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Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

Submitted by Turnro
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

You are Malfurion Stormrage, arch druid of the Night Elves and protector of Kalimdor. A great prophecy has foretold the return of the Burning Legion, who seek to destroy Azeroth once and for all.

For 10,000 years you have roamed the Emerald Dream, awaiting the day for your return to lead your people against the demons. However, you feel that the world has changed much during your absence. Despite Nordrassil being heavily guarded and Illidan the Betrayer sealed deep within his prison, you sense something terribly wrong that threatens your people's survival from the coming invasion.

Your mind is left in doubt, and the Prophecy's fulfillment draws near. Will you make sacrifices to ensure Azeroth's survival from the Burning Legion? Find out as you play Malfurion's Quest, the epic finale in Turnro's series of Warcraft 3 campaigns.

New Features

Choose Your Own Destiny
Malfurion's Quest will feature two separate story lines, with each providing different units, heroes, items, and much more. The campaign currently contains the complete Highborne story with the Sentinel path coming out in v2.0.

New Custom Race: The Highborne
This campaign will give you the opportunity to play as a fully new custom race: the Highborne. This mystical faction's strength lies with their powerful spells and their deep knowledge in arcane magics.

New Boss Fights
Malfurion's Quest features several boss fights that will test your skill and ability in playing Warcraft 3.

35 maps, including 20 Chapters and 12 Interludes
Note that Malfurion’s Quest is still under development. The current version has 20 maps.

New Feature: Pouch Utility
Drop items into Malfurion's pouch throughout the campaign, allowing you to hold onto additional items for later use.

New Heroes, Units, Spells, Items, and more!


Screenshots and Tech-Trees

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9
Screenshot 10
Screenshot 11
Screenshot 12
Screenshot 13
Screenshot 14
Screenshot 15
Screenshot 16

Sentinel Tech-Tree

Specific Changes

New Units
SENTRY - Tier-1 melee unit with supportive spells. Has the Shadow Meld, Elune's Blessing and Swiftness of Elune abilities. Can be trained at the Ancient of War.
FURBOLG SHAMAN - Supportive spell-caster, with the Barkskin, Lightning Shield, and Healing Wave spells. Can be trained at the Ancient of Lore.
STALKER - Melee stealthed unit. Has the Shadow Meld, Critical Strike, and Evasion abilities. Can be trained at the Den of Shadows.
JAILOR - Tactical ranged unit. Has the Shadow Meld, Shadow Strike, and Blink abilities. Can be trained at the Den of Shadows.

New Building
DEN OF SHADOWS - Stealth unit training building. Trains Stalkers and Jailors, as well as containing the Permanent Invisibility and Blink upgrades.

New Upgrades
ELUNE'S BLESSING - Grants Sentries with the Elune's Blessing ability, which allows them to recover 250 lost hit points per use.
LUNAR UPGRADE - Upgrades Archers into Lunar Archers, permanently increasing hit points by 100 and damage by 3. 5unar Archers also have access to the Moon Arrows ability, which allows them to deal area-of-effect damage to enemy units. Hippogryph Riders also benefit from the additional damage and Moon Arrows ability.
SWIFTNESS OF ELUNE - Grants Sentries with the Swiftness of Elune ability, which increases the attack and movement rate of a single-target friendly unit for 45 seconds. This ability is auto-cast.
ETHEREAL FORM - Allows Faerie Dragons to transition in and out of ethereal form. Ethereal units are immune to physical damage but cannot attack.
FURBOLG SHAMAN ADEPT/MASTER TRAINING - Increases Furbolg Shamans' mana capacity, mana regeneration rate, hit points, and grants them Lightning Shield/Healing Wave.
PERMANENT INVISIBILITY - Permanently upgrades Stalkers to be invisible. However, Stalkers will break their invisibility while engaging in combat.
BLINK - Grants Jailors with the ability to move in and out of combat at the cost of mana.

Other Changes
- Huntresses now start off with the Moon Glaives upgrade automatically
- Glaive Throwers have a new skin and icon
- The Marksmanship upgrade for Archers has been removed in favor for the Lunar Upgrade
- Mountain Giants now start off with Resistant Skin automatically upgraded
- Phase Shift will now heal Faerie Dragons 75 hit points with each use

Highborne Tech-Tree



Legendary Items

Find all 8 legendary items while playing Malfurion's Quest v1.4b in Hard difficulty:

Gem of Power
Increases the mana capacity of the Hero by 200 and mana regeneration by 25% when worn.
Wand of Feedback
Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 10. The Hero's attacks also destroy 12 mana per hit against any unit, causing bonus damage equal to the mana destroyed.
Ancient Totem
Increases the Strength and Intelligence of the Hero by 6 when worn.
Shield of Darkness
Increases the Hero's armor by 5 when worn. Also reduces all piercing and magic damage dealt to the Hero by 33%.
Moon Orb
Increases nearby ranged units' damage by 10%. Also increases the Strength, Agility and Intelligence of the Hero by 5.
Sphere of Nature
Increases the hit points of the Hero by 300 and regeneration by 4 hit points per second.
Master Scepter of Healing
Grants the ability to heal a friendly unit for 400 hit points. Also increases the Intelligence of the Hero by 12.
Orb of the Void
Increases the Strength, Intelligence, and Agility of the Hero by 10, and blocks a spell from hitting the Hero every 40 seconds.

Change Log
Older Versions
Version 1.0.0b

- Demo Version uploaded to Hive Workshop

Version 1.0.1b

Added 3 new maps:
CHAPTER 3 - Ending the Chase (Sentinel)
CHAPTER 3 - An Arch Druid Reborn (Highborne)
INTERLUDE - The Yearn for Magic (Highborne)
In these maps, new heroes, spells, items, doodads and units have been included. In addition, custom background music has been added into the cinematics for both the old and new maps.

