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MineralZ 1.55(c)(1)

Submitted by maddeem, Zeatherann
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.



*Reworked nearly every system in the game to improve efficiency and reduce lag.

*Removed ALL waves and replaced them with new counter-parts. There are a total of 32 base wave-type units that have varying abilities. Each wave type is modular - allowing me to add/change/remove existing wave types with ease.

*Provided a large buff to the regenerators - double the range and healing but at double the price.

*Removed the ability for any zerg (minus wave 30 boss) to destroy the natural walls in the game.

*Many zerg can now burrow under your wall, jump over your wall, or fly over your wall.

*Reworked Thermal turrets to give them AOE atttacks and multiple attacks per second.

*Reworked Reaper turrets - they now gain damage and attack speed over time (visibly)

*Tesla tower chaining has been reverted back to the original style.

*Added docking port which currently features two air vessels. One that mines and another that attacks.

*Added Mineral Deposits - Large minerals with more life that can only be mined through "Destructive Mining" (Mining ship and Golem)

*Added energy shields as a wall tier option

*Added solar panels as a power generator option

*Added a bunker building

*Reworked the sentry tower

*Added a "Holographic display" that shows what the next wave will be.

*Added/changed a bunch of icons and special effects / sounds.

*Changed Font
*Added a playable zerg slot called "Host" - currently WIP and not quite ready for playing yet. Slot is
filled by a computer but can be filled by a player for testing purposes.

*Added the Artillery canon - a tower that fires at the cost of Rubinite.

*Added Seismic tower - AOE damage with a slow.

*All turrets are constructed by first building the foundation called a turret base. After that is built, it can be upgraded to any turret type. This foundation effectively raises all turrets off the ground.

*Factories no longer require any energy.

*Minerals now have quality. Higher quality = more life and regeneration.

*Reworked terrain generation

*Reworked Zerg AI
For 1.5(a):

Fixed bugs.
For 1.5(c):

Fixed bugs. Wave types are fixed, terrain generation fixed.
For 1.5(c)(1):

Fixed saving (-save).
For 1.51:

Fixed numerous bugs, added wave 40 boss, added new start, victory and defeat sounds. Added various icons for upgrades. Changed how mineral quality affects mining... And much more.
For 1.52:

*Added batteries: Branch off from Generators. Mobile power generation structure that directly uses diamonite to provide energy.
*Easy mode has a longer day 1, higher mineral quality.
*Various balance tweeks: Wave 20 boss has less AOE on his attacks and drains less mana.
*New icons for various upgrades and structures
*Fixed Magnet towers
*Added victory / defeat music
*Increased base find time to 25 seconds
*Miners can now see over most temple blocks
*Fixed multiplayer desyncs due to blizzard patch
*Fixed various bugs
For 1.52(a):

*Minerals now have a visual quality indicator

*Added Wraith Vessel
^- Purely offensive ship used to combat the zerg, costs 200/200/200/200. Deals significant AOE damage.

*Added Crystal Stabalizer
^- A [Tier 2] branch off from the regenerator. Capable of healing minerals at a slow rate without power and at a quick rate with power.

*Minerals Average and below do NOT regenerate over time anymore

*Moved all flight upgrades to the Docking Port

*Added the upgrade Microfusion Cores
^- Provides ships with passive energy regeneration for sustained flights.

*Added the upgrade Upgraded Firepower
^- A 5 Level upgrade that increases the damage of all your flight vessels.

*Fixed Battery [Tier 5] Bug

*Default regenerators no longer heal minerals

*The countdown before miners spawn has been reduced to 5 seconds. Players no longer have vision during this time. Increased day 0 time to compensate (Easy: 300 Seconds, Normal+: 200 Seconds).

*You can now only build 1 house

*Added Beacon Structure
^- Unlocked after building a house. Structure with 1x1 Placement that allows your to return minerals. Max of 10 beacons per player.

*Zerg now have a 1 in 10 chance to drop genetic material which provide a random number of minerals when picked up(Between 1 and the current wave number.)

*Added Feclid Wall [Tier 11], costs 2000/0/0/0 with 21k HP and 20 HP/S

*Droid now costs 15/15/15/15 instead of 5 credits. You still need the research Droid AI to build more than 1 droid.

*Droid AI costs changed to a static 5 credits per level.

*Spiked Walls upgrade changed to static 1 credit per level.

*Fixed a bug with Kabraxis causing him to burrow at the wrong times.

*Removed immolation from all thermal turrets.

*[Tier 5] Thermal Turrets and above have an increased AOE from 300 to 512.

