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Looking for opinions n suggestions to polish this hero

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Level 21
Apr 8, 2017
Hi hivers, im making an Alchemist hero in my map and i need some info, opinions and as always suggestions.



MIX: Works as a "spellbook", when you cast it you select a dummy unit with other spells, more info below

ENHANCING SHAKE: "shake the mix", start a timer which increases the power of the Mix you made every 1 second, after 5,5 seconds the mix is lost of u didnt throw it or drink it, if the mix is an explosive it will result in a explosion on you if you didnt throw it,

THROW: Throw the mix, guess what it does...

DRINK: Drink the mix, yes! you guessed it!

ULTI: idk yet

Every spell refers to a chemical component

Qax: component 1
Sus: component 2
Pirin: component 3
Torun: component 4
Finish: used to finish the mixing

Those spells are used as if you were writing a code

Qax+Pirin+Pirin: results in a Fire bomb mix
Torun+Sus+Qax+Sus: results in a Defense reduction mix

Also, making an "unknown" mix (a mix that doesnt give any result" will result in an self explosion

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Level 21
Apr 8, 2017
Might be overly complex to use in battle. I'd suggest a way of storing the potions so they can be crafted when not under attack and used later.

Can you put a list of all the effects?
Might be overly complex to use in battle. I'd suggest a way of storing the potions so they can be crafted when not under attack and used later.
Bro this is a good point...
What about if the ulti become as "REPLICATE" which saves the last 3 mixes u made? so using it will insta make one of the last 3 mixes (you have to choose one of the three) inmediately

Can you put a list of all the effects?
Here are some

Damage boost/reduction
Defense boost/reduction
Speed boost/reduction
Fire bomb (explosive thats add "burn" effect
Acid bomb (stays in the ground damaging units within it
Sticky bomb (slowness aoe
Healing bomb (heals both

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Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
Or maybe it auto-tosses (up to, say, 6) your prepared mixes at appropriate targets (buffs/heals on allies/self, debuffs/damage on enemies), and using it with no prepared potions triggers that number of explosions.

It could be an Engineering Upgrade type of skill where you can store more potions (say 3, 4, 6) with every point.

So it would look like:

Store (Normal): Select the stored mixture to use, maximum 3/4/6 mixtures stored at levels 3 and 5.

Mix (Hero): Create mixture from ingredients. Mixture is automatically used for Throw/Drink. If used again without tossing/drinking, sends mixture to storage. If storage is full, the new mixture replaces the previous one, wasting the previous mixture.

Throw (Hero): Throw last created/selected mixture at target. Range increases, mana cost decreases with level.

Drink (Hero): Drink last created/selected mixture. Cooldown and mana cost decreases with level.

Party Time (Hero): Automatically uses all stored mixes on appropriate targets and greatly reduces cost and cooldown of creating mixtures while active. If no mixtures are stored on activation, creates a number of explosions centered on the caster equal to the maximum amount that can be stored.

More effects:

Potion (standard potion items: healing, mana, instant and over time).

Smoke Bomb: Reduces accuracy of all units in the AoE.

Choking Miasma: Non-undead organic units have 30 seconds to leave the AoE or become Dizzy.

Tear Gas: All organic units in the AoE are Crippled.

Sandstorm: Mechanical units in the AoE take damage over time.

Spray-On Skin: Removes all debuffs from target organic unit and heals 250 HP.

Aromatherapy: Casts Sleep on all organic units in the AoE.

Molotov: Casts Cripple and Soul Burn on target mechanical unit.

Holy Water: Dispels all magic in the AoE.

Regenerator: Casts Healing Salve on target and Healing Spray centered on target.

Klatchian Coffee: Target unit gains a one-use Reincarnation.

Scumble: All enemy units in AoE have negative mana regen.

Delirium Tremendous: Creates hallucinations near the target unit that cast Taunt on creation.

Devil Chili: Target unit has insanely increased attack and movement speed, then is stunned once the buff wears off.
Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
It'd work like a Spellbook, containing the mixtures already made and selecting them for later. As in:
"caster creates [Potion of Healing] -> Add Potion of Healing spell to Storage ability".
"player uses [Potion of Healing] -> set variable selected_mixture to [Potion of Healing]."

For instance, making a healing potion, a move buff, and an acid bomb. You would then use the spellbook to use the mixture you want in any order (such as "acid bomb an enemy, attack until low HP, use speed buff on self to escape, use healing potion on self").
Level 21
Apr 8, 2017
Well, first of all, thanks for always giving me good suggestiong, tbh i always think in mention you when im looking for suggestions.

After that being said, i have to say that i dont like the Party Time spell idea.

I understand that the Mix spell literally makes thinking in other spells almost impossible, but what about if we neft the mix spell? What about if we make it the Hero ulti n we give the hero some "default mixtures spells" like premade mixtures.


(Note: in my map Heroes can have more than 5 spells but they have to choose what spells they want in their Hotkeys (only 4 including ulti), they can change them multiple times but only in their Main bases)

Flamable mix: Fire bomb
Sticky mix: Slowness bomb
Healing mix: -.-
Flamagic mix: Targets takes more damage from magical attacks
Enhacing shake: Described in the main post
Release: Throw if target is an enemy/ally or drink if the target are you
Complex mix: Current mix spell

please lmk what you think


What about if it only has 2 spells:
Mix and Enhacing shake (sorry but i have to add this spell), and everytime you make a mix it is added as a new spell like if u you just learn it.

You make a Flamable bomb > new spells adquired
  • Set spell1 = flamable bomb

You make a Sticky bomb > new spell adquired
  • Set spell2 = spell1 (flamable bomb
  • Set spell1 = sticky bomb

You make an Acid bomb > new spell adquired
  • Set spell3 = spell2 (flamable bomb
  • Set spell2 = spell1 (sticky bomb
  • Set spell1 = Acid bomb

You make a Healing bomb > new spell adquired
  • Remove spell3 from hero
  • Set spell3 = spell2 (sticky bomb
  • Set spell2 = spell1 (acid bomb
  • Set spell1 = Healing bomb

So it can only "store" last 3 mixtures made

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