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MineralZ 1.3

Submitted by maddeem, Zeatherann
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Warcraft 3 MineralZ


Created by maddeem

Origin of MineralZ


MineralZ originated in StarCraft 2, and was very popular.
It also was my favorite game that I played on StarCraft 2.
Soon after I discovered this game, my StarCraft account was hacked and I battled over it for about a month.
With no success I quit StarCraft 2, and went back to WarCraft 3...
With the idea to make MineralZ in Warcraft!


MineralZ is a cooperative survival tower defense.
Your sole purpose as a miner is to dig out a base and defend against the night.
The better your base is, the longer you'll survive.
With 5 different modes, ranging from
Easy to Hell.
With a randomly generated arena for every time you play.
MineralZ is sure to keep you entertained for many games.
This game is bundled with content and I continuously add more.
If you'd like something changed be sure to post here!
Or here! MineralZ Forum



Gameplay Screenshots





Change Log:
Change Log

Version 1.0

[7/4/12] Left Beta and Uploaded

Version 1.01

[7/5/12] Improved the color of Diamonite so that it looks more bright. Improved some cinematic functions. Increased block spawn from 8500 to 9250. Made it so you can harvest a mineral without vision conflicts.

Version 1.10

[7/6/12] Added 10 new waves for difficulties Normal - @#!*% [Can only be played when playing Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and @#!*% ]. Improved Cinematic appearance. Increased script optimization. Added 3 new tower upgrades. Added 1 new miner skin. Added 1 new credit shop upgrade. Added 1 new wall, regenerator, and generator upgrade. Added victory if you beat all the waves. Edited what spawns in the waves 1-40, some old units will destroy stone now. Added a "-view" function to increase/decrease camera height.

Version 1.12

[7/7/12] Seffalier fixed some models, like the lighting, and the female model. Fixed some wave spawning. Fixed zerg abilities. Made it so voting is averaged. So if someone votes easy and another votes @#!*% , it would average to hard.

Version 1.13

•Fixed bugs with the AI, they should be much smarter now.
•Added a new miner skin (a sheep!) modified the lamp tech from giving 70% reduced power to 90%.
•Added a countdown timer on the MINERALZ board to show you how much time you have until day or night.
•Removed fog completely and replaced it with light rays to ease the use of long range vision.

Version 1.14

•Remove "wall hopping" or other wise known as getting to an area UNREACHABLE by zergs! It was a very hard fix, and doesn't affect the gameplay too much, but it was well worth the effort.
•Added 10 more waves for difficulties Hard +
•Added titles. You get titles by beating where a mode ends. Say if you reach wave 40 on easy. Then you would earn the title of Mighty
•Added 2 new miners
Did some minor touch-ups on the overall game. Some touch-ups were:
•Minerals now have a box with their name over them
•Improved the claiming of bases when someone leaves or dies.
•Did some minor bug fixes.
•Fixed the save/load (By doing so I HAD to code wipe. It was NOT an option) :(

Version 1.14b

Every bug discovered has been fixed.
•Another code wipe (this will be the last one I SWEAR!)
•If an entire wave doesn't get to attack anything, they go berserk and explode before day. (prevents people from cheating the AI :p)

Version 1.14c

•Major and minor bug fixing has been done in this version.
•It now shows the mode on your MINERALZ board.
Did some game tweaks/changes.

Version 1.15

•New terrain!
•Added 4 dividers for the terrain
•New Music!
•NEW AI!!! (it is sooooooo much smarter)
New towers:
•Sentry Tower
•Magnet Tower
•Ionic Flame Turret
•Ionic Tesla Coil
•Syonic Tesla Coil
•Ionic Fusion Turret

•Slight adjustment to waves.
•Many bug fixes!
•The amount of units per wave is now based on how many players are in the game.
•Eggs are now given a purpose (Will become more integrated into the game in newer versions)
New upgrades:
•Superior Mind Control
•Spiked Walls

•Hotkeys added to many upgrades!

