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Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8.1

Submitted by gadina_prokleta
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Gadina Prokleta Presents

by A.Dominion and Gadina Prokleta
Version 5.8.1

► Both major bugs of the game should be finally FIXED:​
• The game desynchronization at game start should not happen anymore!
• The bug with items lost upon death is now fixed!
• In order to reduce overpopulation, initial beast spawn is randomly decreased by app. 10%.​
► There is a dedicated network for Jungle Trolls Reborn in Tunngle (see here for details).​

Map Info:

You must survive,
gather resources,
build your village and
protect your Totem from the other evil troll tribes in the Jungle.

Loading Screen picture by Cindy Nyan


Playable Classes:

You can choose among four troll heroes, each having different skills and item recipes:
The fierce and mighty WARRIOR,
The silent and insidious HUNTER,
The wise and creepy SHAMAN,
The ingenious and crafty INVENTOR.

The Troll classes


Gameplay Variety:

You can craft various weapons, items and buildings and combine them
dependent on the class of the chosen troll and the necessities of the tribe.
The world is changing and going its own course through the game.
The game is rich of possibilities. There can't be two JTR games exactly the same.

A well armed Warrior in action



- rich game world, full of hidden dangers and secrets;
- breeding animals, which can be hunted, tamed or even zombified;
- cute little cubs and mighty boss beasts, cunning enemies and evil allies;
- changing weather affecting the gameplay in many aspects;
- complete freedom of movement and choice of tactics.

A Hunter with his pet



The game is based on A.Dominion's Jungle Troll Tribes (5.5).
In the middle of year 2006 with the written permission of the author
the map was reworked and improved by gadina_prokleta.

Subsequently A.Dominion joined the development team
and did a great work to further improve and extend the game.

The game was developed with the help of many
contributors from all around the world:
Dark Angel (beta testing, tooltips),
ElloElloEllo (modelling),
GothicMage and Jimmehdean (hosting, beta testing),
BIOEngineer (Russian game community, beta testing)
and many others.

Official Site

More Info

For updates and contact:
Facebook page

troll, trolls, jungle trolls, jungle troll tribes, reborn, gadina, prokleta, survival

Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8 (Map)

15:59, 4th Dec 2008 Rui: The map is known to me. The previous version was approved, so I guess this one will pass too. Note, please use the Update button to submit a new version.
  1. Viei


    Dec 18, 2010
    Here are some impressions from 5.6.12:

    [*] It's now possible to settle near any dangerous animal den - drop totem pole, spirit beast pops, enjoy free meat/hide.

    [*] Spirit beast is a free miner. Crabs begone! :)

    [*] Now that totem starts with full mana "Winter is coming" instantly. Twice.

    [*] Removing carnivirous plant is huge success. Indeed, idea of troll being swallowed by a plant is appealing, but that plants are just too random.

    [*] Places where thorny vines used to grow now look _odd_.

    [*] Seems like stability improveda bit since 5.5.final.

    [*] Spirit hauling (rightclicking non-meat/bones items to move them closer to you while dead) is painful.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2014
  2. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    Thank you, guys!
    I really appreciate your help. I've fixed some of the reported bugs and done some of the suggested changes. I'd like to do more, but it cost me far too much time and energy. Sorry I won't answer point by point.
    Generally - I've reworked and simplified the survival system (in matters of gameplay and technically by vonverting more triggers to JASS). I've fixed any bugs I encountered and done some improvements.
    It was a long job, so there may be some new bugs... Please report them and they will be fixed.
    I look forward on your comments how the new Resting system works and how does it change the feeling of the game.

  3. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Test game 5.6 13 and 14 // notes


    just tested 5.6 13 and 14 and still the errors I mentioned in the previous post appear. Whenever a beast or a player goes near the totem of computer opponent: errors occur. (say a bear spawns near the start location. It kills the computer player and the moment it attacks his totem game crashes). When a player reaches within ~ 800 - 1000 range of the computer totem: crash. In one of the tests I made week ago i noticed the totem used a spell like a coil (i guess it is banish or something left in the triggers from previous versions) and then error.
    The easiest way to test (when there are no players for multyplayer game) is to set 1 computer in the other tribe and test game. You just wait 10 minutes for computer player to random spawn and his totem is autobuilded without guardian. Also he spawns most times with food 0 while players food is reset to 200 when computer spawns. So if you send a pet there or go near totem 100% error occurs.
    So i guess finding and fixing the reason for those errors will remove most future critical errors at least for single player game. Actually i saw that if the animals that spawn near the enemy start location dont attack the totem no critical errors folow.

