MODEL - Black Hole

Level 9
Jun 10, 2004
I need this for a spell that I'm working on. Of course, full credit will be given. Here's all that I require; the rest can be creativity:

1) A swirling mass that gets darker as you get closer to the center.
2) The outer part of the model "swirls" into the inner part.

That's all I can think of for now. Feel free to ask any questions.

Level 8
May 13, 2004
This request raised an eyebrow, and i decided to make one. However, like 98% of the requests for models, yours was very unspecific about size, color, orientation, etc.
For something like this, concept art is always a plus.
1/3 done with animations and the skin needs some work.
Ill end up uploading it when im done, it will probally be tilted ~25-30 degrees when done. I havent decided on its size... i was thinking the size of a Barracks would be appropriate.