- Fixed a bug which prevented Lifesurge from healing
- Mana cost of Lifesurge reduced from 115 to 110
- Lifesurge now heals slightly more hit points with each level, but deals less damage to enemy units overall
- Changed the hotkey for Lifesurge from L to E
- Reduced the mana cost of Force of Nature from 150 to 125
- Increased Wrath of Nature’s enemy units chance to miss with each level
- Malfurion no longer possesses Barkskin. Instead, he has Thorns Aura
- Changed the level requirements for all spell levels

- Vast changes to the Highborne units including hit points, spells, and names
- Slight improvements to the dialogue and cinematics throughout the game
- Slightly increased the health of Archers
- Glaive Throwers now have a new custom skin
- Highborne Ballista have been replaced with Glaive Launchers, a new custom siege unit
- Changed the Ancient Oracle's skin to a custom one
- Changed the benefits given from the Staff of the Oracle and the Sapphire Necklace items
- Healing and Mana potions now have their own unique model

Version 1.1.0b

Added 5 new maps:
INTERLUDE - Council of the Legion
CHAPTER 4 - Spread of the Corruption (Sentinel)
CHAPTER 4 PART 1 – Journey to Astranaar (Highborne)
CHAPTER 4 PART 2 - Temple of the Moon (Highborne)
INTERLUDE - Fear of the Prophecy (Sentinel)

- Numerous changes have been made to the Highborne:
- All units have altered stats to make them more balanced
- All buildings have either been renamed, recolored or have had their models replaced

- Added new custom background music
- Hotkeys for all unit and Hero spells have been changed to Q/W/E/R/T respectively
- Increased Lifesurge healing from 90/160/250 to 110/180/265
- Wrath of Nature has been improved: its area selection indicates the radius of enemy units it will hit. In addition, enemies hit by Wrath of Nature have greater reduced movement speed and chance to hit (but no longer reduced attack speed)
- Replaced Highborne Malfurion's Ignite ability with Fire Shield
- Fixed a bug for Arcane Explosion where it would not always damage nearby enemy units
- Increased the casting speed of Arcane Blast by 25%
- Restoration Shell regenerates 90/135/180 mana instead of 100/170/250
- Hero spells have been changed to have mana costs change with each incremental level. This means that level 1 spells will be cheap while level 3 spells with be more expensive. This change, however, have no effect on passives spells or spells that have lower mana costs with each level
- Reverted Archer and Glaive Thrower hit point increases
- Reduced Furbolg Shaman mana pool from 250 to 200. In addition, Furbolg Shaman now gain reduced mana pool and regeneration from caster upgrades
- Renamed Guardians to Royal Archers, Adepts to Guardians, and Overseers to Highmistresses
- Fixed Faradrella's Nature's Gift icon not showing
- Fixed items not selling bug in Chapter 3
- Changed the Entangling Roots icon ability
- Slightly reduced the hit points, armor and/or damage of Treants from Force of Nature for all levels
- The difficulty levels have been changed. Easy is now called Normal, Normal is Hard, and Hard is Insane. Each difficulty level has also been re-balanced to reflect these changes
- Added more items to the previously existing maps
- Permanent items dropped by creeps/crates are now randomized. However, other item types and items received from quests and secret areas remain unchanged
- Barkskin now has a new icon
- Numerous dialogue changes to the already existing maps
- Murloc Flesheaters no longer use Cannibalize in Chapter 1
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 1 where the Magical Pens would remain invulnerable
- Added new models for Scrolls of Healing/Mana/Protection/Restoration

- Cheats are now disabled depending on the difficulty level chosen:
NORMAL - No cheats are disabled
HARD - Only WhosYourDaddy is disabled
INSANE - All cheats are disabled

Version 1.1.1b

- Fixed a problem throughout the campaign in Insane difficulty where the player would randomly lose. In addition, the player will now be notified of the actual cheat that was used should they cheat
- Fixed a bug where the wrong loading screen buttons would unlock after completing Chapter 2
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 4 Sentinel where killing the creeps at Astranaar would not allow the player to complete the main quest objective
- The Hel Bear in Chapter 4 Sentinel will now be hidden from the player until the quest to slay it has been discovered
- Tyrande will now properly say her ready dialogue when revived by the player
- Kath'ranis can no longer cast Restoration Shell on himself
- Removed the flags from the Highborne Academy model
- Slightly altered the music lists for chapters 2 and 3

Version 1.2.0b

Added 5 new maps:
CHAPTER 5 - The Search for Cenarius (Sentinel)
CHAPTER 5 BONUS - The Restless Dead (Sentinel)
CHAPTER 5 BONUS - Ruins of Zin-Azshari (Sentinel)
INTERLUDE - The Last Guardian (Highborne)
CHAPTER 5 - War at Mount Hyjal (Highborne)

- All upgrades for the Sentry at the War of the Ancient have been replaced with the following:
ELUNE’S BLESSING: Allows Sentries to recover their lost hit points at the cost of mana
SWIFTNESS OF ELUNE: Allows Sentries to bless nearby friendly units, increasing their attack and movement speed
- Fixed a problem where the Prologue could not be skipped by the user
- The player's units no longer become still and un-killable after Murloc cinematic in Chapter 1
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 3 Sentinel where the elevators through the Way gate would stop working
- The Druid in Chapter 4 Sentinel no longer disappears until his associated quest is completed
- Units no longer get stuck after the Temple of the Moon quest in Chapter 4 Sentinel
- Orc Bosses in Chapter 4 Sentinel now deal Chaos damage instead of Hero
- Rend no longer casts Bladestorm indefinitely in Chapter 4 Sentinel
- The Hunters Hall is no longer attacked during a cinematic in Chapter 4 Part 1 Highborne
- Obelisks will now correctly grant shard vision to the player in Chapter 4 Part 2 Highborne
- Added additional healing/mana runes to the boss fight at the end of Chapter 4 Part 2 Highborne
- Changed the build hotkey for Glaive Throwers to T. This fixes an issue where its previous hotkey was conflicting with the War of the Ancient’s Root/Unroot ability
- Reverted hotkeys for unit movement actions and Hide ability
- Fixed an issue where Searing Arrows would not deal additional damage to Heroes, summoned units or creeps above level 5
- Increased the cast range of Kath'ranis' Restoration Shell
- The Highborne Enchanted Gold Mine and Arcane Cathedral buildings now have new icons
- Increased Guardian base armor from 2 to 3
- Increased the mana cost of the Highmistress' Frost Bolt ability from 75 to 100, and Clone from 150 to 200
- Changed the building summon icon for the Highborne Scholar
- Changed the summon animation for all Highborne buildings

Version 1.2.1b

- Tyrande now has a new model and icon
- Fixed a problem with saving unit groups at the end boss fight in Chapter 2
- Fixed a problem with the final cinematic not playing in Chapter 5 Highborne
- Altered the dialogue for the ending cinematic in Chapter 5 Sentinel
- Slightly reduced the damage of the final boss in the Sentinel bonus mission 'Ruins of Zin-Azshari'
- Increased the selection priority of Sentries, making it easier to alternate between them in a selection of units

