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Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8.1

Submitted by gadina_prokleta
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Gadina Prokleta Presents

by A.Dominion and Gadina Prokleta
Version 5.8.1

► Both major bugs of the game should be finally FIXED:​
• The game desynchronization at game start should not happen anymore!
• The bug with items lost upon death is now fixed!
• In order to reduce overpopulation, initial beast spawn is randomly decreased by app. 10%.​
► There is a dedicated network for Jungle Trolls Reborn in Tunngle (see here for details).​

Map Info:

You must survive,
gather resources,
build your village and
protect your Totem from the other evil troll tribes in the Jungle.

Loading Screen picture by Cindy Nyan


Playable Classes:

You can choose among four troll heroes, each having different skills and item recipes:
The fierce and mighty WARRIOR,
The silent and insidious HUNTER,
The wise and creepy SHAMAN,
The ingenious and crafty INVENTOR.

The Troll classes


Gameplay Variety:

You can craft various weapons, items and buildings and combine them
dependent on the class of the chosen troll and the necessities of the tribe.
The world is changing and going its own course through the game.
The game is rich of possibilities. There can't be two JTR games exactly the same.

A well armed Warrior in action



- rich game world, full of hidden dangers and secrets;
- breeding animals, which can be hunted, tamed or even zombified;
- cute little cubs and mighty boss beasts, cunning enemies and evil allies;
- changing weather affecting the gameplay in many aspects;
- complete freedom of movement and choice of tactics.

A Hunter with his pet



The game is based on A.Dominion's Jungle Troll Tribes (5.5).
In the middle of year 2006 with the written permission of the author
the map was reworked and improved by gadina_prokleta.

Subsequently A.Dominion joined the development team
and did a great work to further improve and extend the game.

The game was developed with the help of many
contributors from all around the world:
Dark Angel (beta testing, tooltips),
ElloElloEllo (modelling),
GothicMage and Jimmehdean (hosting, beta testing),
BIOEngineer (Russian game community, beta testing)
and many others.

Official Site

More Info

For updates and contact:
Facebook page

troll, trolls, jungle trolls, jungle troll tribes, reborn, gadina, prokleta, survival

Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8 (Map)

15:59, 4th Dec 2008 Rui: The map is known to me. The previous version was approved, so I guess this one will pass too. Note, please use the Update button to submit a new version.
  1. stonneash


    Jul 20, 2011
    I created a Garena clan for people who plat JTR called JTR_PLayers join us.
  2. GothicMage


    Apr 16, 2011
    Emm, another clan?
    I thought this one is still active.
  3. NlmDth


    Apr 11, 2011
    Ok, for people who want to play, try garena.Since the implementation of ENT hosting, we are playing JTR almost daily.There's quite a few people active from Sunny Trolls clan, we have 2v2v2 or 3v3 games.I've noticed that sometimes people can't see the game, but try europa TFT rooms, and you should be able to see.
    Also here's a bug i've observed
    1: Hunter bow critical deals poison, even though the arrows were not envenomed.This occurs only with critical shots.
  4. CoCoY4


    Jun 12, 2011
    fatal error

    As the game goes on, i hate the fatal error showing and killing the joy of your long game :( is this game still being reworked???? im just worried this game has ended in a bad way.
  5. Tratios


    Oct 30, 2013
    Yeah same thing, either playing on my own, or once with three friends, about 15-20mins into the game get a fatal error saying there's no enough storage space, odd.
  6. foxx.assassin


    Nov 20, 2013
    Like this game::::::
  7. K1LLTH3N00B


    Jun 30, 2009
    as soon as the game starts many players disconnect immediately due to some game bug

    any chance of this getting fixed?

    We're playing on a virtual LAN and this game is the only one that desyncs
  8. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011


    Awesome map.
    Here is some things that would be nice if it can be implemented:

    1) Forge provides endless heat and base is invulnerable to weather for free all game
    (should require oil / wood / tinder to operate). also can be used for cooking

    2) cauldron also works without any source of heat. should require something to burn for cooking / brewing potion (as firecamp). can provide some heat when working
    Idea is: u upgrade the firecamp to a better structure (forge or cauldron), but it cant be working all game without heat source.

    3) Leather armors / boots should be optional waterproof and provide some heat, but less than fur clothes.

    4) shields are really effective
    leathers / chitin also can be used to make some more basic shields
    otherwise shaman can only use quest shield

    5) quest reward mask needs to be imbued further to become really effective (or some option to further improve some of the quest items like line / add armor)

    6) petrified wood - improve attack on weapons if used instead

    7) murlocs should levelup or have other classes at tier 2 (acquire new abilities or items like slow / bloodlust / use nets ...)

