[Model] Doodad, Tree(s) for Outlands tileset

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Apr 26, 2007

Intro: Hi, I'm Andriejj from clan PiP on Northrend.

Project: It's for a map of my idea, which is being made by Zeropathic/Antipathic/zeroXD (first one is his current nick, he's PiP's Chieftain). A summary about the map is at the bottom.

Request: Tree(s) for Outlands.
  • Name: Tree.
  • Type: Doodad, tree.
  • Details: I leave possible modelers almost full freedom. Only one major requirement- it has to look good in the Outlands, suit the tileset and other doodads there. I think that the foliage shouldn't be too generous, the tree should rather be burnt and poor in leaves(could have no leaves as well). Here's one image, just for inspiration(it could be totally different):


About the map. Genre: semi-AoS map. Average game lenght- less than an hour. Set in the Outlands. Sides: Fel Orcs vs Blood Elves, demons (not playable, fight both sides). Demons defend the magical remnants of a meteor (crater in the middle of the map), Orcs and Elves fight for it. 2 ways to win- destroy the enemy base or defeat demons and hold the middle for 6-10 minutes.

Terrain for that map is being made by AmadiTheGreat, clan member from Finland. As most terrainers know, Outlands are painful. Amadi's main problem is making environment. He can make stones, cliffs, magma, abyss and stuff, but for environment- only shrubs. Mushroom trees are ugly, we won't use them. We were searching and searching, and still- we didn't find a tree suitable for Outlands. So that's what's our request is about...

About the map's progress. Many heroes are done already, not sure about the number, but enough for first relase for sure (it will be 5v5 map, because of that third demon team). I don't really know much about mapping, but from what I know, stuff like damage detection system and main triggers are already done, when the terrain is finished they'll be just moved there and adjusted. Terrain is what holds this map, when it's finished, it's gonna speed up, testing will start.

Also if you know of any existing vegetation models for Outlands, let us know.

Thanks in advance for any help given.
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