Version 1.16

•Scourge no longer blow up blocks
•Each building now shows you what tier it is
•Added a loading bar for environment generation.
•Added a new upgrade that increases build and upgrade speed.
•1 new block now spawns
•Added the temple:
•There is a unknown artifact inside with mysterious powers.
•Added a whole new tier of Ionic structures.
•Added 1 new tower type:
•Reaper turrets
•The more they attack the more damage they do, if they dont attack for 3 seconds they revert back to the original damage.
•And much much more!

Version 1.16a

•Did numerous hot fixes, might have found the source of the lag and fixed it, not too sure.
•I believe all known bugs have been fixed, please report bugs if they reoccur or if new bugs take place.

Version 1.16b

•Fixed the multiboard.
•Improved the code somewhat.
•Mostly leak fixing.
•Added a timer for the 15 seconds before you spawn.
•Fixed other known bugs.

Version 1.16c

•Fixed the massive lag in previous versions.
•Made waves slightly tougher in a few ways.
•Made towers stronger.
•Added a few upgrades.

Version 1.16d

•Not much in this update, fixed a fatal error problem.
•Improved the build order code and structure. (Commands for building are now only given once to the dummy unit, instead of looping hundreds of units)
•Also did some minor bug fixes.

Version 1.16e

•Bug fixes

Version 1.16f

•Bug fixes
•Added some new tech. (Final 1.16 version)

Version 1.2

•Minor bug fixes.
•Finished the Syonic Tier for all towers/walls.
•Added a new tower: Rocket Turret. Targets air only, able to hit multiple targets at once.
•Flame turrets can no longer attack air, same goes for the fusion/fission turrets.
•Added a golem in the credit shop. Acts as a portable house, able to hold resources for the player. Can be powered to do an AoE melee attack.
•Changed terrain generation again, I think this will be the last time. Also changed how the beginning loading looks.
•Edited some terrain a bit in the starting cinematic. Also added a real ending cinematic :p with some credits and stuff. Hope yall enjoy the updates.

Version 1.25

•Ok it is official, you can no longer dupe mineralz in ANY way. Yes you can.
Gotta work for it legit now.
•You must now kill all zerg before the day can begin.
•Did a ton of bug fixing.
•Added stat checking on generators and regenerators.
•Beefed up the rocket turrets.
•Increased wave scaling, yes it will now get harder over time. If you do not finish the wave with 3 minutes the zerg get blood lust, making them attack and move faster and deal more damage. The longer the wave lasts the stronger the blood lust effect becomes.
•Very stable version, hope you guys enjoy!

Version 1.26

•Waves are now timed again, with the ability to end waves earlier by killing zerg.
•Boss waves are not timed, and the longer the boss is alive, the more damage it does.
•Buffed up walls a lot, along with all zerg.
•Fixed hundreds of bugs.
•Buffed up the rocket turrets.
•Introduced a spawning cap on zerg to reduce lag.
•Nerfed Organic Alloy.
•Added two members into the credits.
•This version should be pretty solid.

Version 1.27

•Added range checking upon selection of a structure with a ranged mechanic.
•Added 4 new credit shop upgrades.
•Improved tech building's UI.
•Limited 1 tech building per player. (You may still have 4 houses.)
•You may now get old techs from new tech buildings.
•Made bosses damage increase over time.
•Nerfed walls a little bit.

Version 1.27b

•Fixed gamebreaking bugs.
•Fixed the animation on tech buildings switching between old/new techs.
•Fixed regenerators not working... DERP

Version 1.27c

•Fixed more gamebreaking bugs.
•Not much else to say here.
•Hope you all enjoy a less buggy version.

Version 1.27d

•Somehow I do not find all the gamebreaking bugs between updates. Ah god this is getting tiring.
•This version should be stable. J/k, it wasn't.

Version 1.27e

•Fixed organic alloy.
•Final 1.27 version.

Version 1.28

•Fixed more bugs.
•Implemented new upgrade costs.
•Improved mineral harvesting AI.