Version 1.3.0b

INTERLUDE - The Legion's Return (Sentinel)
INTERLUDE - Realm of the Demigod (Highborne)
CHAPTER 6 - Cave of Shadows (Sentinel)
CHAPTER 6 - A World Transformed (Highborne)
CHAPTER 6 BONUS - Remnants of the Ancients (Highborne)

NEW FEATURE: Malfurion's Pouch
- Malfurion now possesses a pouch in each mission, which serves as a storage place for additional items. These items will also transfer into future missions

- Fixed the description of Malfurion's Force of Nature ability for Levels 2 & 3, as well as giving the spell a new icon
- Reset Malfurion's Thorns Aura to reflect melee attacks by a percentage basis rather than flat damage
- Added a new icon for the Taunt ability possessed by Crystal Golems
- Increased the damage per second of Fire Shield from 15/20/25 to 15/25/35
- Arcane Explosion will now damage magic immune units
- Reduced the mana cost of Arcane Explosion by 50 for each level
- Tyrande's model and skin have been improved
- Renamed Owl Scout to Summon Moon Owl, as well as giving this ability a new icon and owl model
- Increased the cast range and mana cost of Crystallization
- Crystallization has been re-balanced to be weaker on lower levels and stronger on higher levels
- Decreased the damage dealt by Arcane Blast from 25/40/60 to 20/35/50 per wave
- Jarod's Sword Slam ability has been replaced with Battle Shout, which silences nearby enemy units for a short time

- Replaced the Marksmanship upgrade with the Lunar Upgrade. Once researched, all Archers will be transformed into Lunar Archers, granting them 100 additional hit points, 3 extra damage and access to the Moon Arrows ability
- Increased the hit points of Sentries to 575 and mana to 250. In light of these changes, Sentries now also cost more resources to train
- Sentries and their upgrades now require a Hunters Hall
- Increased the healing of Elune's Blessing from 150 hit points to 250
- Reverted the build time for Glaive Throwers back to 48 seconds
- Increased the mana cost of Healing Wave from 90 to 125
- Increased the mana pool of Furbolg Shaman from 200/300/400 to 250/375/500 per level of training
- Stalkers now possess the Evasion ability, as well as an increase of hit points from 575 to 650

- Scholars have been slightly buffed in regards to health, damage and movement speed. In addition, they now deal piercing damage instead of magic
- Increased the mana capacity of Royal Archers from 100 to 200
- Cold Arrows has been replaced with Arcane Arrows, which gives Royal Archers 6 bonus damage to attacks at the cost of mana
- Renamed Guardians to Battle Maidens
- Battle Maidens and their upgrades now require a Foundry
- Increased Battle Maidens health to 550 and mana capacity to 250. They are also slightly more expensive to train
- Mana Shield no longer requires research. In addition, Battle Maidens can now gain a new upgrade that increases the amount of hit points absorbed by Mana Shield from 1 per point of mana to 2
- Battle Maidens now have Frozen Armor, which increases a friendly unit's armor by 5 and slows the attack and movement speed of enemy melee units that attack it
- Reduced the amount of lumber Arcane Golems can carry from 50 to 40
- Arcane Golems have been reworked to suit more of a tanking role. This includes:
- Increased hit points to 800, and reduced damage dealt from 34-61 to 17-23
- Has access to 2 new abilities: Taunt and Power Discharge
- Will now benefit from the weapon and armor upgrades at the Foundry
- Added a new upgrade at the Foundry, which changes the armor type of Arcane Golems and Towers to fortified once researched​
- Glaive Launchers now require a Violet Observatory to build
- Slow mana cost for Enchantresses increased from 40 to 50
- Anti-magic Shell mana cost for Enchantresses increased from 50 to 75
- Renamed the Enchantress' Crushing Wave spell to Energy Blast, as well as giving it a new icon and special effect
- Clerics now cast Mass Heal instead of their usual Heal ability. In addition, Violet Observatories and Citadels no longer possess Mass Heal
- Increased the mana cost of the Cleric's Resurrection ability from 200 to 250. In addition, this spell has a new icon
- Clones summoned by Highmistresses will now only deal 50% of their original damage. However, all clones will now last for 60 seconds or until their hit points reach 0
- Renamed Wind Serpents to Elite Highguard
- Increased the hit points of Elite Highguard from 785 to 825
- Violet Sanctums no longer cost lumber to summon
- Violet Observatories and Citadels can no longer attack
- Violet Observatories can now cast Blizzard. In addition, Blizzard has been improved to become more powerful with each tier level
- Renamed the Arcane Vault to Vault of Power
- Improved the items offered for sale at the Vault of Power
- Foundries no longer cost lumber, but now cost 210 gold instead of 140
- Increased the build time of Foundries from 60 seconds to 70
- Arcane Towers now start off with heavy armor instead of fortified
- Increased to build time for Arcane Towers from 50 seconds to 60
- The Reveal spell now has a cooldown of 30 seconds

- All chapters and interludes at and before Chapter 6 are now automatically unlocked in the campaign loading screen
- The image and music for the victory score screen has been changed
- Faradrella will no longer have a Spell Immunity icon show when Nature's Gift is upgraded to Level 3
- Fixed an issue where several Hero custom spells would cause memory leaks to occur
- Increased the cooldown of the Sphere of the Sea item from 20 seconds to 60
- Corrupted Ancient Protectors now deal piercing damage instead of siege
- Added Moon Wells throughout all Sentinel bases in Chapter 1
- Added additional Fountains of Health throughout the campaign
- Arcane Towers no longer possess Magic Sentry in Chapters 1 and 2 on Insane difficulty
- Fixed a bug where the Magical Blades upgrade would have no effect on Glaive Launchers
- Your troops will now start off with tier-1 weapon and armor upgrades in Chapters 1 & 2
- The Arcane Golems harvesting trees in Chapter 2 will now attack when encountered by the player
- The Elune's Blessing ability is now automatically upgraded in Chapter 3 Sentinel
- Slightly reduced the difficulty of Chapter 3 Sentinel for all difficulty levels
- Sentries owned by the player no longer have Swiftness of Elune in Chapter 4 for both story versions
- Added improved anti-cheat triggers to Chapter 5 bonus maps
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 5 Sentinel where the furbolgs would not attack the red Satyrs
- Jarod now starts off on level 9 in Chapter 5 Sentinel
- Rearranged the tablet fragment locations in Chapter 5 Sentinel in order to make them easier to find
- Fixed the Restoration Potion icon in Chapter 5 Sentinel from having it appear as a green square
- Fixed the boss music playing for all sub-maps for Chapter 5 Sentinel
- Items are no longer dropped by destroying creep buildings
- Changed the hotkey for all tier 2 and 3 Town Hall buildings from W to Z
- Improved the hotkeys for all worker Resource Gather and Repair commands
- Unique models have now been given to Tomes of Retraining, Scrolls of the Beast and Scrolls of Resurrection
- Runes are now color coordinated, making them easier to identify for the player
- Shandris now has a new skin