    8) terrain randomization is very good it makes the map different every time
    If there are additional variables for each location some of the locations
    could even be made to be not accessible at start (smaller chance)
    by blocking with trees /bushes. // ofcourse not to block the players on the island

    (probably bugs)
    - when u place the totem in the beginning of game it increases food to 200
    - when u rest at night near tent it does not increase heat
    - starting items (item choice) like spellbook can stack without limit (you can carry even 6 items of the same type)

    Keep up
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  9. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    more notes from jungle


    here is some notes made while in jungle:

    * unending rain bug
    it happens after lightning strikes a totem. (has something to do with lightning trigger.
    after this there is no more lightning and rain doesnt stop all game) I guess some weather debug command would fix it
    (reset weather after some seconds / or if all players agree)

    * weather
    longer periods like several days rain / snow / storm would be interesting too (some smaller chance but still possible to occur in a game)
    troll chief messages can reflect the duration like '' this will be heavy / light rain or snow for 1 / 2 days ..."

    * jungle / locations
    each animal location can be randomized and instead of only 1 entrance can have a small chance for more entrances
    (this way parts of the jungle will be more open) or inaccessible (have to clear your way to access)

    also more initial spawn locations for players on all the islands / random spawn can be set at game start (for tribes). This will make game start differ every time

    * animals
    -birds if added attack like this of the hawk will make them retaliate (to trolls) and be more dangerous (not stay in 1 place try to target ground unit)
    also vultures can spread some disease when attack (they eat dead things)

    -small animals like frog / rabbit / racoon need some ability to be useful for tame / revive
    (can have sprint / better range or night vision / better evasion / carry item) they have strong senses you know / should be better scouts

    * a horse will be good addition for warrior / inventor and other nomadic trolls (useful for carrying stuff on longer travels like the deer/ as both classes are unable to tame and revive). This way a team of 2 wariors can travel with a horse carrying some provision...
    Problems with deer or horse is that it allows players to sit in base and collect items remotely, but if some type of passive inventory is implemented (deer pick item only if near troll) this will fix this issue. /i dont see how a deer or horse can pick items by itself and without some bag on its back/
    saddlebags item can upgrade horse / deer inventory from 3 to 6 slots)

    (i guess it is best if troll merchant sells horses /expensive/ or also add as quest reward

    *snakes can become anaconda after lvl 3 (small chance)
    *turtles can have some attack for retaliate (rarely bite, but hard)
    *hex can be used for sneaking if it decreases collision size
    *carnivorous plant can become stronger (lvlup) rather than losing energy
    *stone walls should be 3 levels 100 / 200 / 300 hit points each level by adding a stone and provide no vision
    *additional quests with turtle shells, feathers, leather, chitin, furs, some herbs will be nice
    also those boss items / indicators for which bosses are present

    all the best :psmile:
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2013
  10. Viei


    Dec 18, 2010
    Hello, chessboxing, glad to see you enjoyed playing JTR!

    You were lucky to get your totem lightning struck. Loa be praised!

    There is already long winter spell which affects weather for few days. Adding more butons to totem without removing current effects is a problem.

    Animals already spawn at different locations. Are you sure you never ventured into vast bear camps?

    Jungle parrots are no strong fighters, mon.
    Small tamed animals act like bait and a controllable ward.
    Trollz no ride horsah. Watcha horsah, mon? Antelope? Antelope cantah carry troll!

    Snakez? Why did it have to be snakez? Troll hate snakez!
    Turtle don't mind being attacked. Turtle don't want to attack. They are turtles. With freaking lazorz spikes on their heads carapaces.

    [*] Sounds fantastic, bunch of rabbits entering your camp. Wit steel axez!

    [*] Too much masonry, mon. Troll be bettah hunting and fighting. But I second the vision idea, if possible.
  11. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Bugs / errors / exploits ver 5.6 test 07 , 08


    check out some notes with things to improve (found in 5.6 07, 08):

    - Upgraded shop - dissappears if cancelled while building (inventor pack skill) / also shop kit cannot be automatically upgraded when in inventory by adding trade agreement.
    - Imperial crab - cant be raised, only river crab for 1 chitin. Then it drops 2 chitin as if it was imperial.
    - Starting item choice - dissappears if players dont choose before timer expires. Random option should be available and set as default so the item is not lost.
    - Tome of xp (quest) - if taken by a murloc/ghoul/animal results in critical error (probably normal).
    Fixing this leads to the possibility of gaining limited additional levels for murlocs / raised trolls. This way if you use them to complete some quests and give them the tomes of xp they can get more powerful. Each new lvl providing them +1 inventory slot, additional hitpoints (25-40 per lvl) and maybe some additional ability. Tomes of wisdom (from merchant) cant be picked by murloc / ghoul.
    - Stone walls - if inventor takes a 2000 hitpoint stone mine for few hours to say 15 stone he can then place it as 300 hitpoint stone walls on half the map. This makes 4500 hitpoint walls and also very wide map vision for free (vision should be melee for walls). Also collision size is very large (2 walls block most passages).
    To fix this the cost of wall kits should be 2 or 3 stone. Option to fortify walls by adding stones (2 or 3 levels as the towers) would be useful for strategic locations (near totem). This way you can have stronger and weaker walls.
    - hit sound - all mines / walls / stone buildings sound a bit hollow as if normal building (could be changed to stone hit).
    - birds - when attacked from ground birds tend to return and stay in 1 place above player (the AI makes it retaliate as if to air target). Bird AI works well against air units though. In order to fix this i gues either an ability (hawk swoop), ground attack or panic (escape) ability would improve birds.
    - Resources and buildings - should cost run energy if carry alot of them (5 stones, building kits...)​

  12. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Totem / buildings

    - Guardian beast / totem - in late game guardian beast becomes relatively weak and a 200 hitpoint totem can be taken with 2-3 power hits (club), which results in end game sometimes even without a fight. More hitpoints for the totem as well as some protection mode (invulnerability for limited seconds) while guardian beast is not revived would be useful I guess.

