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Nov 18, 2012
Wise men speak because they have something to say;
Fools because they have to say something. - Plato

Sure, but the same is true for my identity as a cisgender man, for example. Science can study what people report as their identity though. For example:
Oh god no, please take this nonsense away about "cisgender". Either you are a man or a woman. Hermaphrodite isn't a gender, it's state of being, no one lives like that, the parents chose if they want the new born to be a boy or a girl.

By comparison, I've suffered from depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for many years. This is also entirely subjective, yet these things can be studied scientifically, and can be diagnosed and treated.
Uhm, okay. I hope you're doing well now.

I would say, if you know it's highly likely that something you say could be perceived as insulting or otherwise hurtful, even though you don't mean it that way, it's worth expressing your intent in a way that is more likely to be perceived correctly.

Another example: the word "retard" used to simply mean "someone with a developmental disability affecting their intelligence", or something like that.
If you keep using it in that sense and insist that people shouldn't be so sensitive and consider this word offensive, you shouldn't be surprised that you offend people and create misunderstandings, because the meaning and connotation of the word has clearly changed and almost everyone will interpret it in the derogatory sense.
So why not adapt and say "developmentally disabled person" or something like that? Is it really more of an issue to change some of the language you use than to willfully offend people and cause misunderstandings?

Also see: Euphemism Treadmill - Wikipedia
Perhaps this video is an easy answer for you.
I'm not going around and insult people out of nowhere for no reason, that's just stupid. That doesn't mean one can't use the words "retard" or "handicapped" in other contexts, even in as a buzzword. One thing that people tend to do is associate the "negative" word with themselves, and then feel offended because they think someone is making fun of them, when in reality one could just be criticizing the behavior and not the person at all. These are two different things. For example, gay can be used in a lot of contexts, one would be "Man this game is so gay", meaning it would be boring and stupid. Now, does this mean this guy is saying gay people are boring? Heck no.

I would rather pose a different question: Is it okay to not be attracted to anyone?
A better question would be: Is it normal not to be attracted to anyone?
Asexuality is certainly a thing, just as homosexuality and bisexuality, but it is rarely ever talked about, because how can you not be interested in sex? It sometimes seems this is more alien to people than liking the same gender, or even being dendrophile. That might be a discussion for another thread, but a discussion worth having nonetheless. Especially since, as you say, the western culture revolves so much around the concept of sex.

I agree, it shouldn't need to be a big deal, but it has to be, at least currently. There are too many bigots in the world, and a large portion of these bigots are rich white men, who still hold that sexuality should be clear cut and only "natural", and they have a lot of influence. The only way you can fight such people is by constantly showing them in the form of "parading" sexual diversity to show them that the masses stand together. Sometimes it feels to me that people don't realize how recent the right to sexual diversity in the west is, and that it is still illegal on pain of death many places in the world. So until the day comes when liking a person of the same gender, or any oddity, will not get you legally executed, imprissoned or persecuted somewhere in the world, I will hold up a shitty plaque for your right to like and be with whoever you want. Western priveleges sometimes makes us blind to the importance of certain "inconveniences."
Considering the whole human race, asexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality doesn't exit at all. Since there's not a lot we know about the human brain, and considering the pattern and functionality of all animals, including us, all of the previous terms are abnormal behaviors, thus, mental conditions. Yes there's death penalty in a lot of places in the world for these kinds of behavior and it shouldn't happen, maybe focus on that instead of demanding other stuff. What i find appalling is that the same people who promote diversity, freedom, sexual pervertion, tolerance, peace, love are the same people who are intolerant, censor others, control others, and discriminate some groups of themselves, spliting everyone apart. You know what this reminds me of? Dictatorship, sounds like people become what they hated.

Just think about racism, now there's a problem that has been ongoing for eternity, and it is still not resolved, it is still not fair, racism is still a thing everywhere in the world, and that is a much bigger problem for a much smaller reason, the color of your skin. It has nothing to do with a person's entire identity or how they live their lives, it's to do with how they look, so tell me, do you still think the LGBT community doesn't deserve to be loud?
Racism still alive because of lot of reasons. One of them is racist people being stupid. Another one is the fact the marginalized group riots and breaks everything and thus will worse the reputation they have. That part is their fault, they're literally proving the racist's people point by being an absolute animal. Other marginalized people have nothing to do with that, and I frankly feel sorry for them.

