Lordaeron Spearman

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These are the human spearman of Lordaeron. They fight as one unit forming a strong shield wall and piercing all enemies that try to challenge their defense.
I was always sad that blizzard never gave any spearman unit to the alliance. Spearman are more common in armies then any other soldier also they appear in the warcraft cinematic so here it is the first of many variants of spearmen.
Soon I will update this with new models.

Thank you to Flavius Alexander and deme3s . This was the inspiration for my model Human Spearman
Thank you to Mr Ogre man who advice me on how animations can be edited and for the custom helmet
Thank you to Barorque and Tamplier for the shield model Lordaeron Forces (CSW)

  • Armor improvements
  • Additional animations
  • Improvement icons
Hope you like it!
Any feedback is welcomed.

Lordaeron Spearman (Model)

Lordaeron Spearman icon (Icon)

Lordaeron Spearman portrait (Model)

I believe he made the Lordaeron Shield, no? if not, then I guess your credits in the post are enough
Yes credit is enough for using such small part of the model I think. I had nothing to do with this besides a rather simple shiled re-texture, so no need to add co-author, credit is enough.

Cool model btw ))