    Warrior players usually prefer these type of weapons and armor. So in early game they often use something like exploit: Suicide / resurrect or kill team members for skull. Although the 1000 energy cost prevents this i guess more elder beasts would help this. So i think elder beasts should have a chance to spawn at start (equal chance) as lvl 1, 2, 3 animals. So chance for animal to spawn will be: lvl 1 , 2, 3, 4. (also they can provide some auras if near to other animals).

    Thunder clubs/ fiery axe / throwing weapons
    My oppinion dmg on thunder clubs / fiery axe is too high : 125 / ~100 and the cooldown is not very long. Usually a player has say a thunder club; throwing axes/harpoons; and then (spellbooks / bow / gun). So you see this makes more than instant 200 in a second. I guess Thunderclub/fiery axe dmg should be closer to the actual dmg of lightning/fireball; // Also the throwing weapon cooldown may be changed to be triggered by either primary or secondary weapon so u cant use all 3 attacks instantly
    (ex. normal club;bow;harpoon + normal hit).
    ~40 ~40 ~40 all in 1 second :) ;
    u see with thunder club it becomes 125 + 40 +40 + normal hit. This means even in late game this can kill a player almost in a second. And usually there are at least 2 3 players per team. So in most lategame attacks you get alot of instant kills and have to deal with reviving.
    Actually to stop this you need a lined tortoise armor and a nice shield + several heal potions or so in order not to die on the next such attack...
    This is no complain game is already balanced but still 125 is probably too high for a melee weapon especially while the inventor has probably some sniper gun (180 critical) + some grenades/rockets by that time.

    I noticed that auto resting prevents autoattack (especially on computer opponents or if players are idle) so a beast may attack a player and autoresting prevents him from auto retaliate i guess this is normal and you have to turn off autocast for resting periodically.
    Inventor weapons / granades dont need any mana but not sure if this should be changed.

    Also petrified wood didnt appear / birds still return to player, so i guess you didnt have time to check this (its not urgent :))
    If I have any ideas regarding the AI of birds / small animals escape mechanics (not to come back to players when attacked) I will let you know.

    Idea for a fishing hut:
    this small murloc hut model which can be built on water could be used as a fishing facility (trolls dont get wet / can store items there / rest better while fishing). So in addition to tents and troll hut this fishing hut could also be built from the tannery/workshop.

    All the best
  4. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    Yes, I didn't work on the totem issue, it is in JASS and... really complicated. But I will.

    I know about the lightnings, same problem.

    About the weapons: I plan to rework them, which is another hard update. Needs time.

    The fishing hut... I saw it before, it is nice idea, but it has low priority: the before mentioned and some other issues are much more important for the stability and overall gameplay.
  5. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    As I promised: lightnings and neutral totem bugs fixed.

    Weapons will be reworked... some days/weeks later.

    Please tell me if last test 16 is stable.

    About some other bugs reported:
    - Cooking level 3 - it looks really okay. Maybe you didn't really achieve level 3 for 100% chance? Or the message informing you was somehow wrong?
    Anyway, it's not quite important. As for balance, level 3 cooking is really hard to achieve, so the tasty reward is fully deserved.
    - Antidote - this one looks all right too. But you say it saved you only from 1 disease?

    Test 16 is stable and working well.
    The only major bug which is still not fixed is the desynchronization for some players happening in the beginning of bot hosted multiplayer game. This is why I will release series of Test versions, trying to isolate and fix this issue. Test 17 is the first of them. Please play and tell me if my measures to prevent it are working.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
  6. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Few notes on test 16

    Tested several games (test16) and seems that critical errors no longer
    appear in single player after computer totem fix. I noticed that game is more stable and it takes less freeze time after end game. (before the game used to freeze for several minutes and you had to end process with Task Manager).

    Some small things (cosmetics and gameplay) that can be improved:
    Game start (single player) - after 10 minute timer expires food is reset to max (makes game start easier). So if players know this they dont use food in the first 10 minutes. (Even if all slots in a tribe are empty the timer still counts the tribe as if in game).
    Computer tribe Totem kits drop - can be dissassembled to 3 wood 1 mana stone.

    Rest - animation to notice -
    when autocasting is on - resting goes on infinitely without notice. Usually this way you lose heat very fast at night . I guess a sleep animation above players will notify them to turn it off when not needed.
    OR: as autocasting is auto turned on when below 50 energy - so I suppose it should be auto turned off when energy reaches 180 or max... (just to prevent this heat loss at night).

