League of Kalimdor II v3.43 AI (patch 1.31 ONLY) --- only classic W3

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Ten thousand years ago, an elven couple gave birth to the next guardians of this dimension. Named Adrian and Alexen by their parents, these children were abandoned intentionally on the sacred fields of Kalimdor. The boys grew up with the creatures of the forest, learning from various masters and tribe rulers. At the age of 15, Adrian and his younger brother, of age 13, started a long journey throughout the whole Kalimdor territory, in search for new warriors that might teach them how to improve themselves. Although Alexen was not very pleased about this, he followed his elder brother and stood by his side the whole time.

After 4 days of searching, they decided to stay awhile and rest near a magical oasis of a nearby cavern. During the night, Adrian felt something strong emanating from the cavern. Waking up his younger brother, they both ventured into the dangerous cavern. At the end of the cavern, they found the ruins of a fallen city, a relic of the past. Yet, its magical essence was still emanating so much energy that only by standing near it, they felt stronger. The night passed and both Adrian and Alexen could not sleep a moment. They were totally amazed by the city. Adrian decided to rebuild the city from its ruins and become its ruler. A place for him and his younger brother, where they could be safe. And so, they started working day and night for the next 3 weeks, when the city was finally reestablished.

But what is a city without people that live in it? Using special portals to access other territories in Kalimdor and even dimensions, Adrian and Alexen invited different people of various races, eventually growing up as a large family that was living in the wondrous magical city. They were even able to find their parents. When they firstly encountered their dad, none of them knew what kind of race he is, since their night elven appearance was received from their mother. Called Nadrex, their father gave the mythical weapons to Adrian and Alexen. The Sacred Warglaives to Alexen and the Diffusal Blade to Adrian. His younger son decided to name the city, Nadrex, to honor his strong father. With each passing day, the city grew and grew even more, eventually establishing two strong citadels for both Adrian and Alexen.

The Sky Force Kingdom was ruled by Alexen and the Underground Force Kingdom by Adrian. With these strong pillars, the city would always remain stable and functional. They trained soldiers and various wizards to always be ready to defend the city against any threat.

The emanating core of the city that was forbidden to be touched possessed a strong curse that one night caused Adrian to unconsciously come in its presence and touch it. In that moment, the maddening curse possessed his body and mind, turning his sanity into something that this world had never seen. Remaining still a night elf by his look but with a strange essence of blight on him. He became mindless and forgot about the true purpose of this city. Soon, he silently killed both of his parents without his younger brother noticing this. He spared him, to have to opportunity to end his life in total pain only after they fought until their last breath.

Alexen felt the cursing grip that took hold of his elder brother and tried to cleanse the curse from him, but was everything in vain. His older brother was no more the one he once knew. The moment he was attacked by him, Alexen knew he had no chance to take his brother down alone, so he turned the Sky Force against Adrian and his Underground Force, giving birth to this war that might never end...


League of Kalimdor II is an AoS mod for Warcraft III, which uses the same system similar to the one of DotA and any other AoS, in LoK II there are 2 teams formed by 5 players, each using powerful and various heroes to battle and succeed in destroying the enemy principal structure (The Summoner).

With a lot of unique and innovative items, every hero can become stronger and improve its spells by buying the right items. It comes with unique heroes, a lot of attractive items and a beautiful terrain. There are currently 216 heroes, all pick mode. For singleplayer testing, LoK II offers a decent AI system to fight against, and train your abilities with a particular hero.


A special system available only in LoK II, the Sorcery Talents. Spellcasting in this AoS is extremely vital and can turn up the tide of war upside down in an instant. The skills that require targeted foes or any active item with the same condition will give your hero a chance to trigger the Sorcery Talents, applying one of the debuffs mentioned in the picture above.

The duration of those buffs lasts randomly between 1-3 seconds and the damage is dealt based on the hero's main synergy stat. The Synergy Stats are a modification of the normal attributes, coming up with useful improvements for any hero.

Most of the spells, both single targeted and area of effect type are modified by these Synergy Stats and grow stronger as the hero becomes stronger. That means, supportive heroes can keep up in late game with the other heroes as their spells will deal more and more damage.

Each player also has access to the Sorcery Manual. Press F2 to select it. It provides 12 various abilities:

-Fortification (Grants maximum physical protection + 50% bonus attack damage for 7 seconds to all allied structures and creeps)
-Mystic Dampening (15% basic magic damage reduction; +1% bonus per enemy hero killed)
-Element Link
*Provides the following bonuses:
->7% chance when attacked, to restore health for 1.2x Inner Power
->7% chance when casting a spell, to restore mana for 1.2x Magical Power
->7% chance after killing an enemy hero, to gain +1 point to all stats
->7% chance when attacks, to deal 2.2x Speed Burst as bonus damage
-Core Diffusal
->Each time your hero is targeted by a spell, there is 15% chance to restore health for 2.5x Inner Power
-Treasure Hunt
->Creeps killed have 4% chance to drop gold coins or Power Points shards
->Heroes killed have 4% chance to drop bigger gold coins and healing runes
-Cyclone Sweep (completely disables the targeted enemy hero for 2.50 seconds)
-Energy Stream (Single target beam that affects only enemy heroes)
-Magical Scan (reveals an area for 3 seconds)
-Stunning Hit (0.75 seconds of stun + 150 magic damage)
-Track (physical armor broken with 5 points for 10 seconds + full vision over the target)
-Bloodlust (40% speed bonus for 5 seconds)
-Ancestral Nourishment (A strong healing buff that can be cast on any friendly target, restoring 1000 health and mana)


Something that you rarely see in any AoS. The Arcane Bank in League of Kalimdor 2 is a very useful thing. It can help you trade resources in and between. Boost your hero, increase the stats that it lacks the most and even trade some for another.



