Kalimdor Template

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A simple template of Kalimdor before the Third War, can be used for a short gameplay, risk map or a cinematc
if use give me credits :)

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Kalimdor, Template, Forsaken, Elves

Kalimdor Template (Map)

13:39, 14th Jan 2014 Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 3/5. See this review for more information: Review If you need a review once again with this map, please do tell me through VM/PM but preferrable is PM.




13:39, 14th Jan 2014
Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 3/5. See this review for more information: Review

If you need a review once again with this map, please do tell me through VM/PM but preferrable is PM.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
Slightly fine template but I got a lot of remarks:-

- The terrain is very flat in some points, especially in the barrens
- The terrain surrounding the world tree is pretty bad. The reasons are that some hills are just rock tile, I couldn't see a humble tree beside the giant roots and cobble path shouldn't be used there! More forest tile variation is needed there!
- Many points have a lot of grass and few other tiles and so these points turned out slightly bad e.g the grassy island at the south-east of the map
- Tile variation in the barrens was not manipulated efficiently so the overall result wasn't that nice. In addition, the hills in there were made of Lordaeron Rock tile, why not making them of Barrens Rock tile and Pebbles? (if you can't do this, then you'll have to skip this crucial points) Cobble Path should be removed from the barrens also as it's used for villages and occasionally roads. but not just putting a small amount of them in the barrens. You didn't create a road so it's not fitting
- The dominating tiles in the barrens were the Desert and Grass so the rest of the tiles were too scarcely seen. Saying that I don't mean that I didn't see any tile but Grass and Desert yet that you need to add more tile variation
- Many hills are empty with just rock tile on them
- Most disappointing is that about 60% of the map is empty and that increases the filesize for no reason

However, the map has still very cool stuff like the fog and the forests. Some models were also fitting and properly used.

- Fill the empty hills with doodads like rocks, rock spires, tree etc...
- Add more tile variation to the places I listed above
- Don't leave large areas with only one or even two tiles only, they'll not look nice. Look at the forests with the fog, these have a very great tile variation and great use of doodads too
- Some hills are just too lofty (tall) so I suggest that you lower them a bit (NOT all hills, just the tallest ones)
- The part of the world tree needs more doodads and no cobble path, it doesn't really fit even if it looks cool. Add more vines and especially Leaves
- The Lordaeron Rock tile looks really ugly in the barrens. Find a way to remove it and replace it with something more fitting, either with the method I listed above or with another appropriate idea
- Make the terrain more hilly because there are flat points. Concentrate on the barrens because it has the most flat terrain

Overall, this gets 2.5/5, a rating of 3 and my vote for APPROVAL! :thumbs_up:
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
The Hive Workshop Official

Map Reviewer: Hell_Master
Map Name: Kalmidor Template
Map Author: Forsaken



Terrain looks good though some parts of it mostly lacks some center of attention or something that could really grab your attention to something. Some of the terrain parts are also quite flat like the Barrens Part. Most of the map are quite empty. Yes, there are doodads and destructibles but only on the sides but nothing on the open areas or the areas that could have some more details in it.

The water parts could also be decorated with water doodads. Its really bad to leave it so empty. The water parts needs some love from you.

But, for the good parts, I liked that you made a terrain template that consists of many available terrain tileset types. Fogs are also present and different weathers in each areas.

Score: 56/100


The terrain needs to have some sort of attention grabber like putting some unusual but great structures on some of the terrain's part. It could surey grab the viewer's attention!

Terrain is flat and could use some raisings/lowering and such. An example is the Barren terrain part, it is too flat

Most of the terrains are quite empty. Yes, you have decorated it with doodads/destructibles though could also use some in the open areas because I did noticed that most of the details are in the sides only.

The water part of the terrain really needs some attention from you. Place some Water doodads in it such as Coral, Ships, Fishes, Destroyed Ships and Rocks... It's quite bad leaving it too empty.


Final Score: 60.000/100
3/5 - Approved


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