Lost Forest: The Intruder

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The Night Elves have ruled over this forest for centuries. However, one day a new visitor arrived.



Lost Forest: The Intruder (Map)

Level 22
May 11, 2004
One of the biggest reasons I made this was that I am tired of all these RPG's that dont have any scripts for the enemies....they just sit there and wait to be hacked up. Here, I made basic scripts for most of the enemies, wether it was patrols, builds, ambushes or other scripted events. Feel free to examine my triggers. So lets stop seeing these lifeless RPGs! :)
Level 3
Dec 5, 2005
yep what all rpgs need is the npcs to be more lifelike instead of standing in one spot.
Level 1
Apr 24, 2009
got one bug at the tele gate there is wrong setuped area to temple 2 it should be temple 1. now u cant go any further. otherwise great map.
Level 3
Nov 23, 2008
I get fatal error when trying to initiate the map. Any idea why? (I use the latest wc3 patch)

edit: Nvm that. It was a machine related issue, nothing to do with the map.
Level 5
May 31, 2009
Wow, this is a really nice map, and it's really nicely done.

The terrain is beautiful, and the music choice fits 100% and makes the map even better

However, there's a crash near the top right of the map; the section of outdoors just before the chimaera roost (where the road forks and the right fork leads to the edge of the map); if you move too many fire elementals into that area (the far right, where there are a couple archers behind a small group with a chimaera), it crashes.

I thought the map was really well done, but here are some ideas that would make the map funner, imo:

- The mask of death at the end dropped by the witch doesnt work when you have incinerate, as they are both "orb effects"

- The map kinda 'dries up' a bit after halfway, because you stop levelling, and it becomes go forward, kill a small platoon or something, go back and heal to your fire, go forward, clear out an area, build a new fire, rinse and repeat. Maybe you should increase the max level or something? (this might affect the balancing though, and i think the balancing in this game if amazing)

- Maybe adding/changing an offensive spell. Personally, i dont like firebolt that much, but you could have a spell like "burning meteor" or something, that is basically aimed like inferno, and deals damage and stuns. You can craft this entirely on the object editor, by taking the inferno spell, changing the unit summoned to a dummy unit (make it un-clickable by giving it the locust ability), and changing up the damage dealt and all that jazz. You can even make the dummy unit have a wide AOE of immolation and last a short while, so it can be made as if the meteor sets the ground on fire for a short while. So it'd be something like:

Level 1: 100 dmg / 200 aoe / 7.5 dps/3 seconds
Level 2: 200 dmg / 300 aoe / 10 dps/5 seconds
Level 3: 300 dmg / 400 aoe / 15 dps/8 seconds

Or whatever feels the most balanced really.

- It also wouldn't hurt to tell where the orcs land. I had to reload and wait 10 minutes because i thought they would land where the main character had.

But all in all, this is a beautiful map. Ima give you 10/10 anyways.