-new hero, Jessie the Crystal Ranger, located in the Outlanders Portal
-new hero, Wilson the Toad Sagemaster, located in the Outlanders Portal
-The yellow colored grass has been completely removed from the terrain
-Combat music changed
-Vayos's 1st spell "Draconian Soul" damage was recreated into a single target hit, the slow is still AoE
-Assault Squad's 3rd spell "Artillery Barrage" cooldown reduced from 13 seconds to 8
-Stormreaver Sorceror's 1st spell "Demonic Concentration" execution time reduced from 1.75 seconds to 1
-Christian's ultimate "Diffusal Touch" binding range increased from 400/600 to 600/800
-Phyrox's ultimate "Energy Rift" stun duration reduced from 1.75 seconds to 0.75
-Hyrule Champion's 1st spell "Essence Drain" cooldown reduced from 16 seconds to 8
-Volcan's 2nd spell "Heat Bolt" cast range increased from 1200 to 2000
-Ralle's ultimate "Icebinding Gravity" cooldown increased from 25 seconds to 30
-Mythic's 1st spell "Mind Striker" cast range increased from 750 to 850
-Illidan's ultimate "Severe Immolation" damage increased by 18%
-Storm Knight's ultimate "Static Chain" cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 50
->applies now a base 250 magic damage
-Jeninx's 1st spell "Termic Attraction" cooldown reduced from 13 seconds to 8
-Aquasoul's ultimate "Beam Shot" cooldown increased from 40 seconds to 60
->damage dealt was increased from 300/425 to 550/725

-model changed for the Regeneration Fountain
-passive abilities that deal periodical AoE damage will not trigger anymore while invisible
->this applies for items as well
-Aether Burst (item) amplification will not be applied anymore on allied targets
-attack speed for all Defensive Towers was increased by 35%
-Talisman of Prophecy (item) costs now +3 Power Points
-Forgefire Buckler (item) gold cost reduced from 6000 to 4575

-base magical damage dealt by all heroes was reduced by 10%
-Kalimdor's Merchant seller is now Alice
-base physical damage dealt by Speed Burst heroes was reduced by 10%
-base phyisical resistance of Magical Power heroes was increased by 10%
-background voice notifying a destroyed tower was implemented
-creep denies grant 100 experienced from its actual amount and 50 gold gained
-Combat Monk base armor was rescaled from 7 to 14
-Forest Knight starting Speed Burst was rescaled from 17 to 20
-Ultimate Templar starting Inner Power was rescaled from 9 to 16
->his base attack damage was increased by 25%
-Sea Stalker base physical and magical resistance were increased by 20%

-file size reduced by 15%
-Players have no longer vision over the powerup runes or bounty runes
-Nearby area jungle spots are not visible anymore
-the Recall ability has no cooldown anymore
-Physical resistance for all heroes was increased by 20%
-Dying corpses last 1 minute on the ground now instead of 35
-Magic Immunity will not block certain ultimates anymore
-Physical attack damage gained from main affiliation was increased by 35%
-Health pool based on the current and overall Inner Power of every hero was reduced by 25%
-Destroyed enemy buildings grant now experience to nearby heroes
-Players are now able to give and receive items between them from a 700 range instead of 128
-Storm Bringer's Electric Remnant deals 35% more damage now and strikes at a faster interval
-Elder Tamer's Volatile Blaze AoE reduced from 1200 to 525
->its damage was increased by 15% and it was set to physical
-Ninja Turtle's Flux of the Depths visual effect was changed
->Rolling Turtle damage was increased by 45%
->Ninja Strike damage was doubled
-Kinetic Master's Magnetic Force casting range increased from 550 to 800
->its cooldown was decreased from 6 to 3 seconds
->acquisition range of nearby launchable target was increased from 250 to 450
->Galthran's base armor was rescaled from 8 to 14
->Essence Leak damage was doubled; its casting ranged was increased by 175
->Teleportation cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 5 seconds
-Veiled Prophet's Lethal Druidism visual effect was changed
-new hero portal with a new hero, Jinai the Nadrex General (Outlanders Portal 2)
-reduced focusing time of targeted charges from 0.65 seconds to 0.10
->becoming stunned or being targeted by a root will not interrupt the charge
-Blazing Assassin's base armor set to 12
-magical damage dealt by all heroes has been reduced by 10%
-attack damage of defensive towers has been increased by 15%
-the following heroes were completely removed from the game:
->Avenging Watcher
->Glaive Shifter
->Crystal Warden
->Lady Mazury
->Arch Warden
->Chi Breaker
->Shield Breaker
->Lich Lord
->Moon Matriarch
->The Trickster
-The Recall ability has no cooldown anymore
-Jessie's Freezing Arrow AoE reduced by 25%
->its pass-through damage was doubled
-Sandro's Death Ripple AoE reduced by 25%
-the missing bounty rune from the bottom Sky jungle was fixed
->bounty runes do not grant XP anymore
-the Enchanted Blood (innate talent) will not grant lifesteal anymore, it restores 300 health based on chance after every kill
-Sorcery Manual abilities changed
->Magic Burst was reworked into Mystic Touch (an instant ability that restores 450 mana to the targeted allied hero)
->Stunning Hit was reworked into Lock Down (Stuns the foe in place for 1 second but deals no damage anymore)
->Destruction Beam mana cost raised from 125 to 300
-the 5 bonus damage received from Power Points for any direct damage ultimate was removed
-affiliation stats tooltip fixed to the current values
-every point in Speed Burst, Magical Power and Inner Power grants now 0.06% increased magic resistance
-the Mystic Touch ability from the Sorcery Manual was changed to Cyclone Sweep.
->Cyclone Sweep, completely disables the targeted enemy hero for 2.50 seconds.
-Each trading in the Arcane Bank can be done in 5 seconds now rather than 2 minutes
-Last hits on creeps will grant now +175 exp gained
-Algammon was reworked from Stealth Slayer into Void Slayer
->his Hunting Trace grants now 18% chance to stun the foe for 1 second and apply a 150 bonus damage
->his base attack speed was increased by 25%
->his base armor was increased from 6 to 12
->his base attack damage was increased by 20
-all outdated tooltips were fixed
-Veiled Prophet's model was changed
->his base armor was increased from 7 to 12
-Dual Force (item) armor reducing aura visual changed
-Spectral Greaves (item) critical strike passive removed, its cost was set to 2000 gold and 3 Power Points
-Rexxar's ultimate, Violent Scream, visual changed
->his first ability, Primal Hit, will now deal pure damage instead of magical
-Nadrex Gatekeeper's (boss) model was changed
->his current attack damage was doubled
-Intensity Booster (rune) speed bonus lasts now 20 seconds instead of 10
-Blazing Assassin's ultimate duration was set to 4/7 seconds. Maximum health during the transformation set to 750
->he can be now targeted by melee attacks as well
-The Tower Templars will not focus only heroes. Their damage was increased from 75 to 100.
-Experience gained from last hits was reduced by 125
-Every Jungle zone has now only 1 neutral creeps camp site
-added Ginzo's Relics, a jungle shop with various enhancing items
-Base magic resistance of all heroes was reduced by 10%
-Base attack damage of all heroes was increased by 13
-Yudan's ultimate "Blinding Sun" passive component will heal him based on 0.55x/0.75 Speed Burst instead of 2.2x/3.2x
-Sea Stalker's ability "Samehada Impact" has a visual trail now and performs faster.
->120 base damage was added for each level.
->its casting range was increased from 650 to 770
-Thane's ability "Charging Flower" has a visual trail now and performs faster.
->100 base damage was added for each level.
->its casting range was increased from 650 to 1000
-Azid's "Swing" passive damage rescaled from 50/75/100/125 to 120/150/170/200
->his ultimate "Reversed Gravity" base damage component was increased from 150/270 to 245/370. Cast range set to 750.
->his base health was rescaled from 220 to 400
->his base armor was rescaled from 6 to 12
->his base attack damage was increased by 25%
-Ogre Magi's ultimate "Forgotten Ritual" reanimated avatar duration was set to 3 seconds for both levels.
->the reanimated avatar is still completely invulnerable
-Telescope (item) cooldown time reduced from 40 seconds to 20; scans 3000 radius around the hero now
-Planeswalker's Boots (item) restoration increased from 200 health and mana to 650. Duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds
->has an additional cost now of 2 Power Points now
-Phoenix Butterfly (item) was reworked into Lavabending Gauntlet
->grants now +16 to each attribute instead of +22 to Speed Burst and Magical Power
->attack speed bonus reduced from 80 to +45%
->its old passive component "Phoenix Launch" was removed
->implemented a new passive component "Lava Strike"
->burns a random enemy hero within 1000 radius every 6 seconds, dealing 250 magic damage
-Gauntlet of Azerdanos (item) grants now a critical strike chance
->has an additional cost of 3 Power Points now
-Celestial Star (item) costs now less 1 Power Point
->its active component "Stars Fury" deals now 350 damage upon 150 area of effect. Performs faster and its cooldown is 15 seeconds now.
-Wind Eagle (item) was reworked into Kalimdor's Enchant
->grants +47% bonus damage; +10 Speed Burst; +60% attack speed
->implemented an additional passive component, Druidic Barrier.
->an echanted veil will protect the hero from most targeted spells every 8 seconds
-Blink Boots was changed into Blink Stone
->movement bonus granted was reduced from 80% to 60%
->its cooldown was reduced from 17 seconds to 12
-Spiritual Monk ability icons were changed
->Soul Separation casting range was set to 550 range; its AoE freezing damage was removed
-its attack speed was decreased by 15%
-its attack damage was set to 35/45/55/65
-initial slowed applied upon the marked target was set to 3 seconds duration
->Illusory Deflection was reworked into Shard of the Trickster
-Duration was set to 6 seconds; it can be stopped by issuing another order on Dazar
-Mana cost was set as 200/100/50/0
-Cooldown time was set to 8 seconds
->Soul Separation is now Dazar's first ability, Shard of the Trickster was moved to the second tier
->Aim to Vengeance was reworked into Radiating Cold
-grants Dazar increased health regeneration
-the bonus movement speed was removed
-the random counter-strike damage dealt was rescaled from damage between 100-250 to 70-150/90-170/110-190/130-210
->Dance of Flames was reworked into Avernus Trance
-the counter-strike damage was set to 2x Dazar's Speed Burst
-the ability it is now a self-casting one instead of targeted

