Light Footman + Hero Version

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Light footman are the cannon fodder of the Human Empire. Poorly equipped and little trained but fast, their only hope of survival lies in their number.

To fit the range of the footman's weapon animation don't forget to set range to 60

It's a simple modify milita. It's my first creation on Retera Model Studio. Big thanks to Dehme to all his advices and help in fixing the unit.
I'm open to all critism to improve my work.

Update 29/06/22 : Add of the heroic version of the Light Footman, well if you want the most powerful useless hero of all time. This model has new animation for death, dissipate and spell.

Warning : Unable to import a spell animation who perfectly fit with the model weapon and shield, i have adapted the animation of Sir Gregory Edmunson by replacing and rotating the axe and shield at each frame (and it took me soooooooo looonnnnggg :razz: ). The result look ok in the game but seem faintly trembling when look closely. I will try to improve it later.

Heroic light footman (Model)

Heroic light footman portrait (Model)

Light Footman (Model)

Light Footman (Icon)

Light Footman Portrait (Model)

Level 5
May 29, 2022
I take a screen of the unit in the 3D view with the camera portrait and editing the picture with photoshop to make the blue background. Hive can generate icons from picture when you add ressources to a model.
You can also make all in photoshop by following the great tutorial of Barorque : Full Icon Tutorial (Reforged) + ¨tool¨
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