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LTW - Evolution v2.43

Submitted by Robbepop
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is the newest version of my Line Tower Wars - Evolution map.
An alround LTW with an awesome performance due to the complete usage of vJass code.
The first player can choose from several game modes at the beginning of a game which influences the whole gameplay afterwards and is so able to customize his own game.

Play against the computer by occupying computer slots.
There are three available difficulties (easy, normal, insane) which have an influence on the power of the A.I. oponent.

Official Forum: www.goh-rpg.de.to
e-Mail: Robbepop@web.de
B.Net: Robbepop (at Northrend)


Tower Types

- Missile Tower - Medium tower which has got an average power against all creep types.
- Siege Tower - Deals splash damage but can only attack ground units.
- Anti-Air Tower - Can only attack air units but is very effective against them.
- Spell Tower - Deals chaos damage and has certain spells to protect you against attacker and boss creeps.
- Sharp Tower - Melee tower, attacks at a high ratio and damages all units around it.
- Aura-Tower - Buffs your towers or debuffs your enemies.
- Wall - Can't attack but can greatly protect your towers against enemy attackers.
- Elemental Tower - Very strong tower type with unique abilities. A player can only have one tower of this type at the same time.

Available Modes

-noattacker [-ns]
-noair [-na]
-nomagic [-nm]
-gold x
-lives x
-towers x
-food x
-fastmode [-fm]
-streamincome [-si]
-hardgame [-hg]
-randomspawn [-rs]
-terrainsnow [-ts]

Available Commands

-swapon / -swapoff / -son / -soff
-clear / -clr / -cls / -c
-income / -inc / -i
-lives / -l
-hintsoff / -hoff

Difference to general LTW's:

  • Many modes from which the host can choose from and which influences the gameplay greatly.
  • It is fully coded in performant vJass with useful Systems and not with bad GUI codes.
  • Elemental towers largely got replaced with strategic towers.
  • The builder got helpful spells which he can use to win the game.
  • The balance is much better than in other LTW's. (opinions of players in b.net)
  • All tooltips and hotkeys are working and well made. (QWER hotkeys)
  • The game interface got slight improvements.
  • The game development is running and im ready for new stuff. =)
  • No cooldown for sending creeps.


Changelog v2.43 (26th Jan. 2019)

  • Build Menu
    • Allow canceling of "versus ALL" and "versus Ground" towers.
    • Walls, Auras, Anti-Air and Elementals can no longer be built during the first 2 minutes of game time.
  • Sharp Tower
    • Increase attack rate from 90/min to 200/min
    • Decrease attack damage by 65%
    • Are now affected by Command Aura towers by increasing their attack speed.
    • => All in all about 77% of the original DPS
  • Siege Tower
    • Decrease attack rate from 30/min to 24/min (-20%)
    • Changed attack splash damage
      • Before: 100% to 150 area
      • Now: 100% to 100 area, 50% to 125 area, 25% to 150 area
    • Increase attack range from 600 to 700.
  • Spell Tower
    • Remove abilities: Fireball (Activ), Rebuild (Activ)
    • Add new ability: Chained Lightning Attack (Passive)
  • Water Elemental
    • Frost Slow
      • Attackspeed slow decreased from 50% to 25%
      • Movementspeed slot decreased from 50% to 35%
  • Unholy Elemental
    • Decrease attack rate from 80/min to 75/min
  • Thunder Elemental
    • Increase attack damage by 33.3%
    • Decrease attack range from 600 to 500
    • Paralyse
    • Decrease proc chance from 25% to 20%
    • Increase damage multiplier from 100/150/200% to 100/200/300%
  • War Elemental
    • Battle Roar
    • Increase attack damage bonus from 40/50/60% to 50/65/80%
  • Fire Elemental
    • Increase attack damage from 120 to 140 at level 1.

Changelog v2.42 (23rd Jan. 2019)

  • Reorganized tower build menu.
  • Scout Tower
    • Removed from the game.
  • Builder
    • Has now true sight to see invisible units.
  • Mine Tower
    • Removed from the game.
  • Water Elemental
    • Reduce frost attack slow from 50% to 40%.
  • Death Elemental
    • Reduce attack range from 600 to 550.
    • Soul Fire
      • Reduce AOE from 600 to 550.
  • Attackers
    • Now have a maximum cap of 10 at any time per attacker.
    • Have a send cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Fast Units
    • Increase movementspeed from 400 to 425. (~ +6.25%)
    • Decrease hitpoints by approx. 7%.
  • Abomination
    • Decrease movementspeed from 511 to 425. (~ -17%)
    • Incrase hitpoints from 77000 to 82000. (~ +6%)
  • Known Bugs
    • AI got broken due to the new build menu.

