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Luther...Heh i dont know why but when i lower the res the image sux but when i dont it dont show up in game :S

Hellscream, Human, blademaster, blade, master, warrior, battle, war, soldier

Luther (Texture)

THE_END: Hi, I'm not an Orc anymore! HI HI!
Level 2
Feb 23, 2004
Really nice adaptation to model, it's really hard to render the bm humanoid.
Level 12
Jun 13, 2004
Ok his hair IS orange....and how do i alpha the teeth or axe it will just show up white if i erace it u guys dont know the first thing about skinning when something is a solid shape you cant alpha! I could alpha the blademasters sword because its like paper and i could alpha the demon hunters sword its like paper, heck i could alpha his hair :) If someone could tell me how to alpha those id gladly do it
Level 2
Jun 4, 2004
Face doesn't really work on the model, but looks good on the wrap. Quite good clothing.... you're developing a good set of techniques here.

One thing: the neck has zero shading.