-Madness Mask (item) does not grant Berserk anymore
-now provides +10 Inner Power and 20% lifesteal
-its cost was reduced to 3000 gold and 2 Power Points
-Yapzor's Emerald (item) Power Points cost was set to 1 instead of 3
-Wizardry Tome (item) Power Points cost was set to 4 instead of 0
-Propulsator (item) total cost was set to 3000 gold instead of 3550 and 2 Power Points instead of 4
-Sanity Core (item) gold cost was reduced from 6500 to 3575
-Sacred Punisher (item) Power Points cost was set to 5 instead of 7
-The Tower Templars deal 220 damage now instead of 100
-Gravitomancer's Mass Telekinesis spell cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 16
->his Blazing Avatar skill was replaced with Torrid Essence
-Raphira's ultimate, Dark Paradise, was replaced with Moonlight Striker
->her Obstructed Vision spell affects 800 radius around the main target instead of only 350
->her Sharpened Glaive passive was replaced with an active ability called Shard of the Stars
-Dazar's Shard of the Trickster spell was replaced with Unbreakable Chakra
-Phoenix Guard's ultimate Hell in Kalimdor SFX was changed
-Jinai's Star Bender passive procs now to enemies within 550 radius instead of 1200
-All heroes have 550 base health now, varying based on their current Inner Power
-the Tower Templars deal 60% bonus damage now
-Silence Spectrum (item) mana loss per second reduced from 60 points to 12
-Kraine's Hell Trail ability cast range rescaled from 375/550/700/875 to 700/900/1100/1300
->Blaze Wall's damage amplification doubled for each level
->his base movement speed was increased by 30
-All Magical Power based heroes have their physical armor increased by 8 points now
-Winged Flamer's base damage was increased by 15%
-Environment light during night was adjusted
-Ultimate Templar's Shadow Strike target damage dealt reduced from 125/150/175/200 to 50/75/100/125
->the additional AoE damage dealt and DPS remain unchanged
->Life-Emanating Source ability was reduced from 15%/20%/25%/30% to 7%/14%/21%/28%
->Primal Warp active component cooldown raised from 35 seconds to 50
->the critical damage dealt by the passive component was increased from 0.75/1.25/1.50/1.75 to 1.2/1.5/1.7/2.0x current Inner Power
-Virga's Marksman's Brain Burn passive component grants +5 permanent bonus damage per hero kill instead of +15
-Critical Knight base armor increased by 5
->starting Inner Power raised from 14 to 25
-Kaiju Disciple base armor increased by 6
-Each lane creep type has its base armor 7 now instead of 15
-Elemental Artist's Soul Pattern damage on each attribute pattern was doubled
-Monkey King's Boundless Strike aoe damage increased from 2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8 to 3.6/4.6/5.6/6.6x Inner Power
-Nether Zombie's Undying Strike aoe damage was doubled
->Nether Ziggurat's zombies base damage raised from 20 to 70
->Nether Ziggurat's generation of zombies reduced from 2 seconds to 0.80 seconds
-Serpent Archer's Violent Typhoon aoe radius reduced from 655 to 540
-Treant Lord base armor increased by 10
-Dryad Queen's Restorative Spirit visual effects changed
-Sunwell Ranger's Empowered Shot radius affects only passed-through opponents rather than nearby ones
-Heroes revive now with full mana
-Restoration range of the Base Fountain was set to 725
->restoration amplified by 10%
-Approaching near the enemy Base Fountain will cause your hero to instantly die now
-Arcane Bank model were changed
-Sky Summoner and Underground Summoner models were changed
-Watershaker's Gushing Stream radius was reduced by 100
-Zimrat's Phantasmal Ritual cooldown was reduced from 14 seconds to 9
->the visual effects of the spell were changed
->Primordial Will spell execution time was quickend; its visual effects were changed
-Enchanted Talisman (item) was reworked into Trigram Necklace
->Trigram Necklace grants +3 Magical Power; +3 Inner Power; +3 Speed Burst and +7% Magic Resistance instead of +5%
-Ginzo's Relics items were removed from the game
-Celestial Star (item) was reworked into Dark Resonator
->Current price was raised from 2200 gold and 1 Power Point to 2750 gold and 3 Power Points
->Dark Resonator grants the same bonuses except for the active ability that was changed into a passive, called Spirit Resonator
-Spirit Resonator senses a random opponent within 1000 radius every 0.60 seconds and sends a spirit into it, dealing 50 damage
-Assassin's Bracer (item) gold cost reduced from 7250 to 5500
-Seismic Axe (item) was removed from the game
->Crusader Plates was added into the Inner Power shop page to replace Seismic Axe
-Town Portal Scroll (item) comes now with 5 charges instead of 1
->its gold cost was raised from 125 to 200
-Psionic Zealot's base armor was doubled
-Witch Huntress's Tidal Typhoon visuals were changed
->Tidal Typhoon bonus damage is calculated now based on 3% of the targets's maximum health
->its cooldown was reduced from 7 seconds to 4
->Toxic Blast casting range was raised from 550 to 700
-Aquasoul's model was changed
->the visuals of his ultimate, Beam Shot, were changed
->damage dealt by Beam Shot was rescaled from 550/725 to 380/625
-All heroes have +5 additional armor points now
-Each Speed Burst point grants now +0.35 bonus armor instead of 0.55
-Each Inner Power point grants now +0.7 health regeneration instead of +0.3
-Each Magical Power point grants now +1.2 mana regeneration instead of +0.6
-Jessie's Crystal Arrow's damage dealt upon impact was doubled
-Argus Talisman (item) active ability description was extended
-Lunar Edges (item) passive ability causes any spell or active item to consume 50 less mana points now
-Arched Dagger (item) costs now +3 Power Points
-Universal Entity's Magical Cannon deals now pure type damage and the AoE splash damage bug was fixed
->it cannot be targeted by attacks or spells anymore
-Forest Knight's Replant ability was reworked into Mantra of the Ancients
->Mantra of the Ancients grants Drenag high resistance against physical attacks while restores lost mana
-Veiled Assassin's base armor was increased by 3 points
-The Sky Summoner's attack was removed
-The additional towers and templars near the Summoners were removed
-The Supreme Guardians in front of both Summoners were enhanced
->they are called Primal Guardians now
->their attack damage was set to 325 Chaos type damage
->their attack procs now every 0.60 seconds
->can attack 5 enemies at once
->provides +5 armor points to nearby allies
-The Summoner of each faction will become vulnerable now once the Primal Guardian is destroyed
-The models of both Sky Templars and Underground Templars were changed
-Rockvarden's Outrunning ability's damage was doubled
-Vladimir's Greater Hemoplague ability was fixed
->its amplification is calculated from Inner Power rathen than a minor bonus percentage
-Edenian Bracer (item) reduces 15 Inner Power in exchange for 30 Speed Burst now
-Egyptian Codex (item) gold cost reduced from 6000 to 4800
-Scyntia's Forsaken Flower ability's damage dealt was increased by 25% at both levels
->her Arrow of Witchcraft ability has cooldown of 8 seconds now instead of 12
->Inner Spirit block instance chances were increased by 10% per each level
-Vladimir's Hemoplague and Greater Hemoplague damage dealt were doubled for each level
-Mythic's Mind Striker abilty always applies 150 base damage upon the targeted opponent now
->Void Zone AoE was increased by 80 radius
-Lancester's Heaven's Rage cooldown was rescaled from 25/20/15/10 to 12/10/8/6
->applies 175 base damage on cast now
->at level 4, Heaven's Rage gains global casting range
-Primal Nerubian's ultimate "Venom Pool" has a cooldown of 25 seconds now instead of 45
->its AoE was rescaled from 900 to 700
-Nessa's Acid Rain was reworked into Poisonmage's Bile
-Gora's ultimate "Level Up Epicenter" has a cooldown of 25 seconds now instead of 40
->the damage dealt per each level was doubled
-Leoric's Sword Slash ability was reworked into Mortal Messenger