Version 1.3.1b

- Resolved several game breaking bugs in Chapter 6 for both story-lines
- Heroes must now be within 1200 range of killing units in order to gain experience
- Regular Hero spells no longer require a level greater than 1 in order to be learnt
- The player no longer needs to repeat Chapter 2 in order to progress to Chapter 3 for both story-lines. However, game caches for Chapter 3 have been reset
- Improved entering through the Way Gates for the first optional quest in Chapter 3 Sentinel
- Turned on ally attack alerts for the furbolg player in Chapter 3 Sentinel
- Changed the hotkey of Fire Cage from V to F in Chapter 3 Highborne
- Players can now enter and leave the kobold cave whenever they choose in Chapter 4 Highborne Part 1
- Fixed a bug where Malfurion would become invulnerable in the kobold cave in Chapter 4 Highborne Part 1
- Fixed a bug where rescue-able Sentinels would not transfer to the player's ownership in Chapter 4 Highborne Part 1
- Tyrande will now correctly gain experience in Chapters 5 & 6 Sentinel
- Fixed an issue in Chapter 6 Sentinel where the main quests were not accurate in the Quest Log
- Increased the shield life of Anti-magic Shell for the final boss in Chapter 6 Sentinel
- Changed the ending cinematic for Chapter 6 Highborne
- Increased the damage caused of Rain of Fire in the final boss fight in Chapter 6 Highborne
- Plagued Ancients now deal area-of-effect damage to ground units, fixing a bug where the mouse icon would not appear for the 'Attack Ground' move
- Changed the color of the player's team from orange to red in the Highborne story-line
- The birth animation for Highborne buildings have been reworked, resolving several in-game issues
- Increased the damage of Moonfire from 60/100/145 to 65/125/170 per level. In addition, units hit by Moonfire will have reduced attack speed as oppossed to movement speed
- Increased the duration of Bladestorm from 5 to 7 seconds
- Trueshot Aura now has a new icon
- Highmistresses now have a new attack missile model
- Stalkers no longer possess Shadow Meld
- Changed the armor type of Arcane Wyrms from Unarmored to Light
- Corrupted Entangled Goldmines now have a new model
- Moon Wells in Chapter 1 are now invulnerable
- Changed the loading screen for Chapter 6 Highborne
- Made slight revisions to the dialogue across the campaign
- Made minor item changes, as well as their locations, throughout the campaign

Version 1.4.0b

- Added the following maps:
Interlude: Pillars of Power
Chapter 7: Howling Treachery
Interlude: Unexpected Measures
Chapter 8: Ysera's Heartbeat
Chapter 9: The Last Guardian
Chapter 10: Darkness and Sorrow
- Made numerous story changes throughout the campaign, affecting the following maps:
Chapter 3: An Arch Druid Reborn
Interlude: The Yearn for Magic
Interlude: Lying in Deceit
Chapter 5: War at Mount Hyjal
Interlude: Battle for Tomorrow
Chapter 6: Shattered Skies
- The Sentinel story path maps from Chapter 3 onward have been locked for revision. These maps will become available again in v2.0
- Hard and Insane difficulty have been merged to be more consistent with the difficulty settings throughout Turnro's campaign series
- Most Anti-Cheat systems have been removed. The player will now only instantly lose in Hard difficulty if ‘WhosYourDaddy’ is used
- Added legendary items into the campaign for Hard difficulty. There are a total of 8 legendary items to find
- Some optional quests throughout the campaign now grant the player's Heroes additional skill points upon completion

- Increased the item pick up/drop radius of Heroes by 33%
- All main Hero spells now have 4 levels instead of 3. These spells have also been rebalanced to suit this change
- Switched the hotkeys for each Hero's ultimate spell with their aura or equivalant ability. This means that Hero ultimate spells now use R, making hotkeys more consistent across Turnro's campaigns
- Updated the campaign to be compatible with Patch 1.30.3 As a result, the following spells have been affected in one way or another:
Force of Nature
Mystic Affinity
Arcane Explosion
Summon Moon Owl
Entangling Roots
Mass Teleport
Impaling Shot
Enchanted Arrows
- Removed Thorns Aura from Malfurion
- Renamed Wrath of Nature of Nature's Wrath
- Made numerous changes to Malfurion's Crystal Golem spell:
- Removed Taunt, Hardened Skin and Spell Immunity
- Gains Bash from Level 2 onwards
- Gains Resistant Skin from Level 3 onwards
- Decreased the mana cost of Spell Steal from 50/25/10 per level to 25/10/0
- Increased the cooldown of Spell Steal from 5/3/1 per level to 10/5/1
- Changed the color of Malfurion's and Tyrande's hair to green

- Decreased the hit points of Sentries from 575 to 550
- The Furblog Shaman's Barkskin ability now reflects 25% of melee attack damage back to enemy units. In addition, the mana cost for this spell has been increased to 35
- Increased the mana and mana regeneration rate of Furbolg Shaman

- Increased the attack range of Scholars from 400 to 500
- Increased the hit points of Royal Archers to 300
- Increased the attack range of Royal Archers to 550
- Increased the damage dealt by Arcane Arrows from 6 to 8
- Decreased the hit points of Battle Maidens to 525, and increased their mana capacity to 300
- Reduced the mana cost of Frost Shield to 40
- Removed the Taunt ability from Arcane Golems
- Changed the attack type of Arcane Golems to Siege, increased their damage to 27-35 and attack rate to 1.9 seconds
- Power Discharge now requires an upgrade at the Foundry. In addition, its damage has increased from 50 to 70
- Increased the mana capacity of Arcane Golems to 250
- Replaced Power Shield from Clerics with Orb of Sight, which summons an invisible orb at a target location. This spell requires no research to begin using
- Increased the healing of Mass Heal from 10 to 12. In addition, this spell now requires Cleric Adept Training before it can be used
- Anti-magic Shell for Enchantresses now absorbs 300 magic damage instead of granting spell immunity
- Enchantresses now have Counterspell instead of Energy Blast, which silences and reduces an enemy unit's damage for a set amount of time
- Added new adept and master training icons for Clerics and Enchantresses
- Highmistresses now have a proper death decay animation
- Increased the mana and mana regeneration rate of Highmistresses
- Removed the Reveal ability from Violet Sanctum/Observatory/Citadels and Arcane Towers
- Blizzard can now be used by Violet Sanctums
- Removed Wands of Illusion and Arcane Scrolls from the Vault of Power
- Staff of Absorb Mana no longer requires a Violet Observatory in order to purchase from the Vault of Power
- Added Amulets of Recall to purchase at the Vault of Power, which requires a Violet Citadel before they become available
- Highborne attack and armor upgrades now have new icons
- Revised the gold and lumber cost for several Highborne structures