Changelog v2.41 (22nd Jan. 2019)

- Remove "-transferlives" modus from the game.
- Make "-nomagic" modus enable by default. (So builder spells are disabled by default now.)
- Decreased creep armor aura bonus from 6 to 5.
- Decreased creep movementspeed aura bonus from 25% to 20%.
- Decreased creep attackdamage aura bonus from 25% to 20%.
- Set splash area of all splashing elemental towers from 150 to 175.
- War Elemental
- Increase mana maximum from 60 to 75.
- Increase attack damage from 180/900/2250 to 200/1000/2500
- Battle Roar
- Increase attack damage bonus from 35% to 40/50/60%.
- Change bonus duration from 9/12/15 seconds to 10 seconds.
- Holy Elemental
- Increase mana maximum from 60 to 75.
- Increase attack damage from 120/600/1500 to 155/775/1940
- Shielding
- Now also targets creeps. (Immortal creeps!)
- Fire Elemental
- Increase mana maximum from 45 to 50.
- Increase attack damage from 120/600/1500 to 140/700/1750.
- Unholy Elemental
- Increase attack damage from 240/1200/3000 to 260/1300/3250.
- Tech Elemental
- Increase attack damage from 60/300/750 to 70/350/875.
- Multitasking
- Increase maximum attack tagets from 3/4/5 to 4/5/6.
- Nature Elemental
- Increase attack damage from 360/1800/4500 to 400/2000/5000.
- Increase hitpoints from 500/1500/3000 to 750/2250/4500.
- Thunderclap
- Increases damage from 0 to 400/2000/5000 to all nearby enemy units.
- Thunder Elemental
- Increases attack speed from 240 attacks/sec to 300 attacks/sec.
- Death Elemental
- Soul Fire
- Decrease damage from 150/750/1875 to 110/550/1375.
- Abomination
- Movementspeed can be slowed now.
- Increase hitpoints from 75000 to 77000.
- Brutal Ghoul
- Decrease attack damage from 20 to 18.​
- Demolition Machines
- Increase hitpoints from 180 to 195.​
- Siege Engine
- Increase hitpoints from 3500 to 3600.​
- Banshee
- Increase hitpoints from 6000 to 6200.​
- Scout Tower
- Increase true sight (passive) AOE from 500 to 750.
- Increase true sight Reveal Area (Active) AOE from 500 to 750.​

Changelog v2.39 (4th Sep. 2015)

  • -Multiboard: decrease Towers sections width.
    -Sharp Towers: their model no longer animates below ground.
    -Elemental Towers: they now turn their face to their prey on attack.
    -War Elemental: improved attack animation point timing.
    -Earth Elemental: improved attack animation point timing.
    -Added restriction to use Select Tier2/3 without selection of the tier below. (for noobs)
    -Added restruction to Anti-Air Tower and walls as well as Defense Aura Tower in certain modes via upgrades.
    -Fix a bug that creeps who reached the goal of a base and got teleported to the next prey are ordered to move to the previous player's end.
    -Rot Golem (Tier1): increased hitpoints to 1150 from 1100.
    -Troll Berserker (Tier2): decreased hitpoints to 1500 from 1600.

Changelog v2.38 (2nd Sep. 2015)

  • -Builder: increased priority so that the builder tops all other units when group selected with creeps.
    -Added a new healthbar visual for units in the game.
    -(Hopefully) fixed hotkey bug that Magic and Select Tiers both react to 'W'.
    -Spawn wand: improved visual.
    -Hint System: decreased message duration to 10 seconds from 20 seconds.
    -Hint System: hints now show every 35 seconds instead of every 45 seconds.
    -Hint System: added many new hints and reformulated old ones.
    -Hint System: code refactored.
    -Improved shadows of many elemental towers.
    -Sharp Tower: removed unused mana points.
    -Spell Tower: the model's book no longer disappears from time to time.
    -Spell Tower: made it easier to click on them.
    -Spell Tower: doubled attack damage.
    -Spell Tower: decreased attack speed from 40 attacks/min to 30 attacks/min.
    -Earth Elemental: Thunderclap - increased AoE to 600 from 450.
    -Earth Elemental: decreased attack range to 150 from 450.
    -Earth Elemental: increased attack damage by 50%.
    -Unholy Elemental: decreased attack speed to 80 attacks/min from 90 attacks/min.
    -Improved selection circle sizes of creeps to make healthbar visuals better looking.
    -Creep auras no longer affect the player's towers.
    -Mountain Giants: decreased hitpoints to 70k from 80k.
    -Ghoul: decreased hitpoints to 16k from 18k.
    -Siege Engine: decreased hitpoints to 3500 from 3600.
    -Phoenix: decreased hitpoints to 6000 from 6250.
    -Abomination: made model smaller.

