[Melee] Melee Map with New Units

Level 7
Feb 20, 2016
This is the normal Garden of War map with new units added.

Models Credits:

Knights By Direfury
TrollBoarRiderVII By Uncle Fester
Elven Ballista Model\Texture: Mr.Goblin, Deolrin
Ogre Model\Texture: Mr.Goblin, Deolrin, Fan
Great Tiki Warrior by Skipper and modification by ILH
Dwarven ShieldBreaker by Norinrad
HeroAbomination By SuPa
Knight of the Ebon Blade By Hawkwing
Ancient Warrior By Ancient Warrior
Illidan by Zerox
The Lich King by Kwaliti

And thanks to those who answered my questions. Sorry If I forgot anyone.


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