-Sacred Phoenix's Cataclysmic Sun was reworked into Sun Stream
->Sun Stream slows down enemies around by 27% during the damage instance
-Baron Bonsay's ultimate "Overlay Buster" was reworked into Hanabi Star
-Supreme Shaman's base damage was increased by 20
-Sandro's base damage was increased by 20
-Destruction Lieutenant's Annihilation Pillar ability was reworked into Spectral Lasso
-Hero attack type and armor were separated into
-Heroic Physical Attack and Heroic Physical Armor
-Heroic Magical Attack and Heroic Magical Armor
->heroes were adapted accordingly
-Heroic Physical Attack deals +35% bonus damage against Heroic Magical Armor
-Heroic Magical Attack deals +15% bonus damage against Heroic Physical Armor
-Spells deal 20% bonus damage against Heroic Physical Armor
-Physical Attack deals the current amount of damage against Physical Armor
-Magical Attack deals the current amount of damage against Magical Armor
-All armor and attack types have been modified accordingly
-Primal Nerubian's ability, Imperfect Duo, has 40% chance to turn Yodolph invisible after casting it
->the illusion summoned is completely immune to any form of damage but does not deal any damage
->enemies attacking the illusion can proc Caustic Finale
->his base attack damage was increased by 25%
-Frostwolf Chieftain's ultimate abilitiy, Icebinding Gravity, has a cooldown of 60 seconds now instead of 25
->casting range was rescaled from 775 to 425, resonating with Ralle's melee strike radius
-Nadrex General's ultimate ability, Celestial Doom, deals 25% additional damage now
->Astral Remnant deals 80 base Chaos damage now instead of 35 and can attack 6 enemies around it
-Shaman Knight's ability, Reversed Nether, does not slow his movement anymore
->Bonsay's attack speed goes back to normal after casting the spell, instead of becoming zero
->his ultimate ability, Hanabi Star, applies a base 275 magic damage on cast now
->his "Triumphant Hammer" ability was reworked into Lightning Storm
-Rune Master's base attack damage was increased by 25%
->his attack type was changed from heroic melee into short ranged (475) heroic magical
-Dark Resonator (item) strike radius was set to 480
-Lavabending Gauntlet (item) strike radius was set to 480
-Heroic Magic Attack type deals now 6% bonus damage against Heroic Physical Armor
-Spells do 5% bonus damage against both Heroic Physical and Magical Armor
-Both Heroic Magical and Physical Attacks do 25% bonus damage against Creep Type Armor
-Heroic Physical Attack deals 30% bonus damage against Heroic Magical Armor
-Aquasoul's base mana was increased by 275
->his primary mana regeneration was increased by 10%
-Magic Immunity State now blocks melee damage reflection items
-Lavagending Gauntlet (item), stats were fixed
-Innate Magic Resistance for each hero was increased by 20%
-Tempest Hammer (item), grants additional bonuses
->+10 more armor points
->The Tempest Lockdown (active) - applies silence, slow and miss on the target for 4 seconds
->its gold cost was increased from 2350 to 3750 and +3 Power Points
-Mystic Blade (item), has an active component now
->can be used to disarm either a melee or ranged opponent for 2.50 seconds
->the item costs +1 Power Point now
-Berserk Elemental (jungle creep) does not have magic immunity anymore
-Nalworth's attack type was set to Heroic Magical Attack
->allows him to attack an opponent under Nether Aspect
-all Defensive Towers deal now +110 damage
-the Healing Shrines from the jungle were removed
-Savage Prophet's "Petals Explosion" is now instant
-Radiant Knight base attack damage was increased by 20
-Cyclone Sweep (Sorcery Manual ability) can be now cast on allied heroes as well
-Omega Ring (item) has an active ability now:
->Omega Vanquisher - Removes all buffs and debuffs from the targeted AoE while dealing 450 to any summoned units or illusions
-Highborne Staff (item) cooldown was increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds. Applies 175 pure damage on cast now
-High Voltage Axe (item) passive component causes your hero, when he attacks,to shock 8 enemies instead now and deal 35 damage per each
-Star Burst Enchantment (Sorcery Manual) will not steal attack damage anymore upon triggering, it applies a 27% slow around now
->visuals of the effect were changed
-Arcane Pressure (Sorcery Manual) spell damage reflection was from 0.60 to 1.20x each of the hero's attributes
->visuals of the effect were changed
-Sorcery Talents were modified:
->Mana Burn deals 220 damage now and destroys 220 mana points
->Stun lasts now 1 second instead of 3 seconds
->Hex lasts now 1.60 seconds instead of 2.50; visual effect is bigger now
->DPS lasts now 4 seconds, deals 80 damage every second and slows by 40%
->Silence lasts now 3 seconds instead of 6
->Invisibility no longer exists, it was replaced with Devil's Blast
->Devil's Blast deals 1.6x current Magical Power as pure damage
->Finger of Death no longer exists, it was replaced with Death
->Death instantly annihilates the target upon proc
->Ice Blast no longer exists, it was replaced with Glaciar Ray
->Glaciar Ray deals 200 damage to the target and 100 AoE damage; also slows by 30%
-the Death subspell triggered by the Sorcery Talents procs now only if the target has 12% or less of the maximum health
-Cloak of the Forestseer (item) can summon now an improved Serpent Ward
->has 1000 health; 20 armor and deals 85 Heroic Magical Damage every 0.30 seconds
-The active component of the Omega Ring (item) completely destroys illusions and any player-controlled summons
-Aether Burst (item) was moved from Mystic Arsenal 2 into Magical Power / Arcanery Weapons shop page
-Solar Arrow (item) was moved from Magical Power / Arcanery Weapons into Mystic Arsenal 2 shop page
-Oscar Staff (item) passive component Soul Barrier now blocks an incoming enemy spell every 9 seconds instead of 20
->the visual was changed
-Arcana Force XYZ (item) was moved from Mystic Arsenal 6 into Magical Power / Arcanery Weapons shop page
-Blood Sphere (item) was moved from Magical Power / Arcanery Weapons into Mystic Arsenal 6 shop page
-Spiked Nerubian's "Burrow" ability was replaced with Lethal Malfunction
->Lethal Malfunction weaves webs around the foe's body, slowing its movement by 75% and its attack damage by 90%
->his "Spiked Chaser" ability has a cooldown of 5 seconds now instead of 9
-Glixio's "Overcharge" ability cooldown reduced from 7 seconds to 2.50 for each level
->Deepened Shock ability damage was rescaled from 15/25/35/45 to 75/100/125/150