    A nice sound for run/panic is I think: "Animation - DevourMagicLaunch" (Undead Destroyer ability). Its quiet and not disturbing. Currently no sound is played and its not very clear when run ability is used.

    removes some of the poisons and others remain. Example: there are a tarantula, snake and a spider. The 3 bites stack and u start losing 3+2+1 =6 hitpoints/sec. If u have a fever too it adds further ... so if u take an antidote then - it removes the fever and the last poison (spider), but still the other poisons would remain. So u need to use 2 or 3 antidotes to remove all. (tried this 2 or 3 times before and in test 16 too). I thought it should remove all poison/disease effects when u take antidote.

    Cooking skill achievement lvl3: when it is achieved the chance is like lvl1 (or at most 50%). I was curious if it was 100 % as tooltip says. An easy way to reach it and test it is like this: (maybe exploit :0) you make a firecamp and a cauldron or 2 cauldrons). You gather some raw meat, bones/fishbone. Then you cook everything in firecamp first and then in cauldrons (you take twice the experience). So it seems at lvl3 the chance is less than 60% (not sure if lvl2 is more than 33 % need to check this too). However this has no impact on gameplay.
  7. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Some new stuff (suggestions for future map ver)

    turtle shells (small)
    currently they are useless maybe for all except warrior class (due to bow/gun use). So i think they could be used for other items like masks (seems logical - similar to petrified mask: + armor +20% evade critical) / OR also to reinforce coats: 2 shells are equall to a giant shell. (this can add versatility to gameplay)

    Quest reward items - options for further lining (boots/gloves) or imbue (mask) would make the items even more effective.
    Also some quest rewards may be changed to a choice of 3 items like: gloves/boots/coat so different classes can choose. (similar to starting item choice). Example: (mana stone / iron bar / bronze bar)

    Crafting energy:
    Class craftings (bows, granades ...) could take more crafting energy.
    My opinion for shaman animal revive energy costs should be increased (x 1,5). He is able to raise alot of animals very quickly and compared to a hunter his animals are already grown and at full power, also cant be poisoned/diseased. Also warrior / inventor could use crafting energy every time they make a weapon / invention.

    Buildings - can drop resource when destroyed (some of the hard materials used like stone, wood, flint ...)

    a small nest where players can try to hatch any eggs they find (if not hungry). Maybe built in tannery or troll hut.

    Foods / potions
    As in real life the foods / drinks you consume change you: so this can be made in the game with slight bonuses that differ accordingly. example:
    10 cooked/raw meat eaten: +1 str
    10 berry/cake: +1 stamina
    10 bone/boulion: +1 spd
    10 diet drink: +1 all
    herbs also

    Tents - may be changed to require rope to build/ also get dmged by storms. (Logic is like this: u know that u use ropes to hold a tent. Also a strong wind/storm usually can tear the ropes / tent so u need to fix it or disassemble periodically).
    Also another use for furs / linen cloth: they can be used to upgrade a hut/tent to provide additional heat like blanket/carpet and then taken out (probably this would complicate things too much, especially when now fur tents/ hut provide really high heat restore). I noticed that now a fur tent or hut is enough to restore max heat even when snowing at night without need for fire/forge/clothes. Maybe no need to make game harder at this point.

    elderbeasts - spawn at game start (smaller chance than 1,2,3 lvl animals) will make trophy skulls much easier to acquire.

    Game has improved alot now. There is endless new things that can be done, but i wrote down some ideas and posted them (otherwise probably would forget them)
    all the best
  8. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    I really like most of the suggestions.
    - About Rest animation - I also thought of that, but I think it would be annoying. Imagine it: most of game time the troll will have a Zzz animation or something else. By the way, currently there is a small change when resting: the troll is forced to use his first Stand animation, which is usually the lowest (no jumps/somersaults).
    - Sound for run/panic: I'll try it.
    - Antidote and Cooking - I should inspect the triggers again.
    - turtle shells - you're right, they should be used 2 for 1.
    - More item upgrades: I prefer to not mess with that for now, more items require much work - low priority for now.
    - crafting energy: yes, I plan to make invention using the same mechanics. I doubt it should be used for crafting too - or if it would, all craftings should require some energy... Which is not contributing much to game immersion.
    - destroyed buildings dropping resources - yes, this is nice and contributes to gameplay (gives a chance to trolls to restore their attacked village). Yet it is in my long term list - not enough time for me to do everything :/
    - hatchery - sounds sweet, I like it :)
    Still - low priority.
    - Foods/potions giving attributes - I fear it might change game balance too much in some games, but still tempting (just imagine a Shaman hacing so much Stamina that he actually gains energy over time while not resting; it is almost possible even now).
    - Tents upgrade - it is nice. Still, it makes the game a little more complicated, while I am aiming the opposite.
    - Elder Beasts - okay, I'll set it as high priority.

