Marvel Civil War

Level 5
Jun 27, 2008

I need a couple of new skins for a game I'm working on. I was thinking similar to Comic Book Heroes. I was wondering:
Captain America: Captain
Iron Man: Peasant
Ghost Rider: Death Knight
Thor: Arthas /w Hammer (Helmet, maybe)
Wolverine: Shaman
Spider-Man: i just need a model
Silver Surfer: a model
Hulk: a Male Villager
Punisher: Marine w/o Helmet, and different gun
Dr. Strange: Priest/Emissary
Blade: might need a model
Daredevil: Male Elf Villager (make the pointy ears his Devil Horns plz)

You can make your own models, i think it would just be easier with skins.

Thanks, Endel4
Level 10
Jun 21, 2007
how far along is this map? are there screenshots? You have no posts and no rep. You will need to provide a little more setailed information if you want people to seriously consider your request.

Hope this helps.

Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
Captain America, Wolverine, Punisher and some other of that list can be found in a Comic Heroes map, somewhere on

But please: Add more information to your post, add pictures and don't make a Comic hero version of DotA called CotA.
Level 5
Jun 27, 2008
Uh, its acually more like a Hero Arena. I forgot to mention some other skins I need, but I have the map down terrainwise. I should have it for you by tomorrow.
Oh, yeah by the way:
High Elf Male Villager (Daredevil): Keep the pick-axe as his weapon, just make the handle red. (not too important)
For everyone else remove their weapons.
Dr. Strange should actually be a Blood Mage, now that i think about it.
the other skins were:

Venom: Ghoul
Red Skull: Skeleton Mage
Magneto: Revenant
Dr. Doom: Medivh
Galactus: a model