->Defenders of Energy ability strikes at a faster interval now
-Flaigtlend's "Lock. Load. Fire!!" ability slows now for 1.25 seconds instead of 3
->its cooldown was increased from 5 seconds to 12
->casting range was set to 885 for each level
-Tempomancer's model was changed
-Paladin's model was changed
-Hades's ultimate "Maximum Fear" ability cooldown was reduced from 95 seconds to 45
-Tyrant King's "Primordial Will" and "Ghostly Touch" abilities were changed into "Spot Weakness" and "Edenian Magic"
-All defensive towers have +100 armor now
-Elite Executioner's ultimate ability "Thunder Gauntlet" is now a ranged ability
->added a visual effect on his gauntlet when the ability is cast
-Spiritual Barrier (item) active component was removed
-Fixed a bug where the creeps would cause random items to drop in the enemy fountain if they were dragged towards it
-Sylvanas's is now able to access the Sorcery Talents both in Ranger and Banshee form
-Tundra Warlord's base attack damage was increased by 15%
->his base attack speed was increased by 25%
-the base attack damage for each Defensive Tower was increased by 30%
-The Giant Corrupter, Forest Defender and the Nadrex Gatekeeper have now 650 base armor
->their attack interval was set to 0.50 seconds after each strike
-Vladimir's Hemoplague and Greater Hemoplague abilities deal now +30% bonus damage
-Zladvar's Thunder Gauntlet affects now all enemies detected within 825 radius around the targeted point, instead of 420. The slow was reduced from 32% to 30%.
->Double Up tooltip on learned ability was fixed. At level 4 causes the armor debuff to be applied upon all surrounding enemies within 400 radius to the primary hit target.
-Sylvanas does not gain additional health in Banshee Form now; her attack range is reduced to 325 range but she gains Flying Movement during the transformation.
-the Nadrex Gatekeeper deals 35% bonus damage now
-Agony Weaver's base attack damage was rescaled from 25 to 42
-Highborne Staff (item) steals now 3 Magical Power instead of 5
->its bug causing any other spell to steal MP was fixed
-High Voltage Axe lightning chain proc deals now 50 bonus damage per each foe hit instead of 35 damage
-the following items grant now True Sight:
->Omega Ring
->Celestial Robe
->Sargeras's Buckler
-Brightwing's Emerald Shard ability deals now +50% additional damage
-Sylvanas does not gain Flying Movement while in Banshee Form but she can pass through objects and any other corporeal form.
-Shandris's Forest Healers ability was changed into Forest Guardians. Each spirit that comes in contact with an enemy, deals now 65 magical damage and continues to spread the amount. The spirits are now independent and will not follow Shandris's position anymore.
->Entangling Arrows have 35% chance to proc now instead of 20%
->Wrath of the Sacred Grove was reworked into Eternity Arrow; deals high base magic damage + bonus amplification based on her Speed Burst, applies disarm and highly reduces physical resistance for a short amount of time.
-Tyrande's Star Slide ability was changed into Trio Star; The closest 3 enemy heroes detected within 1500 radius to Tyrande will be hit by a falling star, each taking several magic damage.
-Spectre Knight's ultimate "Divided Factions" was modified
->summons 2/3 images; they receive double damage from any source; outcome damage dealt 45%/65% of Barodius's maximum amount. Cooldown time raised to 45 seconds.
-Psionic Zealot's ultimate "Psionic Punch" does not deal any DPS anymore or apply any slow. The hit will only damage the primary selected target based on Arvaes's Inner Power while heavily reduce the armor of all surrounding enemies within 700 radius for the next 5 seconds.
-Sharp Claw of Osiris (item) - grants 25 bonus attack damage now; the slowing attack was reworked; each strike has 25% to slow down the attacked opponent by 60% for 1.40 seconds.
->its gold cost was raised from 3465 to 4000 gold
-Ultimate Transportation Boots will now instantly transport the hero rather than after 5 seconds. Its cooldown was increased from 25 seconds to 40 and its mana cost was reduced from 175 to 80.
-The Powerup Runes models were changed and they grant additional bonuses:
->Magical Medicine will grant +1 Inner Power
->Intensity Booster will grant +1 Speed Burst
->Mana Powerup will grant +1 Magical Power
->Dual Restorer will grant +2 Attack damage
-The following abilities will not trigger the Star Burst or the Arcane Pressure effects:
->Searing Arrows (Moon Matriarch)
->Burning Spears (Icarus)
->Nether Reaches (Lord Diomedes)
->Inhaling Venom (Hunter Killer)
->Empowered Shot (Leonidas)
->Cold Arrows (Bounty Hunter)
->Cyclonic Charge (Wind Terror)
-Heartpiercer (item) - provides now the True Sanity (passive) - Triggering the Heart Maim upon a summoned unit, will instantly apply 800 bonus damage to it.
-Lavabending Gauntlet (item) gold cost was raised from 4250 to 5500
-the Dual Restorer (River Powerup) will also grant now Spell Shield for the next 25 seconds, blocking the first incoming targeted spell directed towards your hero.
-Shakothra's Tidal Typhoon ability cooldown was raised from 4 seconds to 8
-Traxid's ultimate, Thunder Clouds, will affect now all surrounding enemies instead of the isolated ones
-> his base attack speed was increased by 25%
-Malfurion's ultimate, Reliable Guardians, was changed with Emerald Dream Stream
-EXP gained will not be increased anymore from last hits
->dying opponents near you and allied heroes will grant the normal amount of EXP
-Denying an allied creep will not grant EXP anymore or 50 gold
-Argus Talisman (item), duration of the mirror image lasts now 8 seconds instead of 20
-An unit or hero under the effects of Hex will not gain the effect of any beneficial aura for the duration of the debuff
-Each Creep Generator is guarded now by 2 Templars
-Arcana Force XYZ (item), bonus EXP granted per kill was reduced from 3% to 2%
-Swift Shaolin base attack damage was increased by 25%
-Lane creeps provide normal XP now
-> each lane creep deals now 20 bonus damage
-Jungle Creeps have doubled durability now
-Ravaging Arcana (item) acts as an Orb Effect now
-> costs now 5 less Power Points
-The Defending Templars behind each Creep Generator were removed
-Nalworth the Great Sanctifier has Heroic Physical Armor now
-Virga's Marksman base health regeneration was reduced by 25%
-Swarm Tyrant's Dig ability travelled distance was increased by 250 range


