Lotr Builder The 4th Age

Level 18
Feb 2, 2008
Before you test this game please keep in mind that im currently trying to rebelance evrything cause imo things are not balanced plz keep me noticed on what should be balanced and so on thanks very much to evryone who says this you will get +thanks in my map under the f9 credits that i shall make.

It has been a long long time when i made my last Lotr Builder who whas known under the name of dwarfwarlord and dwarf-warlord and finally i_bring_doom wich all of them are my old account names. If planed on making a new Lotr Builder named Lotr Builder The 4th Age wich has new units you've havent seen in lotr before now this indeed screws up the real story of Lotr but for the people who want somthing new it inproves a lot.

The game: As som of you might know Lotr builder used to have 10 different races to pick from now its going to have 11 the new race shall be named The Gollomers wich are basicly a race made by Gollum who returned from Mount Doom more of this can be read below since if made a small story out of this. Lotr Builder plays as following: Player red picks a game mode you got 3 of those on the moment including normal/fast/good vs evil the fast mode gives faster gold income and so on and good vs evil is like 5 vs 6 players who are allied and enemy and so on. When you play normal mode you start by picking a race one of the 11 (on the moment 10) and than type -bases to see where bases are on the map in order to pick one and start building your base. You get income by making farms or slaughterhouses depending on your race you can type -income in order to see how much income you'll have you shall see 2 incomes the above one and the below one wich shows the upgraded farms or slaughterhouses income and the normal one. After you made income its time to make a trading post wich allows to make certain units who are usefull during the game like the spy wich is invisible and can go into a enemy base and spy or the merchant unit who gives you a lumber income in order to inprove your army by increasing the attack or defense and so on. After you've made this its time to protect your base and make troops now som races are able to make a tower right from the start and others need a blacksmith (building) in order to do so this building can just be made so don't wurry. Evry race has 2 different unit buildings the 1st tier and 2nd tier you need to make the tier 1 first in order to make the stronger unit building. Evry race has different units with different specialtys like for example Mordor has very strong troops but they cost a lot of food and they can make the ring ghosts (only 9 of them) while the Eastern Kingdom (harad) is able to make the mumakil who can only be made once but is extremly strong and not so easy to kill and costs lots of gold/food. Now the main goal of this game is to let your leader not get killed and kill the other leaders in order to win the game.


Gondor: Known for its special troops like the Gandalfs Firework experiment and so on.

Rohan: A basic army who is fast cause of its mounts and good for rushing.

Ents: Have a lot of armor and HP in order to survive a little bit longer

Ghosts: A strong race wich has the Ghost Cold archer in order to freeze buildings and bring down enemy defenses they also have the Watcher who used to protect moria in the movies (if you watched them)

Dwarfs: Good attacking units the Dwarf cannon is able to destroy trees to make more ways and has the flame wisperer who has a extremly fast attack but is only strong in big troops.

Harad: One of the strongest races but also one of the most expensive ones they can make the Harad dun worm and Mumakil in order to protect themselfs and bring fear to all others.

Moria: Good in a big number they also can make Shelob

Elfs: They are good when it comes to ranged battles like for example one of the units can fire 2 arrows at once

Gollomers (under construction) : No information yet (suggestions allowed)

And last but not least Screenshots!!! cause i know most people only watch those xD o ye and sorry for the huge huge huge huge wall of text.

The terrain is not so good btw it needs lots of inprovement in my opinion since if screwed it up any suggestions are welcome.

The map: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/lotr-builder-4th-age-3-0-a-182259/


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Level 11
May 10, 2008
Dear god this is my 2nd favorite game in wc3! i'm so glad some1 is bringing it back!

but in your races, you forgot Isengard and Mordor! ahh wait, this is the 4th age nvm.... :( i wouldn't have ne idea who would be the bad guys then lol,

Just hope this really works out for you! i'm looking forward to this