Life Of Gothic Ages (A Standalone RPG)

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Aug 5, 2006
This RPG is on an alpha release, not all creeps are balanced and there is only one town for the demo so it can't be a stupid complete map yet, so here are the features (for those who haven't downloaded yet.)

Alpha Features:

- 1 Distinct World (I haven't finished the NPC quests yet and the NPC's Quests so far are 3!

- 2 towns, 1 town sells all of the Vagrant Equipment while the other one is an Economic Village selling Fishing Rods and "beta" Pickaxes for mining.

- Gathering system, allows us to gather items out of the environment.

- Build System (pretty easy, lol!) it may be simple, but it adds realism to your Adventurer.

- Attribute System that i made myself (it's pretty simple though)

- GUI Equipment system.

Credits are in the map itself.

I'll post screenshots in time.


Download the map here
Level 5
Aug 5, 2006
Ok, will do.

Oh and why am i taking long for an update, well it's because i got addicted to GGX Isuka and i want to unlock Robo Ky II's Gamma Ray...hehe?

Some FAQs......

Q: Oh no! my hero died and i have to restart the game again!

A: I never placed an instruction guide on using the revive system

just type -revive and you revive in the same spot where you died at the cost of some gold, XP and a temporary stat reduction.

or type -revivetown in order to revive your hero in your starting town at the cost of 50 gold.

Q: I attacked townsfolk on purpose, but i can still talk to them.

A: There's a reputation system and it's still in a beta release, please don't attack any NPCs for now.

Q: This so called, Hunger/Energy System does work but how do i replenish it?

A: In your starting point (near the leftside of your house), that is your manor and right click on it to gain the following commands of eat and sleep.

more FAQs will be updated if necessary
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Level 5
Aug 5, 2006
Screenshots: Not too much for now

I'm writing up the features to a more specific perspective...

Map Name: Life of Gothic Ages
Name of the creator(s) - F4talWr4th
Current stage of the map - alpha
Summary of the map gameplay/objectives - Live in a life similar to the real world as you discover the world of Malgin'tor (I might think of a better name)
Map features

* Blue and Black Backpack System - This system is accurate for storing 5 more items per pack, allowing you to carry more stuff along the way.
* Item grouping System - This system allows you to group a piece of your items to a maximum of 100 (might be changed for balance).

Example: When i pick a potion of healing, i have 1 potion of healing but if i pick 2 potions of healing, it will only count as 1 item in your inventory +plus writes the number 2 on your potion.
Miscellaneous Info (credits?)

* Item Keeping Leaderboard - A 12 item slot leaderboard shows up, allowing you to carry 12 more items!

* Hunger/Sleep system - I dream of making Sims meets Fable RPGs, I show you the complete version of the Hunger/Sleep system as the name implies, it interacts your character to many variations of....sleeping and eating!

* Realistic RPG time system - Surprisingly, we need a slow Day/Night Cycle in order to make the map grow in realism, we need to slow down the clock for 30 minuites per day in order to make the perfect RPG formula! Same goes for a more realistic sleep system as it lets you sleep for 8 hours! meaning that the clock passes by as you sleep or do actions to your house.

* Character Class Editing system - This allows you to create your own class in many ways, so meaning that you can be more than just a Wizard and a can actually be both or in fact, you can be ALL of the classes (if you train them) One class is equal to 1 spellbook item which obviously has 11 skills per class.

* Equipment System - Obviously, this equipment system (i really have to thank the guy with a lot of numbers as well as for the Lboard Inventory system) is implied for more realistic structures, this equipment system has 6 different slots which include head, torso, main arm, sec. arm, hand and leg.


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