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LOTR Risk Strongholds: 20.0 (S)

Submitted by Sinandur
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
LOTR Risk Strongholds 20.0 (S)

Gameplay and Features:

LOTR Risk Strongholds 20.0 (S) is a 21 player Risk with a dynamic spawn system that changes based on whether or not you currently own the relevant greater region. The broken isle of Númenor in-game contains books which explain it in more detail.


LOTR Risk Strongholds 20.0 (S) is similar to Middle Earth Risk, but adds the eponymous strongholds, creep-controlled forts that players can capture.

Strongholds provide:
- Gold income. Gold is used for all units.
- Renown income (they are the sole source of this, aside from the basic renown income each player receives). Renown is used for more powerful units, repair units and heroes.
- Access to heroes that you generally cannot buy elsewhere.

The goal of the map is to take over all of Middle-earth. Only one player can be victorious!

Author Notes:

This map was originally created by qpPyKT under the name LOTR Risk StrongHold (1.0 - 2.1). I asked him for permission to work on the defunct map, which he graciously gave.

I worked on the map for four years, from 2014 until 2018 (from LOTR Risk Strongholds 3.0 until 20.0 (S)...)

The map is unprotected and I give people permission to learn from it and edit as they wish. I do ask, however, that those who edit this map to create their own version(s) please credit me as the editor and qpPyKT as the original creator. Same as if we'd made a model, icon or skin for you.

Change Log

LOTR Risk Strongholds 20.0 and 20.0 (S) makes the following changes, but note that this is not an exhaustive list (and that changes marked by *** are exclusive to the (S) version):

- Bree is different.

- Lurtz has been buffed.

- Fixed Pallando's hero glow.***

- Isengard has been revamped.

- There are now cabins in Eastemnet.

- The dragon heroes have been nerfed.

- North Ithilien's layout has been changed.

- Various custom resources have been added.

- Too many minor miscellaneous changes to list.

- Cursed houses have been added to Minas Morgul.

- The Soldier of Osgiliath has a new model and icon.

- The Defenders and Javelineers of Tolfalas have new models.

- Catapults are now limited to two of each (only greater ones, not Umbarian).***

- The greater spawns have been embellished to distinguish them from lesser spawns.

- Shallow landings have been added to Harondor, South Ithilien and the Northern Waste.

- All circles of power are now passive; hero cities can no longer be permanently lost to creeps.***

- The Guards of Khazad-dûm have a guerrilla look that makes more sense, given their background.

- The early triggers have been spread out for a smooth transition into the game; they happen in five second intervals.

- New unit: Armoured Fisher. These troops deal low damage, but have relatively good armour. They are available from Tolfalas.

- The basic house models of Pelargir have been replaced with a "hidden" house doodad in the editor that fits the aesthetic better.

- The basic house models of Minas Tirith have been replaced with a "hidden" house doodad in the editor that fits the aesthetic better.

- The damage of the Ballistae, Elven Siege Engines, Umbarian Catapults and Orcish War Machines has been buffed by twenty. E.g. the Ballista now deals 71-91 damage, up from 51-71.***

- There is now a fourteenth greater region. The Domains of the Kings are smaller, now comprising only Dale, Erebor and Esgaroth. Ered Engrin and the Iron Hills have become their own entity: the Mansion of the Longbeards.

- New units: Iron and Fallen Wardens. These Dwarven shock troops are quite resistant to Ranged and Slayer damage. Iron Wardens are available from the Hall of the Dwarf Lords in Ered Engrin and the Temple of Aulë in The Lonely Mountain. The Fallen Wardens are available from the Halls of Might in the Iron Hills.

- This is a 21 player version of the map. The Coal, Snow and Peanut slots are closed, as they can confer unfair advantages to players. Coal can be hard to distinguish from creeps early on. Snow looks quite similar to the white of your own units on the minimap. Peanut blends in a little too well with the more arid regions.


~Nightmare, -Grendel, 0123456789, 67chrome, Afronight_76, AhhFreshWeeD, Ahna, Aleister, alfredx_sotn, Alok, Amaruak, AndrewOverload519, antihero, Apheraz Lucent, Archangel_Tidusx, Archian, Athur12A2, Ayane, Azsure, Belfegor, BLazeKraze, BlinkBoy, Blood Raven, Callahan, Chen, Child_0f_Bodom, ChirusHighwind, chr2, Chriz, CloudWolf, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Cuore, Daenar7, DaMightNinja, Darklycan51, Deolrin, Desperadoss, Direfury, Dmitry Rommel, donut3.5, Dr.Death, Eagle XI, Elenai, Erkin, eubz, Ezikielth, Falkonic, Fingolfin, Fjury, Freddyk, FrIkY, frostwolf, General Frank, genin32, GhostThruster, Ginufe, HappyTauren, Hayate, hellblazer-14, heroenoe00, Hexus, Himperion, Horn, Hueter, I3lackDeath, Illidan(Evil)X, Immortal34, inverted, Itius Leurn Freim, jatter2, Jimmy Page, JohnDrake, JoySoy, JollyD, Juan_Ann, kaycei, Kimbo, Kitabatake, konvan5, Kuhneghetz, Kwaliti, Lender, Lions_Blood, loktar, Mad, Magos, MakeMeHost, mapper, Marcos DAB, matiS, Mc !, Mechanical Man, Melganis, Mephestrial, Mike, Miseracord, Mister_Haudrauf, MouMou, Mr. Bob, Mr.Goblin, Muoteck, Murcologist, NEOF, NFWar, Norinrad, olofmoleman, PapaTrust, PeeKay, PlasticAngel, PrinceYaser, PrMoxquito, PROXY, purparisien, Pyramidhe@d, Pyroproctos, qpPyKT, Radagast, R.A.N.G.I.T., Rommel, Rubellu Sidus, sagi5533, San, Scias, Sellenisko, Shadow_killer, shockwave, Sin'dorei300, SkriK, Slipocan, Stanakin, Stefan.K, SSJ7107, stein123, sunwarrior25, SuPa-, supertoinkz, Sxar, takakenji, Tamplier777, Tenebrae, TheFifthHorseman, Thrikodius, Tranquil, Trollschnitzel, Tyrlop, UgoUgo, Ujimasa Hojo, Uncle Fester, unwirklich, UserX, Wandering Soul, Warcrafty, WhiteDeath, Whitehorn, WhySoSeriousBroo, Windrunner29, Wisdom, wojia10502, WyrWuulfe, xXMephistoXx, xylign, Zaljinzoo, Zephyrius2412 and Zyfo.
Special Thanks: HerrDave (for going above and beyond the call of duty), Kratos (for helping with the LOTR music and upload to Hive) and redbaron4850 (for his extensive aid with the multiboard).


LOTR Risk Strongholds 20.0 (S) (Map)

Since I approved your last version, this one is really needed for the latest patch higher player number addition. Approved.
  1. Avatars Lord

    Avatars Lord

    Apr 2, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  2. Sinandur


    Sep 1, 2014
    Welcome, my lords, to LOTR Risk Strongholds: 20.0 (S).

    The map is 21 player.

    This has been a monolithic task. I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved (especially the Ascendant Core) and everyone who downloads it from here on.

    Good luck and have fun!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Since I approved your last version, this one is really needed for the latest patch higher player number addition.