Loading Screen Simple Request!

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May 21, 2010
I am on the mac and i really don't want to spend the 10-15 minutes downloading tools for this and then more time downloading stuff to change it to OSX usable and finally be able to make the loading screen an hour later, when PC users seem to do it quite fast in a matter of minutes, So im asking you generous people a favor :thumbs_up:

Here is the link to my picture, id like to keep size down but dont sacrifice to much quality. Most LOTR maps that are good died and haven't been remade since last patch so LOTR has become nearly extinct, so i am remaking the jass for several maps, doing a lot of stuff and bringing them back from the dead, Starts with fixing the loading screens :)

Edit: here is new pic last 1 was to small, just delete text from the bottom left of pic and everything else is awesome, and thanks again for this request. Also if you could make a tiny version for map preview and put it in correct format and what not.
New pic

And for text i would like it to say your WC3 account name at the bottom or acc name here in 12 font text bottom middle

and for text i would like it to say,

Map created by Eazy-E15 in the top right in some kind of cool text 14 font

And in the top left i want it to say

Please check quest for details on how to play this map
Please check quest for commands and other information
New versions coming soon
New LOTR maps coming soon with custom skin/art

try to fit it in the top left empty space you see in the picture so it doesnt go to much into the picture but make sure its readable. so i dunno if thats 12 font or what. Put it in a lotr cursive kind of text if you can or partial cursive or whatever you think is awesome.

And then in a cool color in the middle of the picture in medium font write

Version: HelmsDeep(M1.0) and below that
The Battle of Helms Deep

^^^ that will be the largest set of words and make this the most awesome font and color that goes well with the picture.

Edit: Can you also make the picture its self normal and fit for the map preview, and make sure all of the pics and stuff are in write format because like i said above i can't really do that easily thanks to being on a mac. From there i think i can follow the tutorial how to import the loading screen.

Thanks a million for doing this :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
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