-raised the pool of picked heroes by the AI, from 14 heroes to 40
-Wavebreaker's 3rd ability, Crystal Cage was replaced with Tidal Binding
-Kalavick's 1st ability, Thunderweaver will now shock all enemies within its strike radius, every 0.80 seconds, dealing 85 magic damage.
-new hero, Santomar the Demigod of Kalimdor, located in the Outlanders Portal
-resized the score and status board
-separated the "time played" Timer from the main multiboard to a tiny one above (stays always visible)
-The Nadrex Gatekeeper's Lair is not visible anymore
-Watchers and Sentry Wards cannot be destroyed with particular spells anymore
-> only a single attack from a hero, unit or tower is required to destroy a ward
-the damage dealt by the defensive towers on tier 0 was reduced by 50%
-The Bloodlust ability of the Sorcery Manual was replaced by Chickenization
->Chickenization instantly destroys mirror images or turns a targeted enemy hero into a chicken for the next 3 seconds, disabling its special abilities while reducing its movement speed by 75%.
-Falric's ultimate ability, Vortex of Souls, will now deal 125 damage every second
-Dave's 2nd ability, Sigil of Life, will now boost the attack speed of the marked ally, by 40%
-Shark Dundred's ultimate ability, Riptide Field, applies the damage to all enemies walking upon the enchanted water, instead of affecting only a random enemy hero within its radius.
->the spell's cooldown was rescaled from 25 seconds to 40
-combat music changed
-All Defensive Towers have their attack damage increased by 75 now