Version 1.3

•Changed the day/night cycle model
•Added two new wall upgrades
•Added two new reaper turret upgrades
New Tesla Attack Method:


•Added another Xel'Naga artifact that is randomly generated.
•Added back Rock Walls, renamed as Energy Barriers
•Saving now saves a text file to C:/MineralZ/Version, still working on this
•Uhh, thats all I can remember, will add more later.

Current Bugs/To Do

- Fixed

- Working-On

- Not Started

- Already works properly

Special Thanks:
Original Creator: VisionElf
Clan VoF - For always being willing to test MineralZ
Tonex - Tested and played MineralZ far before I released it, thanks
Jesse_James - Very useful in giving ideas and support :p
LoveForever - Constant support :)
Seffalier - He has made and edited the light models you see, thank you.
Sheep100 - For his CONSTANT version testing and support!
666Clown666 - Recently has done some major testing

Everyone I'd like to thank

Whether it be your resources or just advice, if you're on this list, thank you!

Kimberly, Kitabatake, Frankster, Holy_xXx, Magic_Hero,
Thrikodius, Zombie, Maker, Bribe, The_Witcher,
Tonex, Loveforever, sgt.blackbird, HeLe, Death_God,
Red, Magtheridon96, Celestea, inhuman89, CRAZYRUSSIAN,
sunwarrior25, Jesse_James, AceHart, Cavman, crl,
killst4r, Pyritie, The_Silent, TriggerHappy, JetFangInferno,
Apheraz Lucent, unwirklich, Seffalier, Sheep100, and 666Clown666.

Last words:

MineralZ has been a constant outlet for my creativity, and because of that, I think I'll be working on this for a very long time!

MineralZ, StarCraft II, StarCraft 2, Tower Defense, Survival, Defense, Terran, Zerg, Starcraft

MineralZ 1.3 (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Jul/07 20:56:33 Comment: [Approved] Give "Collect Mineralz" a passive icon Add a newbie quest with all the important info Resource Moderation - Rules
  1. Tonex


    Oct 12, 2011
    Yay special thanks. For some reason, I can only rate a two on this phone.
  2. ImperialShadow


    Oct 30, 2010
    For some reason,im not include lol.Anyway nice map and my friends enjoy it very much.
  3. sonofjay


    Oct 28, 2011

    5/5 my friend, and +rep
  4. maddeem


    Jan 1, 2011
    Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you guys enjoy it :D
  5. xXxMKDxXx


    Aug 29, 2011
    I have to comment..... to RATE .... indeed_D.
    No comment just 5/5
  6. Brambleclaw


    Apr 3, 2010
    With the recent updates 4/5 A lot better now but i still don't find much replayability factor in the actual concept. I had that problem with the Sc2 one as well :( .
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2012
  7. Schamanu


    Jun 24, 2011
    Im a huge fan of Mineralz on SC2 (playing both versions). Thus i had to try this map. I encountered some problems though. 1st: could you give saphirum a darker model, for me it was hard to distinguish it from diamonite (maybe i just need to get used to the crystals). 2nd: i think there should be more rocks and rocks should be created closer together to each other, i played this map twice and both times i had a lot of difficulties to "dig" a base (basically there was nothing to dig) because there were so many blank spots that u could never get a base with less than 3 entrances ( and ofc u can hardly defend all 3), 3rd: i dunno how i did it, but in 1 game when i right clicked a crystal to harvest from it, instead of harvesting i attacked the crystal and it was destroyed and removed, i tryed to harvest several times from different crystals but all were destroyed.
    i hope those issues can be fixed so that even wc3 players can enjoy this nice idea of a map.