Changelog v2.37 (1st Sep. 2015)

  • -The builder now automatically teleports to issued points when the point is within the player's base and too far away.
    -Removed builder's Teleport [E] ability because it got replace by the system stated above.
    -Pressing the spacebar button will now focus the camera on the player's builder.
    -Add working tier selection buttons for the builder.
    -Builder can now select the Tier buildings via command card (buttons).
    -Removed visual tier buildings from the map. (They are only accessible by the player's builder!)
    -Redesigned player base according to the visual removal of the tier buildings.
    -Reordered builder's command card buttons.
    -Increased default starting gold and income to 30 from 25.
    -Builder: Thunder Strike (Magic) - decreased mana costs to 0 from 75.
    -Builder: Thunder Strike (Magic) - increased cooldown to 20 seconds from 15 seconds.
    -Holy Elemental: Shielding - buff effect now displays overhead instead of at origin of towers.
    -Abomination: decreased hitpoints to 75k from 80k.
    -Abomination: no longer is a fast unit.
    -Abomination: new ability - maximum speed: unit moves at maximum speed and can't be slowed.

Changelog v2.36 (25th Aug. 2015)

  • -Tier1: Acolyt - increased hitpoints to 26 from 25.
    -Tier1: Corrupted Treant - increased hitpoints to 28 from 25.
    -Tier1: Swordsman - increased hitpoints to 50 from 47.
    -Tier1: Vile Temptress - increased hitpoints to 90 from 88.
    -Tier1: Rot Golem - increased hitpoints to 1100 from 1050.
    -Tier2: Knight - increased hitpoints to 525 from 510.
    -Tier2: Tauren - increased hitpoints to 1175 from 1125.
    -Tier2: Gnoll - increased hitpoints to 3600 from 3500.
    -Tier2: Troll Berserker - decreased hitpoints to 1600 from 1700.
    -Tier3: Abomination - decreased hitpoints to 80k from 85k.
    -Tier3: Mountain Giant - decreased hitpoints to 80k from 85k.
    -Tier3: Mountain Giant - decreased wood costs to 3 from 5.
    -Tier3: Mountain Giant (-ns) - decreased hitpoints to 275k from 300k.
    -Tier3: Mountain Giant (-ns) - decreased wood costs to 3 from 5.
    -Tier3: Hell Skeleton - decreased hitpoints to 325k from 345k.
    -Tier3: Hell Skeleton - decreased wood costs to 6 from 10.
    -Tier3: Frost Wyrm - increased hitpoints to 260k from 250k.
    -Tier3: Frost Wyrm - decreased wood costs to 10 from 25.
    -Tier3: Mathog - decreased wood costs to 10 from 25.
    -A.I. does not start building its maze on top of its buildable area.
    -F9-Log: update modes section and fix spellings in command section, fix elemental towers in tower section.
    -Fixed a huge exploit introduced in the last version of the game with War Elemental towers.

Changelog v2.35 (24th Aug. 2015)

  • -Added new elemental tower: War Elemental (Activ: Battle Roar)
    -The actual creep spawning area of a player's base is now horizontally linear on top of the player's base.
    -Removed Marketplace: as it got replaced nearly entirely by an automated system.
    -Removed Mode: No-Limits (as it is equal to food and tower limit set to 150.)
    -Removed Mode: Enable Command (as it was only very rarely used)
    -Decreased AoE splash attacks of all towers to 150 AoE from 175 AoE.
    -Wall: increase hitpoints and hp-reg by ~33%.
    -Barricade: it is no longer possible to upgrade a barricade to an Elemental Tower. (it was exploitable)
    -Spell Tower: Rebuild: increased casting range to 1800 from 900.
    -Spell Tower: Rebuild: increased hitpoint repair to get along with the updated tower hitpoints for lower stages.
    -Scout Tower (2): Reveal Area: increased duration to 10 seconds from 6 seconds.
    -Scout Tower (2): fixed a bug that it did not grow in size on upgrade.