How about we just don't label anyone? And leave it up to each individual person to figure out who they are and what they want to be just like we do with everything else? I also think it's important to distinguish between non-binary and gender-fluid here, because they are not the same. Non-binary is a state of mind, it's about feeling that you do not belong to either of the already established clear-cut gender-roles that society forces upon us, and that should be respected. Whereas "gender-fluid" seems a bit more afloat. But I am not an expert on the subject, and I don't claim to be.
Right, let's not parent our childs, let's not establish rules, let's not teach real life basics. Basically let's not care about people, that's what you're saying. People want others to accept who "they want to be" but in reality they themselves won't accept who they really are. I don't understand what exactly what you mean with "don't label anyone" though. Non-binary and gender-fluid is a load of bull made up, no such thing exists. There's only 2 genders, period. Gender is the same as sex whether you like it or not. Modifying the term to suit your narrative and to be convinient because without it all that logic falls apart isn't going to make it. Gender != personality.

If you get violently angry for any reason you need to get a grip of yourself and probably figure out why that thing made you so angry, but it does not however automatically mean that you need psychological help, it might, but not automatically.
I agree, that works for everyone.

Where to begin? Yes, some trans-gender people are likely trans-gender because it's a trend, because they want attention or for similar reasons, or maybe just because they are confused. But no, I do not think you are right to assume that most of them are not trans-gender. And it is not sudden at all, history shows several accounts of people cross-dressing, seeking to become the other gender and/or feeling depressed because they couldn't be. However, yes, there is a spike, and that spike is quite probably born from knowledge more so than trend. There is a difference between knowing you can chose gender and knowing that everything must be clear-cut and that you do not have a choice. Up until very recently, most people weren't aware that they could choose, because society wouldn't let them. When you don't know that something is an option, how can you then opt for it? It's a paradox, what it does leave you with, however, is a deep sitting depression because you don't know what it is that you don't have that you also feel that you need. There are several studies for millions of things with an even bigger variety of results, simply stating that studies shows something these days is not a valid argument in and of itself, because even science is biased and even scientists want to come to different conclusions. No matter what you want to believe, I am sure you can find a study somewhere out there that attempts to prove your point.
You still can't choose gender, the same way you can't choose your age.
Science can't be biased, they're simply theories waiting to be refuted. No one should insert an ideology upon nor anything similar.

This is a curiously strong opinion about something that is neither here nor there, why should marriage not be legal? What basis do you have for such an opinion? Now, I don't know anything about said tax-benefits, I don't think that's a thing where I'm from, but I could be wrong, but shouldn't your opinion then be that such benefits should be removed from marriage? That marriage rather should have no discriminating benefits? Also, isn't it a bit ironic that you find marriage personally discriminating, all things considered. And yes, any private organization should retain their rights to decide who they do and don't wed, however when those same institutions try to police others into having the same views and prohibitions as them, then I think they loose their right of freedom and shoudn't be allowed to wed anyone.
Pretty much.

Tl;dr: Be yourself and respect everyone else for their decision about who they are, so long as who they are is not harmful to anyone else. Support them when others want to hate, murder or imprisson them for simply living a harmless life of their own. Let them be loud, let them be with who they want to be with and try to understand that just because you don't understand their position, just because you don't feel the same hardship as they do, that doesn't mean you don't need to resepct them. Combaya-dayadayada.
Yes, certainly going out of your way to anyone and telling them they're this and that blablabla is just being an idiot. However, that doesn't mean they can't be criticized, after all, we're all equal, right?
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Jul 1, 2010
This is just a symptom of a sick society, all societies like systems tend to get corrupted over time when unchallenged and with too much luxury, just look at Rome. Or maybe it's because of enthropy, who knows...
Tbh, I don't care what religion the European plebs conforms too. I'll look down on them either way.
You won't have anything to look down on except the dirt while they chop your infidel head off, you should care !
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Jul 1, 2010
guys have sex with girls in the ass when they don't want to get them pregnant. it doesn't require a condom either. clearly they don't love those girls and they don't necessarily enjoy butt sex either. it is a matter of addictive need not want. honestly why do chicks do it, do they even get satisfaction out of butt sex?
For guys it's more about dominance and control and girls go for it to please the guy, I don't really think many girls actually enjoy it or the process of enlarging their anus to fit a penis.