Maria (Nioh)

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Original Model and Textures by Team Ninja

"There is little point in speaking with a samurai who yearns for death."

This is Maria, an NPC from the game Nioh. Originally introduced as an ally of Date Masamune and the Date clan, this Spanish girl was responsible for awakening my waifu-ism. Is not to be mistaken with another Lady Maria whose corpse should be left well alone.
This has been a very ambitious port; fortunately, the result turned out quite right thanks to having a good workflow.
If you have trouble previewing the animations from the model viewer, watch this video:

HD version released here: Maria (Nioh) for Reforged

BTNMaria1 (Icon)

Maria (Model)


So, I've gone and made an HD version as well. As you can see, the difference is night and day.
I don't know if it's possible to post in the Reforged section though. Maybe I should make a separate entry in the Ported section, as the HD model is really heavy (original 2048*2 textures). Until HIVE allows separate downloads in a bundle, I don't want to upload HD into this bundle and make you guys have to download 100MB+ just for an SD model.
If anybody has an idea on what I should do, feel free to suggest.
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Apr 8, 2020
You could do a link to a pastebin or attach the file directly to a post in this thread. Then do a link to that post in your description. It would have been a good idea to reserve the first post in the thread.