    Looking forward for new versions and gonna try them out as soon as possible.
  8. Railto


    Aug 30, 2010
    hm interesting and also i found a bug when mass researching only the first research cost mineralz and the second third fourth and so on doesnt anything and when doing this you can research nonstop without paying mineralz. the lamps are quite bothersome even when they are maxed they are quite crappy it says it have like 950 range but the light is just like 450 range and then its a bit darkier the rest of the range. also when all researchs are maxed its way to easy to kill a mineral source when mining with the worker they should have a higher durability or should leave a damaged mineral that could be restored with a building or something. the tentacles from the young forgotten one boss can easily kill a worker repairing a wall.
  9. maddeem


    Jan 1, 2011
    Lol it is absolutely impossible to destroy minerals, unless you mine them to death. Even with "whosyourdaddy" dunno how you encountered this, but if it happens again save the replay.
    I will increase the spawn rate of blocks.

    Both your house and the mineral you are mining must be visible when you mine. Otherwise it will try to return harvested material to something that it can't see. I will make it so that it doesn't have to be visible though.

    What menu? The dialog? Come now, don't blame me for Blizzard's graphics.
    The mining system is triggered. Heavily so. I will add a vision command.

    Did you have on "warpten" if not, please produce a replay. I just tried it with "warpten" and it didn't let me spam it lol. I'm sure you had the required mineralz
    I would need a model editor to increase the light that the lamps produce, but I don't have one :(
  10. Brambleclaw


    Apr 3, 2010
    The menu -- Building menu seemed cluttered. --Also i meant when in vision and in range i had the building next to me in fact. Every time i finished mining ore i had to manually click on the house to return it. It would be nicer if i just started mining ore and i get a +1 +1 Text floating of my head and dissappearing as it went up.

    I know you have already triggered the system but it could of be done in a better way without the need for returning it back to the house in such a fashion.
  11. Railto


    Aug 30, 2010
    yeah i had the required amount of mineralz for all the upgrades but i only had to pay the first onee and no i was playing with my friends. the lights really bother me =-= and bramble there´s no need to manually return the ores to the house o_O the worker just returns the load of X mineral and goes back to the same spot to continue mining and i am working in the replay since i didnt save it *facepalm* and sometimes the worker basic vision at night goes away and everything is black without lamps.
  12. jondrean


    Jun 18, 2012
    Too difficult before you learn to play, too boring after you have learned to play. But still it is worth a 4/5.
  13. maddeem


    Jan 1, 2011
    Try it on a harder mode :p
    I tried again to produce the effect with unlimited resources, I spammed away. But it always cost me minerals :S

    Also, I updated it. Fixed some minor things, improved how you mine and such
  14. Railto


    Aug 30, 2010
    try to increase the god dam annoying 50 or 25 range on building factories it takes like 5 tries to build it =-= and why factories doesnt waste mana? once they are charged they stay full mana for forever lol at least some of them.
    hm nothing to do when you die and you gotta wait for them to die if your the host ... boring to death right now..
    cant get the bug to work lol >_<
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2012
  15. Brambleclaw


    Apr 3, 2010
    Nope he came back to the house then stopped.

    Also couldn't you just increase the sight range of the lamp to compensate?
  16. maddeem


    Jan 1, 2011
    Try newest version.
  17. Chief_Of_GxBxL


    Jun 28, 2006
    The game is unique and fun. I don't know why others didn't find it as good as I thought they would... I was looking forward to the release when I saw the development screenshots. My critique, anyhow: in response to what you said about the difficulty compensating for the "boring-ness" some claim, maddeem, I think that the difficulty only affects the beginning. It's challenging (in a good way) to get a base started on hard/nightmare, single player, as night comes too quickly. But shouldn't the difficulty do things other than just add damage to the monsters? If you can make it past the first night, you're pretty much set. Mineral harvesting comes fast, and with that you can easily max out your generators, re-generators, and walls. I was discouraged when I thought the game would progressively harder, but instead it actually became easier as my 2-member team went along.

    Also, the "Dual Core Upgrade" has the wrong green-crystal (emnizium?) value. It says it costs 10, but it's somewhere between 35-65 (didn't record the exact value).

    4/5 until some tweaks come into play.
  18. Sheep


    May 7, 2011
    sludges on round 30 won't disappear after the night is over on easy difficulty
    but they disappeared halfway through the day