    -Builder: now spawns at the beginning of each player's base.
    -Builder: Swapped Teleport and Modes & Commands buttons.
    -Builder: Teleport: changed hotkey to 'E' from 'R'.
    -Builder: Lust - reduced duration to 4 seconds from 4.5 seconds.
    -Builder: Downtime - reduced duration to 3 seconds from 3.5 seconds.
    -Builder: Headwind - now also decreases attacker's attackspeed by 50%.
    -Builder: Repair button is hidden, now.

    -Creeps: Phoenix - decreased hitpoints to 6250 from 7500.
    -Creeps: Armor-Aura - decreased armor bonus to 6 from 8.
    -Creeps: Damage-Aura - decreased damage bonus to 30% from 33%.

    -Improved text-layout of the welcome message.
    -Tier buildings are now visually different when inactive. (that is only the case in the beginning of a game)
    -Reordered some modes in the multiboard mode selection.
    -Swapped Mine (1) and Sharp Tower (1) build button positions.
    -Spell Towers: remade coloring of the towers. (looks less ugly, now)
    -Generally improved shadows and coloring of many towers.

    -Elemental - Earth: increased Thunder Clap AoE to 450 from 400.
    -Elemental - Earth: increased Thunder Clap duration to 5/6.5/8 from 4/5/6 seconds.
    -Elemental - Earth: increased Thunder Clap mana costs to 40 from 30.
    -Elemental - Earth: increased maximum mana to 60 from 45.
    -Elemental - Light: improved Shielding duration to 8/10/12 from 6/8/10 seconds.
    -Elemental - Tech: increased attack range to 1000 from 900.
    -Elemental - Tech: fixed a bug that this tower's attackspeed was lower than intended.
    -Elemental - Thunder: fixed a bug that this tower's attackspeed was lower than intended.
    -Elemental - Water: Frost Attack: decreased slow to 30% from 50%.

Changelog v2.34 (13th Aug. 2015)

  • -Players now can't train units in the first 15 seconds after game start.
    -Lower Tower- and Foodlimitation set to 50 from 0 and 10.
    -Updated creep tooltips [si]+[fm] income value to the correct value since timer was set to 10 seconds instead

    of 5.
    -Fixed a glitch that Missile Tower (2) did not have a projectile.
    -Elemental - Thunder: increased attack damage by 50%:
    -Elemental - Thunder: improved Parlysis ability.
    -Elemental - Thunder: increased attack range to 600 from 550.
    -Elemental - Nature: increased attack range to 450 from 400.
    -Elemental - Unholy: increased attack range to 750 from 700.
    -Elemental - Unholy: increased attack ratio to 90 attacks/min from 80 attacks/min.
    -Elemental - Water: increased attack range to 600 from 500.

Changelog v2.33 (11th Aug. 2015)

  • -Demolition Machine (Tier1): increased attack damage to 5 from 1.
    -Demolition Machine (Tier1): increased hitpoints from 150 to 180.
    -Siege Engine (Tier2): increased attack damage to 10 from 8.
    -Siege Engine (Tier2): increased hitpoints to 3600 from 2400.
    -Phoenix (Tier2): increased attack damage to 15 from 10.
    -Phoenix (Tier2): increased hitpoints to 7500 from 6300.
    -Brutal Ghoul (Tier3): increased attack damage to 20 from 15.
    -Brutal Ghoul (Tier3): increased hitpoints to 18000 frmo 16000.
    -Hell Beast (Tier2): decreased hitpoints to 40000 from 45000.
    -Mud Golem (Tier1): increased hitpoints to 235 from 225.
    -Draenei (Tier1): increased hitpoints to 245 from 240.
    -Fixed a bug that Gnoll (Tier2) soundset was 'Ghost' instead of 'Gnoll'.
    -Anti-Air Tower: increased attack range to 1000 from 900.
    -Missile Tower: increased attack speed to 80/min from 75/min.
    -Fixed a bug that Elemental Tower hp-reg was 5 hp/sec instead of 1 hp/sec.
    -Spell Tower: increased attack speed to 40/min from 30/min.
    -Fixed a tooltip bug with Elemental - Unholy (2) tower's hitpoints.
    -Increased base elemental tower (1) hitpoints to 250 from 150. (earth: 200%, holy: 166%, tech & fire: 66%)
    -Set repair time of all towers to 100 from 30. (repairing towers isn't worth it!)
    -Changed basic tower hitpoints to 25/50/100/250/500/1000 from 5/7/15/50/250/1000.
    -Dizzy Spell: fixed a bug that magic-immune creeps were effected.
    -Dizzi Spell: increased mana costs to 200 from 175.
    -Downtime: reduced duration to 3.5 seconds from 4 seconds.
    -Downtime: reduced mana costs to 400 from 425.
    -Lust: reduced duration to 4.5 seconds from 6 seconds.
    -Lightning Strike: reduced cooldown to 15 seconds from 20 seconds.
    -Earthquake: increased mana costs to 300 from 275.
    -Fixed a bug that it was possible to upgrade Aura Tower to Defense Aura Tower in no-attackers mode.
    -Removed creep armor bonus in hard game mode - creeps' hitpoints are still empowered by 25%!
    -Selling and misplacing tower refund will now automatically exchange into lumber in case of a gold overflow.

