[HD/Modeling] [Model Help] Anduin Wrynn (Reforged)

I kindly request assistance with this Anduin model I'm working on. I have his M3 model file as well as his DDS texture--enhanced by me. I also have his M3A animation file, and I don't know how to attach it to his model. I can use either Blender or 3ds Max with the right add-on/plugin to import M3 files. Although, I think aligning the meshes to the texture is easier with Blender. I just don't know how to make the texture appear on the model after going through the UV Editor tab, aligning the meshes with the texture. If anyone is available to help me, they can reply to this thread or message me privately here. You can also contact me on Discord--TenseChamomile#6646, or you can find me in the official HIVE Discord server under the same name that I'm using here.

There's already a model of Anduin here on HIVE but I am trying to make a Reforged/HD counterpart by using his HotS model instead of WoW. I've posted his sound set and icons of his abilities in the game.

May the Light shine upon the just. - Anduin Wrynn


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