- Updated all mission loading screen images
- Changed the user interface for the Highborne story path
- Satyr Hellcallers are now Hero-based units
- Resolved a bug in Chapter 4 Part 2 Highborne where the player could use Kath'ranis to explore out of bound areas
- Increased the hit points of Fel Orc Berserkers from 535 to 600
- Updated the Mount Hyjal Guardians to make their units more unique compared to regular night elves
- Removed the Cenarian Horn item from the game in Chapter 5 Highborne
- The player's units in "Remnants of the Ancients" have been rebalanced to make trained units more viable
- Made numerous changes to existing items throughout the game
- Reverted the hotkey for Build back to B
- Command hotkeys (such as Build, Attack, etc) can now be overwritten by player custom hotkey settings
- Updated the icon position and hotkeys for all upgrades to reflect the 1.30 patch changes
- Added a unique model for Potions of Invisibility
- Updated the Lunar Upgrade icon

Version 1.4.1b

- Revised the entire campaign for map leaks
- Fixed a bug where the background music would randomly stop playing after a cutscene
- Hero, unit, building and spell stats no longer change depending on the player's Warcraft 3 version
- Resolved a bug where carrying certain items on Malfurion would cause him to lose his stat benefits while in his Twisted Ancient form
- Fixed an issue where Malfurion would lose all bonus skill points acquired throughout the campaign after using a Tome of Retraining in his Twisted Ancient form
- Resolved a bug where the Book of Spiders and Staff of Corruption shared the same cooldown group
- Increased the build time for all furbolg units in Chapter 3
- Made numerous fountain changes in Chapters 3 & 8
- Resolved a bug in Chapter 4 Part 2 where Tyrande would not turn invisible during the boss fight phases
- Added additional enemy Sacred Wells for the Guardians in Chapter 5
- Velinde must now survive during the final boss fight in Chapter 5
- Changed the model of the Fountains of Power in Chapter 6 to look more corrupted
- Fixed a bug where the Crystal Golem's hit points were not correct on certain levels in the bonus map of Chapter 6
- Increased the amount of enemies to kill between each phase of Velinde's boss fight in Chapter 6
- Resolved a bug in Chapter 6 where Illidan would occasionally become permanently invulnerable during the end boss fight
- Made slight rune changes to all boss fights in Chapter 6
- Moved the location of the Secret Key in Chapter 7
- Added more gold to several Gold Mines in Chapter 7
- Moved the location of the Orb of Thorns from Chapter 7 to Chapter 8
- Magtheridon now starts off with the Orb of the Legion in Chapter 8
- Reduced the time required to protect Malfurion at each obelisk in Chapter 8 from 4 to 3 minutes
- Reduced the time in order to reach most of the obelisks in Chapter 8
- Resolved some obelisk timer bugs in Chapter 8
- Added an additional Way Gate near the path to Ysera's Heart in Chapter 8
- Resolved an issue in Chapter 8 where Malfurion's Pouch would remain inaccessible once Malfurion revived
- Reduced the attack rate of all enemy AI bases in Chapter 9
- Increased the build time of all enemy dragon units in Chapter 9
- All Night Elf AI bases no longer rebuild lost structures on Normal difficulty in Chapter 9
- Fixed an issue in Chapter 9 where Malfurion would have his normal spells while in his Twisted Ancient Form
- Fixed an exploit in Chapter 9 where the player could complete the mission without activating the Demon and Naga enemy AI bases
- Changed the armor type of Dream Portals to Heavy Armor in Chapter 10
- Slightly decreased Kil'jaeden's auto attack damage in Chapter 10
- Decreased the power of Kil'jaeden's Meteor Strike and Armageddon spells on Normal difficulty in Chapter 10
- Changed the number of meteors summoned while Kil'jaeden channels Meteor Strike to make the spell feel progressively harder throughout his boss fight in Chapter 10

- Increased the duration of Malfurion's Meteor Strike spell to 6 seconds
- Added a death sound to Tyrande's model
- Reduced the melee damage reflected from Barkskin for Furbolg Shaman to 15%
- Royal Archer attack range increased to 600
- Decreased the mana cost of Arcane Arrows for Royal Archers to 6
- Highmistress clones now only last half as long if the cloned unit is a Hero
- Renamed Elite Highguard to Highguard
- Reduced Arcane Wyrm hit points to 465
- Increased the hit points of Felhounds to 975
- Academy hit points decreased to 1200
- Added a death animation to Mana Wells
- The Demon Blade is now classified as an artifact
- Reduced Orb of Thorns's aura melee reflect damage to 10%
- Increased the mana burnt by the Wand of Feedback against Heroic units from 4 to 6
- Shield of Darkness now grants 33% magic damage reduction for Heroes. In light of this change, bonus armor has been reduced to 5 and piercing damage reduction to 33%
- Removed stock start delays for all items purchased from neutral shops throughout the campaign

Version 1.4.2b

- Fixed an issue where the Glaive Launcher's missile attacks would result in a game crash
- Fixed a bug where loading the "Lying in Deceit" interlude would result in a game crash

Other Campaigns in Turnro’s Warcraft 3 Series

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Credits and Debug:

Important Notes
- You will need to update Warcraft 3 to the latest patch version before playing Malfurion’s Quest (v1.30 at minimum). Otherwise, you will experience problems that will prevent you from playing the campaign. To update Warcraft 3, click on the following link: Patching Classic Games
- The normal background music of Warcraft 3 has been replaced with better music. Be sure to enable music through your profile as it is an integral part of the campaign experience
- If you use the ‘WhosYourDaddy’ cheat while playing Malfurion’s Quest on Hard difficulty, you will automatically lose the mission



STORY DEVELOPMENT: Turnro with FallenStar

Blizzard Entertainment
Ujimasa Hojo
Champara Bros

Blizzard Entertainment
Dan van Ohllus
Apheraz Lucent
Dan van Ohllus
Darkmoon Hero
Blood Raven
Raging Ent
The Panda

Blizzard Entertainment - WORLD OF WARCRAFT, STARCRAFT 2
Jo Blankenburg - GARADORS FLIGHT
Soundcritters - DARK TIDES
Ian Livingston - BIONICLE HEROES
Mikolai Stroinski - TESHAM MUTNA
Henry Beckett and Keith Zizza - ZEUS: MASTER OF OLYMPUS
Nick Phoenix - THE LAST STAND


Paladon – Malfurion’s Lifesurge spell
NFWar – Kath’ranis’ Crystallization spell
Maker – Illidan’s Fel Rush spell
Chenralstrasz – Original logo design

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Night Elf, Malfurion, Tyrande, Illidan, Cenarius, Kil'jaeden, Burning Legion, Highborne, Faradrella, Sentinel, Druid, Kath'ranis, Velinde, Ysera, World Tree, Nordrassil.