    Your ideas are nice and usable. By the way, tell me which troll class you prefer and how do you want your name to be spelled as a random character name :)
  9. Velrog


    Feb 16, 2011
    Remove the auto-cast on the Rest button, it pretty much kills the point of survival and messes with the Attack Move command as when i try to attack something or move using that command, the trolls stops and begins resting. And i don't have time to waste watching if my Rest is on auto-cast or not. Otherwise the game is awesome, but that action game mode is pointless to exist, only makes it too easy. That way the noobs will never learn. 5+ from me. :)
  10. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    As for the autocast: from noobish point of view it is much better when the resting is starting as auto-cast. Otherwise the noob ends up lying on the ground and wondering WTF has happened. On the other hand, a player who gained some experience can always turn it on/off. If you think it is too easy, try exploring the Jungle at night and resting on the ground without camp fire or tent :)
    The attack move command is not essential. I'm glad that auto-cast resting stops it, because attack move through the Jungle is one of the most certain ways to commit suicide in JTR :D
    As for the Action mode: it is just a mode. New players usually do not change modes. Or do they?
  11. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Some bugs on test 17


    few things noticed so far:
    Guardian / No Totem (bug)
    At game start if u pick the totem kit and then drop it on ground (dont build until 10 minute timer expires) guardian spawns without totem. Then guardian can move and attack across whole map (you can use it as a tank), but totem does not exist.
    This means tribe cant be defeated by totem break, but they cant revive unless they have ring of res (such mode would be interesting too, maybe for more experienced players).

    "EDIT: it works only on tribe 2 and 3 when there is computer opponent in another tribe. Also after guardian spawn if you pick totem kit of opponent and place it you have 2 guardians."

    Random class choice (bug)
    If you choose random troll at start: 2 trolls spawn and you can control both, but they cant pick weapons normally, so its not playable. If you choose class normally then all works OK.

    Desync - still happens (2 players dropped from total of 8). Both dropped were from second tribe i guess slot 5 and 8. (1 game tested) /all other slots were closed/

    a sound too loud (bass):
    When inventory is full and you try to pick a different item (when "inventory is full" message appears) the normal "Error" sound is played, but then also another sound is played that is too loud (bass) and is really annoying (spoils jungle ambience): sound name is "Sound\Ambient\DoodadEffects\NorthrendBattleshipLoop1". (Just set high volume and bass and try to pick something with full inventory to see). When there are such heavy bass sounds you need to turn volume too low and then cant hear most things.
    So if possible this NorthrendBattleshipLoop1 should be replaced with normal Sound\interface\"HeroDropItem1" or "PickUpItem". In general my oppinion is that most sounds have to be selected to fit a silent environment such as a real jungle :)

    My view is totem break better not kill players (end game for a tribe).
    Also a defeated player may be given vision of his allies only so he can at least watch reminder of game / or chat with them if they allow him // some option for ignore annoying teammates/ghosts could be included (vote...).

    desync - 1 idea for cause is that maybe some (computer slots) can be required by the game triggers (not really sure how) like allocating some units to a particular player temporarily...
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014
  12. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Resting system notes

    There was something in the old rest mechanics that allowed you at least to move away when attacked on low mana. Currently it overrides all previous commands given + combat ability. The troll decides to take (several) naps while attacked and it becomes not controllable (rest is not cancelled by attacks either). Especially when there is fever and cold - it takes a long time
    until mana can get above 50, so often u cant actually move/escape due to consecutive auto rest.
    AutoRest mechanics (the one that plays sleep animation and prevents player control) needs a longer cooldown between sleep auto trigger even if mana is at 0 /it will resemble something like "adrenaline rush"/. Otherwise it happens that you simply cant move (fever + cold +hunger / +attacked).
    To see what I mean try: for example pick shaman class, revive rabbit/racoon and make it attack the troll (both have very low dmg so compare them with players or beasts). Start using heal while escaping and let mana drop below 50. You ll see that sometimes it takes several naps while being attacked before resting lets you move away.
    Autorest on/off -- Another useful thing if possible:
    rest autocasting to turn on/off itself when mana reaches min (0 ~ 10%)/ max (90 ~ 100%). This way the energy will automatically regulate itself, so unnecessary heat loss at night will be prevented. /Instead of only at 50 mana, sleep should trigger on/off when in range: mana is below ~10% - autocast on ;mana is near ~100% - autocast off/
    I was thinking of a sound when resting but couldnt find something that wouldnt be annoying for a whole game :)
  13. dtyrmale


    May 17, 2012
    make ai version pls
  14. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    some notes on test 17


    played few games and wrote down some notes/ideas so here it is:

