Mini-Me's Super Bomberman v.0.98b

This is a bomberman map (duh). In bomberman each player has his own bomberman unit who can lay bombs where he stands. The bomb will explode after short period of time in vertical and horizontal line. If the explosions hits a wall, it destroyes it. If the explosions hits a bomberman it kills it. The bomberman who placed the bomb does NOT have immunity to his own bombs, in other words you can kill yourself.

The game plays out that players will place bombs in attempt to kill all other bombermans, finding powerups from the destroyed walls that increase the amount of bombs you can place, your explosions radius and your bombermans movement speed.
Interesting stradegic aspect of the game is that you can trap your enemies with the bombs.
Winner of the round is the last bomberman alive. Host of the game decides how many round victories is required to win the bomberman tournament.

You are propably thinking 'meh another bomberman map, big deal' but wait a second. Mini-Me's Super Bomberman introduces THE BUNNIES! The bunnies were first introduced in Super Bomberman 4 on snes (if im not mistaken). You can find a bunny like any other powerup from destroying the walls. A bunny possesses extra abilities that will help you kill the other bombermans. There are different kind of bunnies with their own special skills. If you are killed while you are riding a bunny, you get to continue the game as the normal bomberman again.

All of this while listening to jolly bomberman tunes :).

v.0.95 First release
v.0.96 Small update with some tweaks
v.0.98 Fixed a bug when placing a bomb near a blocker would cause it to teleport between the blockers and explode out of placed. The bomb now remains on its place and explodes only at the size of one square.
v.0.98b Small fix

Mini-Me's Super Bomberman v.0.98b (Map)