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A female assasin riding her leopard. Yeah. a 'chick riding leopard' =). She is a mercenary who is good at shooting arrow from a far and sneak into the jungle together with her leopard.

path: units\NightElf\HeroMoonPriestess\PriestessOfTheMoon.blp

Jungle, assassin, rogue, ranger, archer, cat, panther, leopard, lion, lioness

JungleAssassin (Texture)

THE_END: Finally, a good PoTM skin
Level 9
May 7, 2005
her face seens to be a little blurry but, other than that its a very good skin.

sweet scars...

btw you made the icon? its so cool...
Level 4
Sep 18, 2005
The leopard is perfect.. just the girl seems to have problems. The ears being removed looks very awkward. GJ other than that though.
Level 1
Dec 7, 2007
the leopard is pretty kick-ass but pandamanana tells it all...

i mean look at her legs in the preview its just sad how much you would have to eat to get those...

and who ever made this.....WHAT WERE U SMOKING???!!!111one!!1111