Last Breath: Warcraft 3 (test)

Level 5
May 30, 2022
The undead have taken over part of Azeroth.
The Alliance's last line of defense, Lordaeron. Arthas became king after the death of his father. He fought for the world tree.
While the war was going on, Ner'zhul was gathering an army, an army that would take over all of Azeroth.
After the defeat of the Legion, after huge losses from the Alliance and the Horde. Ner'zhul took advantage of this weakness and sent legions of skeletons to attack.
Slowly, continent by continent, Ner'zhul took over Azeroth. The Horde, led by Thrall, sailed to the Isles, having been defeated in Calindor. The first to fall were the night elves, the keepers, the priestesses, and all elves.
Arthas held the line at the gates of Lordaeron. Every day, Arthas tried to find survivors with the help of messengers. One day a wizard came to the gate, a magician of fire. Arthas let the mage into Lordaeron, when the mage was grafted into the throne room, he introduced himself: "Hello, King Arthas, I am Amedin, firebender, follower of the firelord Ludar."
- How did you get here? Asked King Arthas.
“I made my way through an army of skeletons…” Arthas Amedin interrupted, unable to finish.
"How, how could you single-handedly fight your way through a legion of skeletons?"
"It's just King Arthas, I still don't understand why your kingdom couldn't kill these walking bones?" - Answered Amedin.
"If you're so confident in your abilities, go kill them!" Arthas said.
"So be it..."
"Get him out of here guards." Arthas ordered.
After Arthas cast out Amedin. Amedin went to some incomprehensible temple. Temple that was called "Fear of ice."
A few days later, the skeletons are gone.
"Clearly that mage scared them or took them apart." Arthas thought.
Arthas ordered to find and collect survivors from all over Azeroth.
King Arthas sent expeditions to different parts of Azeroth.
The ixipidition that went to Kilindor never returned.
The second, found magicians and several Archmages.
The third one came with the news that no one and nothing had been found.
The fourth one brought 4 wolf riders and 6 ordinary orcs.
Arthas ordered the island to be completely cleared of skeletons.
Arthas managed to clear the island, but Ner'zhul noticed this and instead of skeletons, he decided to send the undead to Lordaeron.
At that time, the Orcs, allied with the ogres. Orcs were not going to attack the undead yet, because the undead were much stronger. However, the orcs heard that the Alliance had cleared their borders.
Arthas decided to make an alliance with Thrall and his people, so he sent him an ambassador.
Thrall agreed to the alliance, but on the condition that: the Orcs would not temporarily help the Alliance with the undead, unless it was an attack on Lordaeron.
Arthas knew that Ner'zhul would obviously send someone stronger than the skeletons. Therefore, Arthas continued to send expeditions, he believed that he would find more survivors.
Oh, Arthas is really lucky, found over 20 survivors, orcs and humans.
Here comes the army of the undead. Arthas ordered the gates closed and the archers ready.
I just want to know how you like the story i know whether to continue or not.