*Zerg Nydus Worm HP has been reduced by 66%

*Added Zerg Ultralisk. Spawns after wave 20, deal AOE damage (192 AOE), and has 50 armor. Base HP 650, gains 150 per wave number.

*Fixed saving of the furthest wave reached.
For 1.52(b):

*Nerf to battery: max power of all batteries reduced by 25%

*Reduce energy cost of seismic towers: [Tier 1] - 10, [Tier 2] - 15

*Added [Tier 3] Subsonic Seismic Tower: Cost 120/120/120/120, AOE 1024, DMG 450, ENERGY 20

*Added [Tier 4] Supersonic Seismic Tower: Cost 300/300/300/300, AOE 1200, DMG 1000, ENERGY 30

*Added [Tier 8] Syonic Fusion Turret: Cost 0/120/0/120, Range 700, DMG 275, ATK SPD 0.7

*Fixed boss AI where they would not path properly

*Added Wave 50 Boss
^- Khahrahk the Scarlet King

*Bosses now gain 5% damage per attack (multiplicative)

*[Tier 8] Syonic Inferno Turret base HP increased from 200 to 800

*[Tier 4] Bionic Rocket Turret base HP increased from 300 to 500

*Wave 40 Boss Xoviks the Vile poison potion attack increased from 1 time per second to 4 per second

*Nerf to walls: All walls now have 1 armor per tier (Max of 11 at the moment at Feclid wall)

*Turret Base height decreased by 96

*Added [Tier 9] Feclid Inferno Turret: Cost 0/0/0/500, AOE 512, DMG 475, ENERGY PER ATTACK 7, ATTACK SPEED 0.1(edited)

*Fixed Vessels not dying without power bug

*Fixed anti-air turret AI

*Removed human borders for high resolution
*Added [Tier 5] Missile Turret: Cost 0/0/300/300, RANGE 1200, DMG 350, ENERGY PER ATTACK 12, ATTACK SPEED 0.25, MAX TARGETS: 3

*Added [Tier 6] Superior Missile Turret: Cost 0/0/800/800, RANGE 1500, DMG 800, ENERGY PER ATTACK 15, ATTACK SPEED 0.20, MAX TARGETS: 5

*Added [Tier 8] Feclid Fusion Generator: Cost 0/500/0/0, RANGE 900, ENERGY PER SECOND 50, ENERGY REGEN: 65, MAX ENERGY 700

*Added [Tier 9] Feclid Fusion Turret: Cost 0/300/0/300, Range 900, DMG 750, ATK SPD 0.65

*Added [Tier 10] Hellfire Turret: Cost 0/0/0/1200, AOE 512, RANGE 1200, DMG 450, ENERGY PER ATTACK 12, ATTACK SPEED 0.1(edited)

*Normal Mode now goes to wave 40

*Hard and above go to wave 50

*Added [Tier 8] Feclid Regenerator: Cost 300/0/300/0, RANGE 1500, HEAL PER SECOND: 90

*Added [Tier 9] Chromatic Regenerator: Cost: 800/0/800/0, RANGE 1600, HEAL PER SECOND: 300

*Added [Tier 9] Chromatic Fusion Generator: Cost 0/1200/0/0, RANGE 1000, ENERGY PER SECOND 150, ENERGY REGEN: 200, MAX ENERGY 1500

*Nerf to droids, they no longer receive any bonus or penalty from mineral quality(edited)

*Max number of droids through the Tech Droid AI nerfed from 4 to 2. You can have a max of 3 droids versus 5 now.

*Credit Tech Diplomacy cost changed from 6 credits to 2(edited)

*Hard difficulty is now 50% harder, Nightmare is 100% harder, Hell is now 200% harder then previously.

*Code wipe
For 1.53:

*Removed voting for difficulty. The player closest to red (lowest player number) chooses the difficulty.

*Slightly nerfed Microfusion Cores Upgrade in terms of passive energy regeneration. Fixed the cost.

*Special spawns (Corpse, Temple and Mount) have been given a 10% chance individually to spawn.

*Increased Reaper Turrets attack speed by 100%

*Added warning for low powered vessels

*Zerg can now attack vessels

*Minerals, when destroyed, give an extra 50-200 minerals

*All tiers of Crystal Stabalizer now cost 10x as much minerals.

*Nerfed Regenerative Remedy - reduces damage to minerals by 25% versus 80%.