Changelog v2.32 (24th Dec. 2013)

  • -Changed terrain so that all bases have now the same layout.
    -Minor map script optimization.
    -Updated tooltip of Sharp towers to correct the last update information with 90 attacks per minute.
    -Fixed a bug that auto exchange between gold and wood was not activated for every player on gamestart.
    -Fixed a bug with the information message when activating or deactivating auto exchange manually.
    -The game now creates the correct creep barracs on gamestart instead of exchange existing ones.
    -Commands are no longer case sensitive. (E.g. -clear and -cLEaR does both work now.)
    -Add camera operations to make a farsight possible.
    -Cut buildable area on the upper and lower side of every lane.
    -Fixed a bug that basic Elemental tower had no attack and thus got no attacker focus.
    -Add informational text to Aura Tower tooltip: "The same auras do not stack!"
    -Fixed a bug that the pro-gamer buff showed an income malus of 15% instead of 10%.
    -Improved gold and wood exchange system to also allow automatical exchange from wood to gold.
    -Treant: decreased hitpoints to 25 from 34.
    -Mud Golem: increased hitpoints to 225 from 210.
    -Harpy: increased hitpoints to 2000 from 1900.
    -Gnoll: increased hitpoints to 3500 from 3200.
    -Siege Engine: increased hitpoints to 2600 from 2500.
    -Siege Engine: increased attack damage to 7 from 6.
    -Faceless Void: increased hitpoints to 5000 from 4700.
    -Magnataurus: decreased hitpoints to 8000 from 8250.
    -Dragon Spawn: decreased hitpoints to 8500 from 8800.
    -Felhound: increased hitpoints to 15000 from 12000.
    -Set activation duration of Mines to 10 seconds from 1 second.
    -Anti-Air Towers: increased attack speed to 160/min from 150/min.
    -Fixed a minor memory leak in the block detection system.
    -Fixed a minor memory leak in the Downtime ability code.
    -Deactivated DEPCHECKALIAS in order to hopefully decrease the chance for a fatal error.

Changelog v2.31 (18th Dec. 2013)

