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Jurassic Park Philippines v3.00b

Submitted by bisnar13
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Game Description

You and other explorers went to the first jurassic park in the Philippines!
You were riding your airplane to go there but, it exploded and crash landed!
So, now you need to wait for the rescue to come!
(The park is on palawan)
shows how many dinosaurs are currently alive and killed.
selects for you your explorer.
clears messages
kicks a selected player

Special thanks to the following:
bisnar13 (me) for making the map and for some icons, models and systems! :D
olofmoleman for all the custom dinosaur models. (Great)
Illidan(Evil)X for the airplane model.
Domokun for turret gun model and icon.
Frankster for all the tank models and icons! (They're Great)
Stanakin for the house model and icon. :)
eubz for the house model.
GhostThruster for the marine model and icon :)
FreiBier for the tree skin (looks great)
AlienArsonist for the sniper icon
UndeadImmortal for the damage and spell system :)
The Silent for an icon
Mr. Bob for factory model
Deolrin for the crate model :)
Mephestrial for the wall model
-=Emergenzy=- for the other wall model
maxor_gan for fire icon
AlienArsonist for the lighter icon

Units and Towers
At the beginning, you are given an explorer
It can build the following:

Tent - You can return gold and lumber here. You could also go in. Can be upgraded.

Camp Fire - Provides you a fire damage to dinosaurs who come closer, and gives you large vision of the area that you placed it in. Can be upgraded.

Wood Wall - A weak defense. Can be upgraded until platinum wall.

Excavation Site - You can get money from here, because you sell the fossils to someone in the tent.

Energy Supplier - Provides you with energy (food) to make other buildings. Can be upgraded.

Basic Defense Tower - Can be upgraded to Missile Towers, Turret Towers and the basic Arrow Tower.

Basic Building Tower - Can be upgraded to a factory.

Basic Research Tower - Allows you to research different kinds to make better units.

You should focus on making robotic harvesters, first upgrade a factory from the basic building tower then, a robot research tower from the basic research tower then, collect money until you can buy. It helps you to harvest more and it will make the game easier.

Stay at the sides of the map, dinosaurs are more likely to roam in the middle parts.

Other Information
When the timer reaches 5 minutes left, there will be an earthquake, that will make the dinosaurs angry thats why they will be more aggresive. They will all be targetting you.
Watch Out!

Gameplay Screenshots

Old Versions

Clash with the dinosaurs!






We survived!





-Flattened and smoothened the terrain, and added a few more rocks.
-Protected the map
-2 new buildings, Hospital and Infantry
-4 new units, Deflector, Gunner, Assassin and Nurse
-A few new items. One that allows you to revive a dead player, and the other to teleport to a selected structure
-Made the game easier
-Less lag


Changed Cut tree to Burn tree, because it has more sense
Added Other Actions(includes Change Owner and Destroy)
Added Unit that gives of aura for dinosaurs when they get angry
Changed Some Icons
Added Commands -buildings, -dinosaurs
Made Tent, House, Mansion Larger. More to Scale. More realistic.
And some other minor differences :D
Made the environment more like in the morning.
Lowered the filesize by 200+kb
Protected the map
Less lag
Fixed leaks

Previous Versions

I just added a few things to the terrain. I also fixed the descriptions for buildings and units. Made them with more info like DPS, HP, Armor and etc. I also added a sound effect for the part that the plane will crash land. Also added some new commands. :) I also changed the energy cap (maximum) to 200 so that players can build more towers and units. Added dialogs, for kicking, for modes, etc. Added some other things. Fixed some leaks. Added some units.

Pls Comment And Rate! And Also Give Suggestions Thanks :)
This Map Is Protected.

Dinosaur, Philippines, Filipino, Philippine, Jurassic, Park, Tanks, War, Survival, Survivor, Forest, Pilipino, Pinoy,

Jurassic Park Philippines v3.00b (Map)

[img]Orcnet [17:24, Dec/01/2012] "Approved"
  1. ArcturusDrake


    Jul 7, 2013
    love your map dude, best J-park map i've played, me and my friends play it often.

    if your looking for more ideas to improve the map, you could try having the evac plane spawn in a random place on the map (we tend to camp the middle after the 5 min mark), and even maybe have a selection of hero suits with different abilities, oh and you should add a stegosaurus, and spinosaurus.
  2. Doran Proudmoore

    Doran Proudmoore

    Nov 11, 2015
    Hey bisnar...
    Your map is awesome I cant believe it that Im playing the best Dinosour about map!
    Hey, good job..
    P.S. This map makes me stronger cuz Im fooled my brother to go to the middle...
  3. bisnar13


    May 1, 2011
    Thanks for the support guys! :D