    *arcanum of shadow bug: occurs 100%, shaman becomes permanently invisible and cant autorest whole game after he has picked arc of shadow. debug doesnt fix it nor any other spell.
    *Stats board dissappears - i noticed it several times. My guess is that it happens rarely after a particular lightning (not sure if there are different types of lightning). Doesnt fix after it happens so maybe -debug command could be made to reset it too.
    A rare bug on the previous 1 or 2 test versions (maybe already fixed): few times all game tooltips / healthbars had dissappeared after i guess (the same lightning). Then after 1 - 2 rains with lightnings they usually restored. My guess is that it was related with the trigger's camera/movie mode because it affected all tooltips and healthbars in the current game and it couldnt be changed using game menu.
    *Hunter pet (hawk/dog) / guardian also - if u use it to kill animals it neither gives experience to hunter, nor affects beastmaster achievement
    Lightning/lag - I noticed that there is some lag just before some lightnings - something like a second or more lag then lightning follows. This means that the trigger itself could lead to some memory leaks.. however game runs very well now since version 17 no errors received so far +
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
  15. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    some gameplay views

    - Zombie animals - currently maybe too powerful - relatively very quickly revived / no expire / no poison / no disease. (After a week or 2 you have like 8 - 10 animals easy and can go rampage across map). So suggesttion for change: to have some large amount of energy (something like lvl 3/4 animal) which expires (to prolong them you still have to either feed them like hunter does - or revive them again later when they drop skin/bones). Feeding them with herbs (like omnivore) for more energy could also be used for versatility. Poison resistance makes them able to destroy all snakes/spiders on map with 1 raised animal only so maybe it could be removed.

    - Elder Beasts / lvl 3/4 animals - elder beasts too should have mana (expire like ancient turtle) also can have chance to spawn cubs at lvl 4. After they expire: bones / skulls / shell could drop (maybe logical) while furs / meat disappear or rot. This way you still can find the horns/skulls after animals perish.

    - Spear / staff - melee range increase - dont know if this can be changed but seems logical a spear to increase a bit your melee attack range: (like 100 - 150 i think bear / aligator have such range and can effectively be used against piranhas)

    - Petrified wood - it could be used in more instances improving/providing:
    spear: (greater throw dmg)/ + 100 throw range /+50 melee range
    shields: less weight / increase block chance a little / lvl1 usable for shaman
    shaman staff: (a bit more critical) + (50/100) range // (petrified wood + horn for improved version)
    torch: dmg critical if used for attack
  16. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Inventory / helpers

    Deer inventory - especially with shaman in the first week you can make like 4 - 5 deer and with so many inventory slots by default it makes it like an exploit. You can gather / carry way too much things with several of them.
    There is no logic a deer to carry / pickup things without any bag or some tool. So they could have a default 1 slot for lvl 2/3 (normal and raised) and later upgraded for inventory by some leather bag made of linen / leather / rope providing additional 3/5 slots to lvl 2/3. The bag along with all items could drop on death and be reused/ also could be taken off the animal anytime.

    - Warrior class - unable to use a helper like a deer so this is one of its big disadvantages (scouting/carry items) especially in single player. Some option to buy one from troll merchant would be useful (example: antelope cub // or I remember long ago there was a horse unit that you could make. Maybe more realistic would be the unit to have energy so if you feed it with herbs/tinders it can be used whole game).

    The idea of buying a helper directly / or old concept of creating a horse unit could make the game less survival, allowing spamming some artificial army. So if anything to change I guess an antelope cub or similar (say 20-30 gold + the cost of creating a bag) could somehow compensate the advantages and prevent spamming/creating some vast army of it. And to remain realistic the quest mechanics can be used: if center merchant stock is 0 (max stock 1) there is a small chance for new +1 to occur instead of a quest, anouncing to players that its available).
  17. Metalbear


    Jan 15, 2010
    Any plans to make a single player mode for this, or its gonna stick with a MUST for multiplayer?
  18. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    We have started work on Jungle Trolls II, which should be technically far more advanced.
    We plan to implement character equipment slots, more intuitive crafting and maybe single player missions/achievement system.
  19. RedZack


    Feb 13, 2010
    Awesome, Jungle Troll Tribes still exists :D, didn´t expect that there was much going on with wc3 mods, till an email arrived today from hive workshop.

    And now you even plan/build a sequel, maybe this will be a reson for me to come back to wc3 mod playing, and I might consider hosting the new version if I enjoy it.

    When can we expect the first release?
  20. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    Really can't tell. Much depends on my coworker Frotty and my own free time... Which is a scarce resource. I only hope beta would be ready this year.