Let's Mod series: Gaias Retaliation

In order to get new motivation to work on this, I'm currently planning to make a YT series about making this map;
basicly, a let's mod series, in which I capture what I'll do and have a voiceover explaining the stuff I'll do:

This will give you guys the opportunity to watch the mapping progress in a semi-live environment (I will probably not run this on twitch, as I want the freedom to just make a cut when a tedious task pops up ... but if you guys are more interested in an actual livestream, that is also an option ... it will just be a little more boring to watch ;) ).
Also, I'll give you guys the opportunity to share your thoughts about the stuff I do in the comments, so that you can have a an immediate say about the content as it is being created. I think it would be cool to involve the community more directly in the design process.