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Maxscript Help

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Hi everybody, how's life? See, I've been having some lil troubles on pathing an object property (in this case a superspray.Birth_Rate) into a function that checks if the property is animated, and if it is; it will write the keys in .mdl format.

here's the GodDamm funcxtion:

	fn OupPropertyAnim o s =
		if o.isAnimated then
			--k = o.keys
			--c = o.controller
			--if (classOf c) == Bezier_Float then
				--swrite ("\t" + s + " " + (c.keys.count as string) + " {\n\t\tBezier,\n")
				--at time k.time for k in c.keys do swrite ("\t\t" + ((k.time as integer / 5) as string) + \
					--": " + k.value + ",\n" +  "t\tInTan: " + k.intan + ",\n" + "t\tOutTan: " + k.outtan + ",\n")
			    --swrite "\t}\n"
			swrite (",\n\tstatic " + s + " " + (o as string) )

-- means comment in MaxScript, btw
The idea of the function is to take a max object's property and print it's value into mdl, but I always recieve an undocumented error

I'm making this function based on DeX functions. I'm making a tool that will be able to export ParticleEmitters1, which aren't supported by ArtTools.
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