*Fixed wave 50 boss

*Tesla towers:
T1: DMG 50, Cost 85/0/0/85
T2: DMG 90, Cost 153/0/0/153
T3 DMG 162, Cost 275/0/0/275
T4 DMG 291, Cost 495/0/0/495
T5 DMG 524, Cost 892/0/0/892
*Thermal Turrets:
DMG S/ D/ E/ R
Tier 1 15 0 0 0 22
Tier 2 30 0 0 0 45
Tier 3 60 0 0 0 90
Tier 4 120 0 0 0 180
Tier 5 240 0 0 0 360
Tier 6 480 0 0 0 720
Tier 7 960 0 0 0 1440
Tier 8 1920 0 0 0 2880
Tier 9 3840 0 0 0 5760
Tier 10 7680 0 0 0 11520

*A small text box will appear when selecting ally structures, showing their current resources

*"Improvement" of Temple generation. Now uses 12x12 prefabs during the loading screen, and then fills in the rest of the temple with the usual generation. In-game load time reduced greatly.

*Size of Temple was reduced by 4x4

*Added "-angle ###" command to change angle of attack

*Added Warcries for each boss

*Exploding zerg deal significantly more damage

*Fixed minerals spawning on top of and beyond arena walls

*Added two new tiers to the Reaper Turret. Reaper turret base attack speed increased by 1 attack per
second. Attack speed gain halved to compensate.

*Added skip cinematic option for "player host"

*Fixed Artillery Cannons

*Added 3 new tiers to the Artillery Cannon

*Added new credit upgrade: Duplicating Rounds - Allows the Artillery Cannon to have a 50% chance of creating a new round at no cost. Costs 10 credits
For 1.53(a):

*Fixed various bugs.

*Added wave 60 boss
For 1.54:

*Reworked the entire harvesting system
*Reworked the OnAttack system to be far more efficient
*Negative gem quality removed. Gems are either baseline and above
*Reworked the Tesla Coil chaining to be far more efficient

*Reworked the Zerg AI to remove stutter steps

*Increased max wave spawn to 75 units at one time(edited)

*Changed the gem quality names Impeccable> Exquisite> Flawless> Fair

*Fixed Diamonite Mining upgrade tooltips

*Fixed Building names bug

*Fixed Zerg causing lag at later waves

*Negative gem quality removed. Gems are either baseline and above
*Fixed wave 10 boss and improved zerg AI

MineralZ is SIGNIFICANTLY less laggy. I had to rewrite some major systems, but the end result was well worth it. Enjoy!

For 1.54a:
*Fixed the fatal crash bug thanks to gondarwars! Implemented various other bug fixes.

For 1.54b:
*Major bug fixes.

For 1.54c:
*Minor bug fixes.

For 1.55:
* Fixed Desync(s).
* Refactored a lot of GUI into vJass for perforamce improvements.
* Auto loading is now implemented. You'll have to load your code manually just once, then it will automatically detect it in later games.

For 1.55(b):
*Fixed more desyncs.
*Fixed the auto loading and saving.

For 1.55(c):
* Fixed varius tech tree requirements.
* Fixed energy issue(s) with various towers
* Fixed building naming issues when cancelling an upgrade
* Regular towers can no longer target burrowed units. Seismic towers can target visisble burrowed units.
* Vessels can no longer be targeted by most zerg. However, all bosses can still attack vessels.
* Mineral deposits now yield x12 the regular mining amount, but take 10 times as long to mine.
* Waygates are no longer targeted directly by zerg, giving players more creative freedom with zerg destruction.
* Slightly buffed all fusion turret damage
* Added two tiers to tesla towers, a new wall tier, a new barrier tier and a new BFC tier.

MineralZ 1.55(c)(1) (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Jul/07 20:56:33 Comment: [Approved] Give "Collect Mineralz" a passive icon Add a newbie quest with all the important info Resource Moderation - Rules
  1. ppkkmmaann


    Jun 24, 2016
    Map causing mass disconnect at start. I played it earlier today and was okay, but now every time start it everyone gets disconnected. Tested online and in local area network.
  2. maddeem


    Jan 1, 2011
    This has been fixed in the latest version!
  3. maddeem


    Jan 1, 2011
  4. Jeanie Marie Meyers

    Jeanie Marie Meyers

    Sep 28, 2020
    well its great i dont have to enter a code everytime i play... love the game been playing long before you took over.. one really big issue, i have had to restart on my credit count cuz the game keeps not loading my credits and/or even saying my code is invalid.. i just lost over 60 credits after the several times i worked to farm them back up.. blah..... im sure you understand the several easy and normal modes of games it took to get that many credits..
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2020
  5. UndeadMickey


    Sep 30, 2020
    I'm having the same issue as Jeanie. Sometimes it auto loads, sometimes it doesnt, but when it does sometimes it loads the wrong number of credits. When it auto loads with the wrong number of credits I'm unable to manually load in my most up-to-date code.