Malfurion's Quest v1.4b (Campaign)

[img][c]Orcnet[c]19:35, 14th Oct 2013700 [img] Malfurion's Quest (Tested DEMO release as 1.0) Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][img][img][img][img][img][c]5/5[c]91-100[c]A Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter...
  1. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    You have to complete the first part of "The Escape" quest before you can teleport to that obelisk, as it leads to the later parts of the map.
  2. Adrian0


    May 29, 2017
    Hi Turnro, first of all I just wanna say I love ur campaigns especially this one as Malfurion its one of my favorite wow characters, looking foward to its final release.
    Although I have a bug of some sort which I dont know if it was reported by anyone, looked in the comments quite a bit, seems to be just my problem. My Malfurion model shows a blue shape of the hero, as well as in the icon. I am using 1.26 version suspecting this might be a issue.
  3. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Hi Adrian, unfortunately Malfurion's Quest was made to only be compatible with the current version of Warcraft 3. The current version is 1.31.1.
  4. Adrian0


    May 29, 2017
    That truly is unfortunate indeed :(
  5. Blasterixx


    Mar 4, 2014
    Finished this and here we go:
    I played all missions on hard and on the latest patch.

    ~~My review~~



    - Even tho i like the large variety of items, it really pained me to see that at times i just had too many good items and i had to give up on a lot of them (even my backpack was full)!
    My suggestion for this is implementig the power to create recipes with the backpack, so the player can combine multiple good items and not having to just abandon them on the ground.
    Exemples of recipes: This are all items that 100% will drop i think, so you will get them every time.

    All recipes are made out of 4 , 5 or 6 items, New recipes will show up with every mission in the Backpack as a list, to be able to form the recipe the player has to write "-create" in chat with all the items in a hero's inventory.

    ~-~ "Red Ring of Greater superiority" [+3 all stats , +20% mana regen and +100 hp] = Ring of superiority [+1 all stats] + Ruby of health [+50 hp] + Token of agility [+1 agi] + Token of inteligence [+1 int] + Mana stone [+25% mana regen]
    item combination 1.png

    ~-~ "Permanent Granite Golem" [same stats/spells as a normal Granite Golem] = Stone token + Potion of mana + Potion of greater mana + Scroll of protection + Scroll of restoration.
    golem recipe items 2.png

    ~-~ "Nature sapphire set of the oracle" = [+5 all stats , +125 hp/mp , + 35% mana regen] = Staff of the oracle [+5 int and 25% magic resist] + Nature's breastplate [+75 hp and +2 armor] + Gloves of haste [+15% as] + Sapphire of mana [+50 mana] + Sapphire necklace [+25% mana regen]
    recipe 3.png

    ~-~ "Fiery Ring of Courage" [+6 str , + 4 int , + 3 hp regen] = Ring of life [+100 hp and +1 hp regen] + Token of strenght [+3 str] + Orb of fire [+6 dmg] + Pendant of energy [+150 mp] + Scroll of mana.
    recipe number 4.png

    ~-~ "Unholy nature set" [unholy aura lvl 2 , +8 int , +5 armor and poison orb effect on hit] = Book of the spider [endurance aura lvl 1] + Darkmoon necklace [+5 int and blocks a spell 40sec. cd.] + Mask of darkness [+3 armor and +100 hp] + Health stone [+1 regen] + Nature's amulet [+200 hp] + Orb of venom [+5 dmg]
    recipe 5.png

    ~-~ "Shadow dragon set of great resistance" [+13 dmg , +6 int , +300 mana and + 50% magic resist] = Darkmoon staff [+5 dmg , +150 mana and lighting orb effect] + Shadow blade [+5 int and +5 dmg] + Dragonstone [+200 mp and 33% magic resist] + Wand of resistence [33% magic resist] + Forest emerald [+3 int and +50 mana] + Blessed robe [+4 int]
    recipe 6.png

    ~-~ "Greater staff of corruption" [+10 int , +6 hp regen , -4 armor orb effect and summons 3 corrupted treants] = Staff of corruption [+8 int and summons 2 treants] + Orb of corruption [+5 dmg and -4 armor effect] + Essence of Aszune [heals 250hp when used] + Token of healing [3hp regen]
    recipe 7.png

    - This is just a personal gameplay critique so you can ignore it, I really hate when my heroes have average move speed, i understand that maybe some heroes are just slow cuz they are old maybe, but to be fair that affects the gameplay too much for me, in my opinion there should be only 2 types of speed: fast (for the majority of heroes like str/int heroes that walk on 2 feet without a Mount) and very fast (for agi heroes, mounted heroes and demigod hybrid heroes that have more than 2 feet) ~ except if their fat then they should have just fast ms (Pitlords for exemple).
    So why that? Because:
    1.Those average ms heroes slow down my control group too much, it pains me to see that all my units have fast move speed but because of this slow ass hero that has average move speed my entire army has to walk slow!
    2.Because the hero is slower than my units they will eventually block eachother a lot more than usual, impacting the gameplay in a negative way.
    3.And another point against average ms is just the fact of wasting time overall by walking slow.

    - The spell Lifesurge seems to have a cap of 2 units for the damage part (it looks like it deals damage in only 300 range if there are more than 2 units in the way), if there are 3 units in a line and i use the spell against them only the first 2 units get damaged while the 3rd one doesn't get affected at all (doesn't happen all the time), not sure this is intended or not.

