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Kindergarten TD! v.3.0

Submitted by Dinah
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
I'm very happy to show all of you my Kindergarten TD!

For people who want to know something about this map before playing it, there's a small FAQ here:

Frequently Asked Questions
What did you change?

This TD bases on the old Wintermaul maps but there's nearly nothing i didn't change:
°All towers (123) and races (10) etc.
°I remade the terrain and did heavy changes to the landscape.
°All special levels (11) were made by me.
°All map specials (e.g. builder teleport) were made by me.
°I improved the unit pathing and added a stuck-teleport.
°I added an XP system based on save/load codes.

What do i have to do?

°The sense of the map is to defend the kinna treehouse from the adults who want to know all your 40 secrets (lives).
°It's your mission to choose one of 10 unique races and beat the adults that try to reach the treehouse.
°Save your amount of XP and enable many features for you to play!

Who helped you to create this map?

°Basically this map is made by me, Dinah.
°Ap0calypse helped me translating the map.
°Some people of this map forum (and some friends of mine) who helped me improving the map and finding bugs.

What makes this map unique and a must have?

°Better looking terrain (Green flower style).
°A bank (or better comic) system with variable interest.
°Many special rounds like Invulnerable or Healer.
°Fixed unit stuck.
°2 Languages (German/English).
°Funny descriptions of every tower.
°An XP system.
°A Money Devide Mode (for better Teamplay).
°Many other features.

Is this map protected?

Yes this map is protected and can't be opened in WE.

What is the sense of the XP system?

The XP system should motivate skilled players to play Kindergarten TD multiple times to earn advanced revards offering new strategies.

Which features can be enabled with higher XP amounts?

°100 XP -> Pro Races
°200 XP -> Instant Builder-Teleport
°300 XP -> Random Tower
°400 XP -> Book of Capers
And much more!​


Kiga now requires Warcraft 1.24 version.
Added new Game Mode "Perfection" (only 1 Secret; 125% XP).
Added new tower for Anime (Yu-Gi-Oh).
Added new upgrade for Electric Carusel (Murderous Carusel).
Added new tower for Gang (Assassin).
Added new tower for Library (Edward Cullen).
Added new XP tower to Cuddle Corner (Cuddle Den).
Added Waypoints to the positions of Red, Blue and Teal.
Added upgrade for Random Tower for 600 XP.
Added "-host x" command for Host to determine a new Host.
Added Random Race ability to the start kid (Choosing random race gives 15% extra startup gold).
Added "Adults Left" Bar to the multiboard.
Added new spell to "Book of Capers" (Emergency Landing; 1200 XP).
Rebalanced Bedwetting ability (Increased damage and AOE).
Rebalanced "Stuffed Mythological Creature's" anti air upgrade.
Replaced some tips.
Replaced loading screen image.
Reduced cooldown of "Catch" ability.
Removed Caster levels due to bugs (might be readded in future versions).
Improved "Move your ass"-Ability.
Improved unit pathing.
Fixed bug making the game stuck when Host leaves before Game options are choosen.
Fixed Whirlwind ability from slowing mechanically levels.
Fixed Whirlwind ability from Cyclone Bonus rounds.
Fixed "Stuffed Alpine Bear"-Upgrade and "Detective Conan" from not slowing as shown in tooltip.
Fixed rare bug showing up the wrong level in defeat dialog.
Fixed "-nameall" command.
Fixed wrong sell values on upgraded towers.
Fixed some memory leaks.
It's not possible to attack adults at greys spawn from yellow position anymore.
Sell ability now also can sell car workshop items.
"-sell"-command now will sell items, too.
When amount of adults is below 10% the remaining mobs will be marked on the minimap.
Bonus Rounds now have a 10% chance to spawn as red ones additionally offering an extra secret.
Library Autocast can now be set to "only Bonus".
Minor Changes.
Minor Bugfixes.​

Please report bugs\etc. to me.

- Dinah -

td, tower defense, defense, maul, Kindergarten, tower, wintermaul, maul, Dinah, Kiga

Kindergarten TD! v.3.0 (Map)

15:22, 14th June 2009, by Rui(#101): A tower defense translated in two languages. There is little else to distinguish it from other maps of the same type. Approved with a 2,5 out of 5 rating, 3 (Useful) approximately.
  1. Volody


    Jan 13, 2011
    I like this map

    I finde 2 bug

    1) If to play for Lego that it is possible cheat money on knights
    To buy them for 16 and to sell for 75

    2) On green and pink if to construct towers behind control points that creps will go there here

    i am from Ukrain
  2. Volody


    Jan 13, 2011
    There will be a new version?
  3. ShadowThong


    May 23, 2015
    Dinah, please come back and update this awesome map :)