  • -Added a new custom ground texture for all towers.
    -Elemental Tower will no longer visually screw up near cliffs.
    -Changed sizes of different Elemental Tower stages to make them differently visualized.
    -Frost Attack of Water Elemental now slows for 50% instead of 30%.
    -Reduced selection scale to better fit towers with multiple selected towers at the same time.
    -Fixed a bug where Tech Elemental stage 1 could hit an unlimited amount of units.
    -Tech Elemental can now hit 3/4/5 units at the same time from 2/3/5.
    -Fixed a bug that the bases of players 7 to 12 were slightly smaller.
    -Defence Aura (aura tower) now increases armor by 2/4/6 from 4/6/8.
    -Make creeps slightly slower in general. (Normal, Air, Fast: to 250,100,400 from 300,150,450)
    -Increased hitpoints from Abonimations (creep) from 75000 to 85000.
    -Increased attack speed of Unholy Elemental towers from 60/min to 80/min.
    -Increased attack range of Unholy Elemental towers from 600 to 700.
    -Decreased Overheating (Fire Elemental) mana costs to 30 from 45 and set fire elemental maximum mana to this amount.
    -Increase offense value of all Elemental towers at stage 3 by 25%.
    -Fixed attack animation durations for all Elemental towers.
    -Increased attack speed of Holy Elemental towers to 90/min from 60/min.
    -Increased hitpoints of Nature Elemental towers of all stages by 20%.
    -Increased attack range of Thunder Elemental towers to 550 from 500.
    -Decreased hitpoints of Scout Tower to 100/250 from 250/500.
    -Decreased hitpoints of Aura towers to 100/250/500 from 250/500/750.
    -Increased attack speed of Sharp towers to 90/min from 80/min.
    -Increased hitpoints of all Wall towers by 50%.
    -Added a new ability "Razor Edge" to all Wall towers which damages attackers on hit.
    -Reduced aura effect range of all creep auras to 400 from 600.
    -There are no longer different stages of creep auras for every tier but just a single one.
    -Evasion now always grants 50% evasion chance.
    -Defense Aura now always grants 8 armor bonus to all nearby allied creeps.
    -Speed Aura now always grants 25% movement speed bonus to all nearby allied creeps.
    -Damage Aura now always grants 33% attack damage bonus to all nearby allied attacker.
    -Increased hitpoints of Faceless Void (creep) to 4700 from 4500.
    -Increased hitpoints of Demolishion Machines to 150 from 130.
    -Increased hitpoints of Siege Engines to 2500 from 2400.
    -Increased attack damage of Siege Engines to 6 from 5.
    -Increased attack damage of Phoenixes to 10 from 7.
    -Increased attack damage of Brutal Ghouls to 15 from 11.
    -Decreased slowing effect of Slow Aura (Aura Tower) to 15/20/25-% from 20/25/30-%.
    -Increased attack damage of Mountain Giants to 80 from 65.
    -Barricades are no longer able to upgrade into a Mine.
    -Fixed a minor typo in the Mine (1)'s tooltip description.
    -Updated the email adress string of the last hint message.

Changelog v2.30 (10th Dec. 2013)

  • -Complete terrain overhaul - bases are now farer away from each other in general.
    -Improved the tower layout of bots to improve their survivability against air units.
    -Removed some unintentional debug message and debug code.
    -Elemental Towers now have 3 stages (2 upgrades) and made them earlier accessable. (Casts 5k, 35k and 250k)
    -Increased attack value of all elemental towers.
    -Decreased the defensive value of all elemental towers (hitpoints).
    -Added an additional Scout Tower stage with a unique active ability to improve scouting.
    -Added a third Aura Tower stage for each aura type.
    -Added a new elemental tower type: Death Elemental
    -Added a new elemental tower type: Thunder Elemental
    => (In total 22 new towers in this version!)

Changelog v2.20

  • - Added Bots to the game - you can activate them by occupying computer slots.
    - Added a new tower type: Sharp Towers
    - Added a new tower type: Elemental Towers
    - Set mine damage from 75/750/7500 to 100/1250/20000.
    - Set mine damage AoE from 150 to 175.
    - Towers will now show buffs.
    - Spell Tower: can now use one ability every 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
    - Spell Tower: highly increased the damage of Fireball on later levels.
    - Spell Tower: increased the casting range of Rebuild from 800 to 900.
    - Fixed a bug that creeps were able to move while being stunned.
    - Fixed a bug that Earthquake didn't work.
    - Fixed a bug that Ultimate Spawn didn't work.
    - Fixed a glitch that sometimes towers were inproperly huge after an upgrade.
    - Fixed various bugs and glitches.
    - Blacked out the command button UI to make the button page clearer.
    - Towers are now built and upgraded nearly instantly.
    - Lowered the attack range of all attacking units.

Changelog v2.11

  • - Recoded the entire map code (100%) with object orientated vJass.
    - Added a mode selection interactiv multiboard.
    - The two modes -fastgame and -hardgame are now slightly less effective.
    - Many minor improvements and a few bug fixes.
    - v2.11 fixes one major bug that inactiv playerslots were not removed.

Changelog v2.06

  • - Fixed some bugs with Slow Aura Towers.
    - Increased the attackrate of Anti-Air Towers from 120/min to 150/min.
    - Decreased costs of Mine (1) from 100 to 50 gold.
    - Decreased costs of Mine (2) from 750 to 500 gold.
    - Decreased costs of Barricade from 3 to 1 gold.