    - Firewave spell, similar to Furion's first druid aoe spell it seems to have a cap of damage dealt, deals damage only to the first targets and not to the ones from the back and it doesn't hit the entire radius of the animation as well, by that i mean it doesn't hit on the edges of the fire animation.
    Exemple of the animation hitting the trolls but it deals no damage to them:
    exemple of no damage while hitting.png

    - There are some sort of visual glitches happening in almost all missions, they last for maximum 2 seconds:
    glitch visuals.png

    - Orb of corruption reduces armor by 4, but the tooltip says 5.

    ~Chapter 1
    - Crates sometimes are too small and almost invisible, so i suggest making them more visible:
    Crates beeing too small exemple.png

    - Even tho these trees kinda look cool, walking on them makes the units glitch out and makes them really confused as well, either remove the tree bridge or repair it somehow.
    tree looks weird while walking on it.png

    - You can walk through the pedestal of the horn.
    pedestal.png , pedestal 2.png

    - There is a weird empty space near the end:
    weird empty space.png
    (Replayed all missions on normal after i finished the campaign and had to use cheats to get faster to some points.)

    ~Chapter 3

    - My fps dropped since the beginning of the mission (by 30-40 fps), no idea why, but it made the gameplay pretty bad.

    - There were some cutscenes that had some bad view points:
    furbolg visuals bug.png , furbolg visuals bug number 2, same cutscene.png

    - At that point when we have to catch the daughter of cenarius, the game should give a tip to the player that Malfurion got a new spell, otherwise it might make the player fail the mission since he has no idea what to do.
    exemple -> "Tip: Furion got a new spell in order to catch Faradrella"

    ~Chapter 4 part 1

    - Some visual views that look bad in some cutscenes:
    Mission 4 part 1 visuals.png , Mission 4 part 1 druid cutscene.png , This kinda looks ok, but still weird.png

    - Just as a funny thing to say, this was the only mission where i died in the whole campaign, killed by bears, they perma bashed me! :sad:

    ~Chapter 4 part 2

    - At the end part where we have to race for the key and destroy the crystals, it seems like there is a bug with the way gates, when i have Malfurion and the other priestess selected and try to go through the way gate it doesn't work, only when i go with 1 unit at a time it works. (this actually made me fail the mission the first time i did it, i was pretty pissed. :angry:

    ~Chapter 5

    - Same problem with the waygates like in chapter 4 part 2, the units get confused when i try to go through the way gate, it only works when i go with only 1 unit at a time.

    ~Chapter 6

    - There is a weird item stranded here, i cannot get to it.
    no idea whats with this item there.png

    - I wanted more of those druids of the jaw, wanted them to transform in their animal form, maybe a jaguar or black panther.

    ~Chapter 7

    - So yea this was the mission where i got stuck, the thing is i searched for the other units in order to join me, but i just didn't find them at the time, i guess i'm a bit blind thats for sure, i thought the other units that i need to save were the ones that were in prison (didn't notice at the time that was just a different optional quest and not the main quest), so i didn't think there were any more units in that first area, thats why i was so confused!
    My suggestion for this little problem is just implementing a small tip if the player doesn't do any progress after lets say 3 - 5 minutes and he tries to teleport to the obelisk, a tip should appear on the screen, something like this -> "Tip: You cannot teleport and leave this area untill you have found all 5 units for the main quest, so go back and search for the rest, they are all in the same area".

    - The fight at the end with that Demon lady was pretty boring, i expected more from her, maybe give her a bit more hp and a few other spells, since she is an agi hero how about critical strike, she was too weak.

    - Something happened with the shield of darkness while fighting the satyrs, the shield started to remain in that blocking stage even when i run out of combat, the sound and the animation of the shield blocking against piercing kept going for a while then it stopped.
    sheld bug.png

    ~Chapter 8

    - The same problem, the boss fight with Cenarius was pretty lame, the moment with the infernals was cool but anything else wasn't, i just A clicked him for 5 minutes and thats it, he should be able to do more dmg with his spells, and have more aoe spells that require the player to avoid it (similar to the Kil'jaden fight).

    ~Chapter 9'

    - Just this visual view was bad:
    visuals 3.png


    - Malfurion having a backpack, with an inventory that increases over time by completing quests, really interesting.

    - The terrain looks good, in some missions the terrain is worthy of having it as a wallpaper.

    - Introduction of music outside of War3, usually it's hard to make it work, but in this case it worked pretty good, even tho some mission could have had some of this new music as well.

    - A decent amount of a variety of new items with unique spells/skins.

    - A lot of new gorgeous unit and hero skins, the night elf guardians faction was my favorite, those dark green + gold colors blended so well together! and this hero skin was one of my favorites as well:
    love this skin, pure badass.png

    - A decent amount of crates/barrels/egg sacks with tomes/items. (Even tho some of the crates were quite hard to spot in some missions, especially when they were in water, so i suggest increasing the size of those crates).

    - I like that the game informs the player when is a good time to save before a big battle or boss fight.

    - Not beeing able to use cheats on Hard, i like it, this will give the gameplay a more realistic view and make players work hard and fair for their rewards.
    Cheats that cause defeat on hard: only "whosyourdaddy" and this one doesn't do anything -> "allyourbasearebelongtous". It seems like only those 2 don't work on hard, my suggestion is to make the others don't work as well.
    Cheats that work fine on hard: "iseedeadpeople" , "thereisnospoon" , "greedisgood" , "warpten".

    - The last 2 fights with Kil'jaden and Illidan at the end were good, i loved them, i almost died against Kil'jaden (i was at 5% hp when the battle was over :xxd:, to be fair i kinda underestimated him and didn't avoid his spells for a while thinking the fight was too easy). :grin:

    - Faradrella and the Ancient of wonders are my favorite characters :thumbs_up: , loved every dialogue with them!

    Overall i had a good time playing through this campaign, really enjoyed it, i don't see this often these types of stories where the main guy becomes like one of the evil characters, quite refreshing, i also loved all the dialogues between the characters, i find it hilarious how Furion after becoming corrupt started calling everyone weaklings :D, talking to a Demi-god meeh weakling!, talking to demon lords from other dimensions meeeh weaklings :D
    I can't wait to see the other paths as well in the future so good luck with that and thanks for creating this superb campaign!


    He condemns it at first but proceeds to do the exact same thing for the rest of the campaign :grin:

    what are you doing in my swamp.png
    This scene reminded me of something!

    What are you doing in my swamp!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  6. Leochief


    Oct 13, 2018
  7. Venombite


    Feb 3, 2019
    Another quick question, just out of curiosity. Some warcraft universe characters (e.g Sargeras/Archimonde/Mannoroth/Deathwing/Malygos) do not exist in this universe/timeline?
  8. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    Most of them probably don't have important roles in turnro's universe,which you have to play his other three campaigns to get a full picture of.