-hero selection area was rearranged
-Alice will now announce whenever an Underground hero or a Sky hero is revived
-Battlestarter SFX was changed
-All Magic Resistance bonuses granted by certain items were amplified by 20%
-Warlord's Banner (item) bonus percentage damage was reduced from 65% to 40%
-Ruby Enchanter (item) gold cost was rescaled from 2800 to 3650
-Titanium Cloak's tooltip (item) was restructured
-Assault Enhancer (item) costs now +2 Power Points
-Lifesteal Ring (item) costs now +1 Power Points
-Mystic Blade (item) icon changed
->magic damage reduction was removed and replaced with +200 mana points
->total cost was changed from 655 gold and 1 Power Point to 1000 gold and 2 Power Points
-Santomar's ultimate ability "Blast of Purification" has a cooldown of 80 seconds now
->must be cast from 425 range now
-playing music was set to the Nightelf track 02 (not gonna change it anymore)
-The Recall ability has now a cooldown of 5 seconds
->per each second channeled, the hero restores 25 health

-Spiritual Barrier (item) was removed temporarily (will be modified and implemented in the next update)
->it was replaced by Thunderwolf Inheritance, which grants + 5 all stats; + 18% health and mana regeneration and the Wex Trionis (passive) - which forms a permanent lightning barrier around the hero, dealing 50 damage every 1.25 seconds to all enemies hit.
-Heroic Physical Attack deals now 14% bonus damage against Heroic Magical Armor instead of 34%
-Heroic Magical Attack deals now 10% bonus damage against Heroic Physical Armor instead of 6%
-Heroic Physical Armor takes now 12% increased damage from spell damage instead of 5%
-Additional Heroic Physical and Magical Armor gained from current Speed Burst was reduced to 0.20 per point instead of 0.55
-Arcane Pressure does not reduce armor anymore upon triggering the reflecting damage instance
-Star Burst deals damage equal to 1.6x hero's current Speed Burst now and the slow goes through magic immunity now

-Added a third innate ability "Nadrex Barrier"
->Charges the mystic essence of the Nadrex City to form a protective barrier around the hero for the next 4 seconds. The barrier blocks any incoming magic damage and provides immunity against debuffs. Abilities that deal physical damage will still hit you.
-Creep Damage dealt against all Heroic Armors was reduced by 50%
-Overall damage reduction granted by both Heroic Physical and Magical Armor was reduced by 50%
-Damage dealt by both Heroic Physical and Magical Attack was amplified by 25%
-Defensive Ring (item) was reworked into Sanity Gem, granting now:
-> +3 armor points
-> Soul Shelter (passive) - completely blocks the next incoming instance of physical damage by 20 points
-> Vitality Tap (active) - Over the next 6 seconds, restores 150 health and mana points to the hero. Dispels upon taking damage.
->its total cost was increased from 600 gold to 850 gold and 1 Power Point
-Champion Shield (item) has a unique passive now:
->Offerings of the Champion (passive) - Whenever you kill an enemy unit / hero / structure, any negative debuffs affecting you are instantly removed.
-Oscar Staff (item) was reworked into Aroimaice Crystalizer
->the spellshield was replaced with the Crystalization Striker which grants 10% chance for an attack to crystalize a foe for 1 second while applying an instance of 200 magic damage.
->implemented an additional unique passive for the item: Purity of the Caster (passive) - whenever you cast a spell, all negative buffs affecting you are instantly removed.
-Ultimate Transportation Boots (item) has a mana cost of 150 points now
->its cooldown was raised from 40 seconds to 3 minutes
-Ruby Enchanter (item) cooldown was raised from 25 seconds to 50
-Mithril Bracer (item) has an additional unique passive now:
->Sparked Minerals (passive) - whenever your hero is targeted by a spell (either allied or enemy caster), all negative buffs are instantly removed from you. It will not remove the negative buffs applied after the dispel.
-Emerald Scepter (item) casting range increased from 800 to 1500
-Casting time for certain spells was shortened

-the innate Nadrex Barrier ability was replaced with the innate Prometheus Barrier, working as follow: Instantly removes any debuffs affecting you and provides complete immunity for 1.75 seconds. Prometheus Barrier blocks any type of damage and removes all types of negative statuses targeting your hero. Prometheus Barrier can be instantly activated even while you're moving, attacking or casting a spell. Hotkey set on "D"
-the innate Recall has the hotkey set on "F" now
-Seth's " Divine Elevation " ability was replaced with the " Tampering Godwill " ability
-Scyntia's "Arrow of Witchcraft" ability has a cooldown of 14 seconds now instead of 8
-the items Champion Shield, Aromaice Crystallizer and Mithril Bracer have now 20% chance to proc the negative buffs removal on their unique passives instead of going full 100%

-new hero, located in the Outlanders Portal, Boss Gengar the Necrofear
-Anvard the Void Demon has a new model now
->Heavy Sounds spell does not reduce the target's attack damage anymore and its cooldown was rescaled from 8 seconds to 10.
-The Summoners become vulnerable now once their Primal Guardian is killed
-new hero, Alex the Dark Magician, located in the Outlanders Portal
-fixed Gengar's ultimate causing enemies affected to be slowed for 2 additional seconds
-Kaelthas model was changed back to the classic w3 one
->Blaze debuff visuals were changed
-new hero, Deolrin the Runestone Warmage, located in the Outlanders Portal
-Anvard's primary affiliation was changed from Speed Burst to Magical Power
-fixed a bug where the Nadrex Gatekeeper could escape through the trees and not return to his lair
-Chickenization (Sorcery Manual ability) mana cost was raised from 120 to 150
-Titanium Cloak (item) cost now +2 additional Power Points

People that were very important for this project. Their resources are amazing and I wish good luck to all of them!

People with who I collaborate: Closedboudy / King Valdezar / Sal / Phryght / Cyclotrutan / Jampion / Spellweaver / StormKnight / Fenrok / P3in

And the following:
Tauer (for the awesome Durotan model)

Valve (particular sound effects and few models taken from dota 2)
Ujimasa Hojo (for his great derivates models)
xYours Trulyx (Amazing fountain shrine dude)
Mr Goblin
3DO (some icons from heroes 4)
Kantarion (for the high quality tilesets pattern)
Mythic (lovely HQ models)
@FeelsGoodMan (greatest UI ever)
Red Baron (cool letters)

Author's note: I will appreciate anyone which shows interest in this project. Constructive and sincere feedback is mostly welcomed. Haters and trolls are not welcomed. If you do not like it then keep your opinion for yourself. Spreading venom and flaming someone's bundle is nothing but waste of time and lack of education. We have a discord community where you can join us: Join the Kalimdor League Discord Server!

LK2 v3.43 AI (Map)

15:10, 23rd Nov 2015 Shadow Fury: A cool AoS with a massive quantity of heroes and an efficient AI to have fun even in single player. Aesthetically, the terrain and the visuals teem with lively colours and much tile variation so if you are a fan of...

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  • Inner Power

    Votes: 21 48.8%
  • Speed Burst

    Votes: 23 53.5%
  • Magical Power

    Votes: 17 39.5%
  • Fusioned Ones

    Votes: 11 25.6%

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15:10, 23rd Nov 2015
Shadow Fury: A cool AoS with a massive quantity of heroes and an efficient AI to have fun even in single player. Aesthetically, the terrain and the visuals teem with lively colours and much tile variation so if you are a fan of vivid atmospheres, you'll adore the terrain. One could just argue that there isn't tile variation at Arthas' Necropolis' side, but that's nothing really worth consideration. The gameplay offers you an entertaining experience and ensures plenty of excitement. All heroes have enjoyable spells and overall they seem to be nearly balanced. Add to all of that a twist of awesome items and it's guaranteed you'll enjoy the game.
I did it hawkwing but momently I don't want to use colored texts....I already asked two moderators to approve War of Sanctity...but still nothing :'( :'( :'(

