kinda trying to cover that up by slapping on some high-end models I think =/.

And is that a tree made up of 3 stumps lol? Haha i giggled.

By all means it is not really bad, they all seem like they could use more enviromental doodads and hight variation. Pic 2 has a large open space and it is quite ugly =/.
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