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This should be better unit. I had to made some rider model fro vrykul, so this is heavy rider, based on concept of Vladof the Buther. It has portrait on the main model, it decreases filesize. It also uses lumber animations, so it can be used as lumber harvesting unit, something like goblin shredder. Also, if you want him to be missile shooting unit, use Alternate animations ;) Ill make proper missile later...

See ya and iam expecting comments and critics ;) Give credits if you use!

What an awesome icons!

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Vrykul, Mammoth, Vladof, Butcher, Northrend, Viking, Wik, Wiking, Nord, Tundra

MammothRider (Model)

00:09, 25th Oct 2013 Kwaliti: Very, very awesome. I like this model a lot!




00:09, 25th Oct 2013

Very, very awesome. I like this model a lot!
Level 4
Oct 9, 2009
All of these excellent Northrend units are really making me want to start a new project. Seriously, these are awesome. I can't see any problems with this Mammoth Rider. I love the idea to add lumber gathering to a heavy unit.

You are a modeling machine. Keep it up, your work is very appreciated and very high quality. Thank you so much for your constant contributions.
Level 10
Sep 25, 2013
how do you use that alternate animation?
I''ve never found a proper guide to use them...

I think you go to the object editor and then when you are editing a unit you go to the top in the "art" section. There is a option called "required animation names". I think you put in the alternate animation name in there.

On a side note, thanks for the excellent model Sellenisko