Changelog v2.05

  • - Spell Tower stun missile flies faster now and can target air units while having increased damage.
    - Added information about casting range for Fireball and Rebuild of Spell Towers.
    - Increased the casting range of Rebuild of Spell Towers.
    - Increased costs of Aura Tower (1) from 4000 to 5000.
    - Added one new stage for every Aura Tower type to improve their auras.
    - Increased costs of Scout Tower from 2500 to 4000 and decreased its vision range from 600 to 500 AoE.
    - Decreased hitpoints of Scout Tower and Aura Tower (1) from 500 to 250.
    - Decreased the upgrade costs of Mine (2) and Mine (3).
    - Minor code optimization.
    - Decreased Earthquake AoE from 400 to 300 and increased damage from 50% to 60%.
    - Added a new tower type: Barricade
    - Changed icon of Wall.
    - Added damage information for mines into their command card.
    - Fixed a minor tooltip glitch at Aura Towers.
    - Changed position of Sell button.
    - Changed position of the upgrade tower button for all tower types.

Changelog v2.04

  • - Optimized map code. (removed FrostSlow, RandomTechInit triggers)
    - Decreased hitpoints of the upgraded version of Aura Tower from 500 to 400.
    - Fixed a bug that Walls are disabled when picking NoAir mode instead of NoAttackers.
    - Set the attackspeed of all attacking units to 1 second to create more transparency over their dps.
    - Improved tooltip readability (colors) of some creep tooltips.
    - Banshee in now an invisible creeps in "-noair" mode.
    - Decreased signals for enemy attacks on the minimap for players.

Changelog v2.03

  • - Updated the hint messages.
    - Fixed a bug that Mines were able to screw up the anti-tower-block system.
    - Fixed a bug that Siege Tower (2) and (3) had wrong button positions.
    - Increased gold costs of Scout Tower from 500 to 2500.
    - Increased gold costs of Aura Tower from 2500 to 4000.
    - Fixed a bug that units stunned by Fireball of the Spell Tower continue with their order.
    - Fixed a bug that Missile Tower (5) and (6) were able to see invisible units.
    - Fixed a bug that Walls, Aura Towers and Scout Towers didn't pull attacker aggro.
    - Disable Anti-Air when playing -noair.
    - Disable Wall when playing -noattackers.
    - Decreased hitpoints of Scout Tower and Aura Tower from 500 to 400.
    - Fixed a bug that Siege Tower (1) costed 30 gold instead of 10 gold.

Changelog v2.02

  • - Fixed a bug that Anti-Air Tower (3) didn't upgrade correctly.
    - Fixed a bug that Missile Tower (2) was able to upgrade in two different ways.

Changelog v2.01

  • - Fixed one bug which occured due to testings for v2.00.

Changelog v2.00

  • - Initial release!

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LTW - Evolution v2.43 (Map)

01:24, 7th Jan 2012 Vengeancekael: Fair enough - approved.
  1. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008

    The scripts for the A.I. aren't fit to do updates like these. I think I have to recode the whole thing in order to make better computer oponents. However, these computer oponents are just meant to train for beginners in this game not for pros.^^ Nevertheless, it would be cool if the A.I. would be even more powerful. :p

    I have released a new version. Have fun and merry christmas!
    The best features of the new version is the new dynamical gold/wood exchange system which makes endgame much less painful.
    Another main feature is the new camera command which let's you freely set the camera distance.

    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  2. Sharphawkx


    Jan 5, 2011
    Hey there! I've been following your map for some time now and I must say, it holds true to the very original tower defense maps with an insane twist of you sending creeps. It's really cool and grants lots of fun but, one thing you really should add is teams. Something in the lines of 3v3v3v3 or 6v6 or even 2v2v2v2v2v2!! It would be really cool and then after all the enemies have been destroyed the survivors would fight eachother to see who's the Supreme LTW Player!!
  3. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008

    thank you very much for your input!

    at the moment I am working on a critical fatal error which occures because of some memory leaks in this LTW map. the major problem ist, that I am aware of issues with memory leaks and that I went through the whole map script several times in order to eliminate even the slightest leak. However, LTW has a gameplay extremely unsimiliar to the normal warcraft III one and thus I am thinking (as a result of many many tests) that these memory leaks are not fixable by a mapper like me unless I am willing to change major parts of the gameplay itself - e.g. I could send only one unit instead of three all the time.

    I found out that the high amount of unit spawns and unit deaths is the trigger for these memory leaks as there is always a minimal memory leak for every unit you create which is not so bad if your map does not spawn tousand of tousand of units which is the case for LTW ...

