Medieval Times

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Level 15
Nov 4, 2006
Medieval Times

I have started on a map thats going to be as realistic as possible.
I have no name for map yet & the map is Edited by Alex-Knights Medieval Age..
But In my map All the Units & upgrades & spells & buildings will be DELETED.
Almost all triggers will also be deleted & all skins , Icons , Models.

It may sound stupid...But somehow I want to fix this map.

My trigger ideas are :
1) The first trigger Idea is that Every unit takes one food(food) and the gold will also be food..Wierd huh? But lets say I have 10 units = 10 food(food)
and then I have 100 food(gold) and then every 60 seconds 10 food will be removed because they need to eat :grin:.
There will be farms to produce Food(gold) every 60 seconds too so you have to keep up with the farms to have an huge army.
But if you would reach 0 food then units will starve to death & die...
1 unit per 5 sec will die until you have food to produce enough food to your kingdom.

A new Battle System...There will be 4 kind of ''Unit Types''
1)Infartry...Will Contain The Pikeman , Swordsman , Axeman
Pikeman : Weakness:Melee Units ... What they are good against : Cavalry [Will use Spearthrower Model with no spears on''Uses a other model as spear'']
Swordsman: Weakness : Cavalry ... What are they good against : Pikemen & Archers at melee combat.[Will use HappyTaurens Footman Model]
Axeman: Weakness : Archers , Cavalry ...What are they good against:
Archers at melee combat , Infartry [Will use a crusader model made from an unknown Modeler [Will add nickname later on]]

2)Cavalry...Will contain The Light Cavalry , Mounted Archer , Heavy Cavalry
Light Cavalry : Weakness : Pikemen ... What they are good against : Light Infartry & Archers at melee combat.(The Light Cavalry is faster than any unit)[Will use Cavmans Cavalier Model]
Mounted Archer : Good against any unit with low to medium armor but very weak against pikemen & anything else in melee combat.[Will use the mounted archer model]
Cavalry: Weakness : Pikemen ...What they are good against : Any Infartry & Archer.[Regular Knight Model]

3)Ranged Units ( Archers ) Will contain The Short-Bow Archer , Crossbow archer and the Longbow archer.
Shortbow Archer : Weakness : Melee units & Cavalry ... What they are good against :Anything with low armor at range.
Crossbow : Weakness : Melee units & Cavalry ...What they are good against :
Heavy armor units.
Longbow Archer : Weakness : Melee Units & Cavalry ... What they are good against : From low to medium armor units..

The 4th will contain Extra Units like Siege weapons , sappers , Scouts etc.

Battle System
Every unit will have :
10 hp
1 dmg.
There will be triggers so for an example Heavy cavalry will hit more on archers etc..
So the weapon type & armor wont be having any major role in this map..
The battle system will.

Other Features
I thought of adding Happiness too...
The more soldiers you have the less happiness there will be...
The more food you give the more happiness...
The less taxes ... More happiness...
SO if happiness reaches 0 the people will make a rebellion against the player with 0 hapiness..

Lumber will become Gold/Resources so it will be a mix.
The map will be a 10 player map that will be avaible to play in B.NET.
I havent worked Very much on it but the Infartry and some triggers are finished..
Im going to Finish my Ideas and Maybe some of you could give me some ideas or cristisicm.

What I could need would be an Assassin Spearthrower unarmed.[X]Fixed By Rizz_boomer
Name for the Map Suggestions [ ]
More Suggestions! Thx to Dr Super Good for the new Ideas ''Will be added soon''[ /X]

Scrn shots & more Info Will come
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Level 11
Aug 16, 2007
Will there be different civilizations? if so you might consider 1 unique unit for each civ.

China - Samurai - Heavy Infantry
French - Musketeer - Heavy Ranged
Italy - Crusader - Medium Infantry
Britain - Welsh Longbowman - Medium Ranged
Germany - Paladin - Heavy Cavalry
Aztec - Priest - Special
Arabia - Camel Rider - Light Cavalry
Viking - Raider - Heavy Infantry
Native "Native Indians" - Brave - Light Ranged
Level 11
Aug 16, 2007
Ah but Ninjas are more commonly known for japan and so thats why I put the samurai for china, of course I'm sure there are other famous things you cold put in there.

Also I think Medieval Times might be a better name than any of those , most of those names speak out for war not realism, or maybe The Medieval Age
Level 11
Aug 16, 2007
@Mechanical Man, well that's why I said "I'm sure there are other famous things you cold put in there."

@Firelord, I think plains would probably be better suited, especially when you consider that like 95% of countries could be reached by land. But you should also make it have plenty of characteristics mountains, hill, lakes, forests (Make them forests you can walk through not solid ones like in blizzard maps), rivers (as you said), maybe ravines and deserts