    Burning Legion maybe was once led by Sargeras,who was killed by someone(Aegwyn?) long time ago.His death has left an empty throne to three candidates:Azgalor,Tichondrius and Kil'Jaedon,who set off a power struggle and scheme each other for years.In the end - at the beginning of Malfurion's Quest - Kil'Jaedon stood out as the leader of Buring Legion.The other two's fates were revealed in Jeopardy of the Horde and Resurrection of the Scourge.
  9. Venombite


    Feb 3, 2019
    I see. So, because Azgalor is the most powerful/leader of the Pit Lords, Mannoroth doesn't exist? Same about Archimonde? And can you give me a small spoiler, does Lady Vashj die in any The Adventures of Rowan the Wise v4.4/Jeopardy of the Horde v3.2/Resurrection of the Scourge. I mean you fight some random Sea Withch in chapter nine. Also does Lord Xavius die or exist? I mean the satyrs (rightfully) have such a big role in the campaign, and he, the most powerful and their leader, isn't even mentioned.
  10. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    Turnro is not forced to use any of these characters even or have them exist in the first place.
    This is his alternate version of both the story and the universe.
  11. Venombite


    Feb 3, 2019
    Agreed. As I said it's just my curiosity.(and the urge to post stuff obviousely)
  12. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    Turnro has mentioned that Magtheridon was the last of his kind,implying that other Pit Lords including Azgalor had been slained during battles.


    If I remembered correctly,it was Thrall who killed them in Jeopardy of the Horde.

    Archimonde does exist somehow,but I can't remember whether he appeared or not in Rowan the Wise.


    Lady Vashj was absent in Turnro's earlier campaigns.I think Turnro is planning to put Lady Vashj into Sentinel storyline in the future.

    Xavius also crossed my mind when I finished Malfurion's Quest for the first time.Was he behind all of this?Did he corrupt Malfurion's mind?It was a most likely theory considering Turnro was developing Highborne storyline during WoW 7.0.However,I have seen a thread earlier perhaps(not sure when and where) posted by Turnro or FallenStar,which claimed that Xavius wasn't reponsible for this.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  13. Venombite


    Feb 3, 2019
    Massive reply! Thanks. A little spoiler.
    It was Eredon the Illusionist who corrupted the Dream and whispered to Malfurion. Ysera says that in chapter 10. However it's possible that he just recruited Xavius and the Satyrs to corrupt the dream and the forest and weaken the Night Elves. And that he was behind the dream corruption and the corruption of the forest, and it's possible that he will be a boss fight when/if the sentinel story happens.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  14. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    Oh,thanks.I didn't notice that character...he seems to be an NPC coming from nowhere,probably leading the story into a typical Deus ex machina style.
  15. Lazarator


    Jul 29, 2014
    No. Actually, the character was first introduced in the second (orc) campaign, than in the third (undead) campaign and will definitely have some role in this final (night elf) campaign. FallenStar mentioned that we shall see him as the enemy, most likely as a boss.
    It seems as if you haven't played any/some of the previous campaigns, so you don't know much of a story characters. I recommend you play them before the full release of the Sentinel storyline, so that you can experience the game in the right way being familiar with the storyline.
    I already asked question about Archimonde and Mannoroth before and Turnro replied me that both Archimonde and Mannoroth won't make an appearance in Malfurion's Quest. Whether Archimonde is alive or not is irrelevant.
    The demon you remember from Adventures of Rowan the Wise was actually Eredon The Illusionist who will
    Now, about Lady Vashj. She is a naga who is you enemy in the third (undead) campaign. The chapter where Vashj makes an appearance as the enemy is chapter three. It's a chapter where you have to destroy naga bases (two huge bases I think) with dreadlords and your limited skeleton army. Vashj is a naga hero of the blue base, if I remember correctly...
    Yeah, it's Eredon that corrupted Ysera's mind. I figured that one out when Ysera told that to Malfurion. Might be Xavius or Eredon who also corrupted Malfurion's mind as well, since Kil'Jaeden is final battle against Malfurion said it's a know yet ancient power that corrupted Malfurion's mind. Might even be Sargeras or the Old Gods, who knows? Time wil tell, I guess (as Turnro likes to say :cool:2).
  16. Venombite


    Feb 3, 2019
    I've just rewatched the Prologue. It seems I was wrong. Both Archimonde and Mannoroth appear in the prologue during the War of the Ancients. It seems that both have died in the War of the Ancients and that's how Azgalore/Kil'Jaeden rose to lead the Pit Lords/Eredar. So that means that Sargeras died later and left Azgalor/Kil'Jaeden/Tichondrious the leaders of the three most powerful Legion races Pit Lords/Eredar/Dreadlords in a GoT for who will lead the Legion.
    Lady Vashj being a random hero in a base is kinda lame, but I also understand Turnro and FallenStar, cause if she was in Malfurion's Quest they would have to include her in a boss fight somehow or make her one, and making boss fights is not easy.
    That only leaves the question of Xavius and Blue/Black Aspect. We don't know if they exist in this universe. Turnro and FallenStar probably don't know that either at this point.
  17. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    I've played those old versions several years ago despite Turnro has updated some of them recently.So I couldn't remember every detail of NPCs.Thank you for correcting me,would you like to share some screenshots to me or point out the chapters which introduced Eredon?

    And did Lady Vashj die?
  18. Lazarator


    Jul 29, 2014
    You're welcome. Why, of course!
    - The first time we can see Eredon is in Adventures of Rowan The Wise chapter seven (Curse of the Blood Elves) when Arthas's Necromancer summons him.
    - The second time we see Eredon is in Jeopardy of the Horde. We can see him in the last four or five chapters alltogether of the campaign. In fact, right before the battle with Azgalor, he is a sub-boss at the end of the last chapter (Destiny of the Horde) that you have to kill in order to proceed with the chapter.
    - In Ressurection of the Scourge, Eredon is seen in the final cinematic, standing right next to Kil'jaeden.

    Lady Vashj had to die. You had to kill her and destroy her base, as you will not pass the third chapter in Ressurection of the Scourge if you don't destroy it. The priority of that chapter was to destroy her base, along with one more naga base.
  19. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    Thank you very much.It's about time for me to replay them again.:peasant-thumbs-up:
  20. Yuefang


    Apr 14, 2011
    Oh, really? Eredon was the puny demon that he could summon?