    So I was building a customized unit recycling system featured with runtime unit type change and was hoping to fix the problem with this extensive system. However, it turned out that the memory leaks were still there and even worse than before. I am totally clueless about this fact ...

    To your points about the team modes:
    I was also thinking about introducing new game modes which the host can initially choose and which highly influence the gameplay. Such as team mode or even a timed deathmatch would be possible where all players can play until the end of the game which would be an awesome feature especially for new players.

  4. InfernalTater


    Jul 12, 2008
    That sounds like fun!

    Also, for the unit training system, I've got an idea. What if you created invisible unpathed buildings which could automatically train units behind the scenes with their destinations being at the end of the lane? This way your triggers would only have to order these buildings to train the units, rather than create units and pick those units to give orders; instead you could have these buildings already be registered into an array and ordered to train the units. This would hopefully eliminate the leaks. For it to still maintain the style of LTW, three random buildings in different parts of the beginning of the lane would be ordered to train the units. Instead of "pick unit" for the buildings, you could instead have them all registered into an array, and then pick random numbers from the array in order to determine which buildings will send the units.

    It would take a lot of work, but I think that's the only way you'll be able to have 12 players massing 3 units per click without generating an enormous amount of leaks.
  5. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008

    the leaks are not about groups and enumerations of unit groups, they are just plainly about units themselves. as I said: every created (and removed) unit leaks a minor memory leak which is permanent - you can't do anything against that ... and this leak is the major problem of this map as there are far too many units in a normal game.

    no unit group leak, no special effect leak, no location leak, no non-nullified locals leak etc. ...

  6. Quilnez


    Oct 12, 2011
    oh my, oh my, I'm having so much fun right now.. Enjoy my rating :D
  7. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008
    updated this map with version 2.33 and many bug fixes as well as balancings! ;)

    edit: updated again a smaller version v2.34 - however this isn't a hotfix version but adds a few cool features and balances some elemental towers.

    edit: are fatal errors still happening in version v2.34 (and above)?
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
  8. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008
    updated the map with v2.35 which features a new elemental tower: War Elemental.

    edit: uploaded a hotfix version v2.36 to address an exploit introduced in v2.35.

    edit: uploaded a new version v2.37 with many cool new changes and features.

    edit: uploaded a new version v2.39 - this is mainly a bug fix version and as far as I can tell a stable release which I am going to upload to ENT as the next auto-hosted version of Line Tower Wars.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2015
  9. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008

    it is me once again in a while.

    I am here to propose to make Guilds of Hyppos RPG, Monster Master RPG as well as the newer versions of Line Tower Wars - Evolution open source so that everybody can look into them in detail, edit them and enjoy their own updated versions of these games.

    How do you like this idea?

    Since I do no longer really have time to maintain my projects I think this is the right decision which can suite everybody. =)

  10. IGrobin


    Apr 16, 2017
    I played your map and found the map inside to prevent the player from the road setting. My own map is also in urgent need of this setting, but I will not do, I hope you can help me, can send a trigger to me? I am a Chinese player! I hope you can reply
  11. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008
    Hello IGrobin,

    I am really sorry but I entirely did not understand your question at all.
    What is a "road setting"?
    What is your "own map?"
    What "map inside"?
    How can I help you? ^.^

    Please provide more information about the details so that I can help you.

  12. IGrobin


    Apr 16, 2017
  13. Robbepop


    Mar 6, 2008
    Ah now I understood.
    So you need a block-detection system for your map?
    The block-detection system in my LTW works very well and is fast but it is also specialized for _Line_ Tower Wars and won't work very well on other setups.
    So with my little algorithm you can just detect a tower blockage on a Line or Road if you want to name it that.

    The algorithm works as follows:
    - Whenever a tower X is about to be built it searches for all neighbouring towers and descends recursively with this and put all those towers into a set S. (This works similar to the connected components analysis with 8-ary neighbourship.)
    - The next step is to go through all towers in set S and check if their coordinates cover the left-most and the right-most coordinate of the line.
    - If the left- and right-most coordinates are both covered it means the way is blocked, the tower build process is getting stopped and the player receives back its building costs.
    - Otherwise, they way won't be blocked by the newly built tower.

    This algorithm is pretty easy to implement but depends on some predefined constants or variables in your map that you have to provide yourself.
    For example it requires the tower costs of all towers (or your players will be very upset once they block the path) and you need to provide the left-most and right-most coordinates of all player's lines (roads). Also you somehow have to detect on which line the tower was actually built.