Model Crashes Game

Level 9
Feb 11, 2008
Hey guys, I just recently made a model (today). It's an unarmed footman with Proudmoore's head. It works perfectly in both viewers, and when I first import it into my map. Then, when i try to either play the game with the model or restart the world editor to view the model in-game, it crashes. I'll attach the model at the bottom so you guys can take a look at it. It was made using Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modifier, Oinkerwinkle's Geoset Merger, and Magos' WC3 Model Editor.


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Level 6
Jul 1, 2008
as a brief explanation because I'm not a modeler, I just know about errors caused by models I'll say it MAY be because warcraft 3 hates customs if they aren't done relatively well or when they aren't a 100% custom.
1. Does the skin cover the entire frame?
2. Try adding a different head and see if thats the problem (sometimes a certain combination just doesn't work)
3. Post again after you've checked those two things post again. Eventually someone will come who knows more about your specific problem, but my guess is the trying a different head might give you an idea of what you're dealing with (if it works its the head, if it doesn't you're at square 1 again)