You Need to be Patient because some Mods Don't have time For this. Maybe they need to rest..
There's No Bad Thing about waiting for a Days... You just need to be Patient..
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
It is a pretty nice AoS with a peculiar scenery. You literally mixed objects that don't fit together. Look at the barrens tree on the grass, they are totally inappropriate. But the funniest and most absurd thing I saw was seeing lava spawns being spawned from snowy fields. I mean, lava and snow? They have no relation! I also want to talk about the colours of the terrain. The contrast between the very solid green colour of the doodad grass and the other tonalities of green of the other doodads look awkward.
I have no intention of dragging you further into boring criticism about terrain so I'll speak about the gameplay. Generally it is enjoyable and the AI works well but I'm just a little surprised that heroes can regenerate health and mana through two skills. This really wipes out the idea of consumables since heroes are already auto-sustainable. Not by surprise consumables are not present in the game. I would like to suggest removing these two skills and adding consumables because this would allow players to prove their skills in managing their HP and mana rather than going on a full rush and depleting them all because they know they can regenerate them. With the presence of a shop selling consumables, you may transfer the "Transport Gem" to it. Be sure that you manage the charges. With this I mean that if I buy two equal consumables, they should not take two inventory slots but only one with two charges.
Now I'd like to talk about the cost of the items. Many prices are just too low. Before analysing various cases in details, you have to be aware of specific points. Each creep gives approximately 95 gold, each tower 400 and each hero kill 500. These are pretty high numbers so the item costs should be high as well, but that's not your case. Let me give you some examples.

- 10% bash only for 1500 gold is a real deal
- 9 armor for 1200 gold feels like stealing the item from the merchant
- 20% lifesteal for 800 gold is a very big deal!
- A 30-mana Feedback + 3 points to all attributes for the scanty price of 750 gold is like having it for free! Do you realise that burning 30 mana on each attack is deadly? It can't be sold for 750 only!

These are some examples but there are more I reckon. You must tweak the numbers to make the game fair.

That's all for now. I have enough information to decide what to do with your map. It is set to needs fix. Update your map and it will return back pending.

Good luck!
Level 3
Nov 3, 2015
Review :

It is a Good AoS Map With Unique Heroes
The System is Good and Item Upgrades..
But The Terrain and Placing of Doodads Are not Good.
The Grass Tileset and the Grass Model Doesn't blend each other or its in appropriate.
You Might reduce the Brightness of the Grass Model By Editing it into WorldEditor>ObjectEditor. The Placing of Doodads Looks Like Rushed..and Also
The Creeps are attacking those second Tower even if the First tower has not yet Fully Destroy.

Anyway, Good Work..


Map Reviewer
Level 21
Aug 6, 2015
In one hand,thank you.On the other hand,the doodads are not placed like rush.They are placed good and have different colors of green and yellow cause like that its normal to look.For example if you go in a park,you won't see vegetation having only a tonality of green.And the creeps don't attack different towers,you might have engaged them are they ran after you,eventually stopping near that tower.Anyway thanks for playing it.Check War of Sanctity with attention and you will see its totally awesome! ;)
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
You don't seem to have understood fully what had to be done. I told you to make the prices more expensive but they didn't really increase a lot (still 750 for burning mana for example). That item, for example, should cost like 2500 to 3000 on its own. The +9 armor should be about 1750 and so on.

The terrain looks strange but somewhat nice. I think you should leave it this way because I'm afraid you might make it look worse if you remake it completely.

Talking about the special skills, you've must created mega unbalance. Some heroes have both the heal and mana regen skills, some have the mana only, some have the heal, some don't have any of these! What the... you know that having both is very very advantageous? If the hero consumes mana, he can regen it immediately. If he loses a lot of HP, he can regen it without going back to base. If you don't have either, you lose one of these advantages. You must make sure all heroes are equally advantages with no one on top of the other. Either remove the heal and mana regen skills completely on give it to all heroes with pretty long cooldowns (not less than 90 seconds).

The map is reset to needs fix.


Map Reviewer
Level 21
Aug 6, 2015
Exactly as I suspected! Well I have to tell you that this version of War of Sanctity its the one I made last week,but since then I have changed everything!Now the reason of the war updated,and those two skills have been removed from all heroes(the mana and HP regen)and I added consumables! I will post the update in about 45 minutes! Hope you won't go to sleep :D
But anyway,thanks for the feedback!
Last edited:


Map Reviewer
Level 21
Aug 6, 2015
I just played two Heroes but the values seems on crack (or weed), may be lower down the hype a little on those spells, they all look like you can destroy someone at level 1.

The spells are made very well(mostly triggered) and are balanced for each hero.They are unique,and you can't kill a hero at level 1..lol...each hero has chances.Its varying from type to type.Play it more and you will fully understand it! ;)


Map Reviewer
Level 21
Aug 6, 2015
I will be more apparently clear but I think some Heroes are truly fine, such as the Spell Breaker guy but with the statement about overpowered, the global teleport from the Blue Dragon Knight guy just make the mark :p

In one hand "the spellbreaker guy" its called Anasterian(Mystic Sage).On the other hand...Lloyd's First Skill,has the perfect cooldown for what it does.The spell just teleports Lloyd in time,appearing on any explored map and slowing enemies upon arrival.Since the skill doesn't cause damage,and has a fittable cooldown,its well made. You should play it more and learn a few more things about creating a cool spell ;)
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
Really really good! I think I can approve the map now with a rating of 4/5 (mainly because of the large quantity of heroes, great original spells and the fantastic AI). If you could just improve the terrain...
Just two final notices I almost forgot to tell you the last times:

- Just like in DotA, all buildings and towers are invulnerable except tier 1 ones. When a tier 1 building is destroyed, tier 2 becomes vulnerable. When a tier 2 building is destroyed, tier 3 becomes vulnerable and so on. You should do the same, unless you want an overfed hero to go and destroy the target ignoring all towers

- Change "Chose" to "Choose"


Map Reviewer
Level 21
Aug 6, 2015
Really really good! I think I can approve the map now with a rating of 4/5 (mainly because of the large quantity of heroes, great original spells and the fantastic AI). If you could just improve the terrain...
Just two final notices I almost forgot to tell you the last times:

- Just like in DotA, all buildings and towers are invulnerable except tier 1 ones. When a tier 1 building is destroyed, tier 2 becomes vulnerable. When a tier 2 building is destroyed, tier 3 becomes vulnerable and so on. You should do the same, unless you want an overfed hero to go and destroy the target ignoring all towers

- Change "Chose" to "Choose"

Thank you so so so much!!!!! Yeah I thought of the same thing with the tiers of invulnerability...the next update I am working on..its going to have them...and why should I impove the terrain? It is good...at least please approve it...so I can update it from now on..whenever I work more.I thank you a lot for re-re-reviewing War of Sanctity...I am pleased you like it :D