Modern Day Tauren

ATTENTION: This thread is a total joke, so if you are here to talk about something serious then you will want to leave. Also you may wish to do the same if you are a tauren.

The Tauren have evolved much since the third war. They have began a new way of defense. Giant walls, made of pure energy, are set up around each country.. If anything goes through these walls it will burn. But unfortunatley all this energy is causing a terrible effect known to the Tauren as, "GLOBAL WARMING".. The Tauren no longer embrace the energies of the nature.. They now embrace something new.. ELECTRICTY! The tauren may not embrace the energies of nature but they still love it. They love to harvest it and use it to build houses and armor. They use saws to cut down trees and electric minecarts to mine gold. Just yesterday I got these screenshots of them..


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Level 8
Sep 9, 2007
That still looks like they are old time, like 400+ years old. IMO, they still fit in fairly well with WarCraft III.

Nice work though. It reminds me of something I cannot fully remember. I think it is Star Ocean: Til the End of Time. You should polish this up a bit and put it in the terrain forum.
Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
0.0 LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This wants me to become Beef-tose intolerant.

Reminds you of humans in a way, cept being cows, and energy field. But making energy for global warming, we used to be incontact with nature alot more also.