    - Destroyed totem / Outcast / FFA -
    In my opinion when the totem is destroyed the tribe should still be able to play, but without totem. This means no more miracle reviving (ring of resurrection should be modified to be usable only once, also could be used by spirit). Totems cannot be rebuilt so it will be harder for the tribe to survive especially if other tribes still have totem.
    If totem defeat condition is removed then the option for leave tribe would be available (working only during first game minute) allowing players to randomly spawn on map as outcasts without totems. Totems are given to tribes only when leave timer expires and teams are settled (to prevent steal). Outcasts can join other tribes later in game (this will fix the team vision issue when player switches tribes). Then naturally a Free For All game mode could be made possible (no totems) by player voting or general mode setup.
    - Buildings - when destroyed could drop 50 - 75 % of permanent resources.
    Example: Armory - 2 stone 1 flint; cauldron - 1 stone 1 flint; Tent - 1 wood; Tannery - 2 wood; firecamp - 1 stone 1 flint; Workshop 2 stone 1 wood ....
    Idea is soft resources get destroyed, but some harder materials can still be used. Also if there is no inventor in a team some building materials can be reused.

    - Ancient teleporters - really easy to destroy with 50 hitpoint and its very valuable for inventors. Add more hitpoints like a solid ancient stucture. Then if still destroyed they can drop some stone / small % chance for mana stone/crystal or gold/diamond. Inventors or their teams would tend to protect the portals.​

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
  13. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Inventor / Quests / Items

    - Inventor - Learning ability:
    Example: inventor has got a specific item (harpoons or quest reward) or recipe. This item now appears in his old inventions list. If he needs further items of this type (for tribe) he can choose to reproduce the recipe / or instead he can go for a random new invention. This will remove the reproducing of old invention recipes when not needed.
    - feathers - Inventor can get lots feathers easily with a gun and has almost no use for them. Inventions can now require a parchment and a feather (similar to spellbook).

    - Quests / items -
    - piranha quest - random locations (can spawn near water ramps between islands, guarding water passages / or in salmon areas )
    - frog quest - random location: both springs / or the 2 salmon areas - instead of always north (this way murlocs can be used on other islands)
    - ring of resurrection - to be useable only once instead of unlimited. Also spirits should be able to use it.
    - boats can be upgraded with engine (require invention) for increased speed / not use energy.
    - boss trophies can appear as quest rewards and also indicator for what boss is present as in multiplayer there is no log of non-player messages (some specific boss sound on spawn can be played).
    - iron pickaxe (iron is harder than bronze I guess). I noticed that some clubs are nearly as good as a pickaxe when used on stone mine, while their cooldown is much faster. Actually a pickaxe should be far more effective than a club when used on solid rock / stone buildings. Power hit does not stun units (tooltip incorrect).

    - Cleave attack - (working for bronze/iron axes): warrior only while in berserker mode - 25% cleave;
    - Gautlets cleave - All classes
    Fur gauntlets: +15% cleave; Leather gauntlets: +25% cleave; Gauntlets of fury: additional +15% cleave.
    A warrior in berserker mode with leather gauntlets of fury will have total of 65% cleave when using sharp axes. This way he can have better chance against mass animals. (Not sure if cleave is realistic for blunt weapons).

    - Clothes -
    Leather coats / Boots / Gloves can also provide some small heat - say equal to that of those made of rabbit furs. (Leather clothes are still warmer than naked)
    - Wind resistance -
    All coats can provide additional 25% resist to storm. Lined coat / scale +15 % = total 40%
    Boots/gloves +10%; lined boots/gloves +10% = total 20% resistance to storm (lose less health).​
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
  14. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Merchant / Animals

    - Merchant (center) - animal resources that were sold by players (skins, feathers, shells, items...) will go to the old merchant (auction) and can later be bought (only from center) for say x4 item price (20 gold for a bear fur) or even higher. This way sold things are not lost; players will be careful what they sell / keep track of what is sold. Trade agreement allows tribes to only see in their own shops what is available in center auction. (Basic resources will not be shown as they are always available in player shops). This way players can even complete some of the quests (the high price will compensate the item reward). While players go to the center to buy the resources some battles may also occur there.
    - Animals -
    - Small animals and birds - can have increased evasion by lvl- 10/20/30%; +some panic ability that triggers when players near or if attacked: sprint / escape mechanic should trigger larger perimeter (escape distance) around initial location and longer time before return. This can prevent birds / animals of staying in place while attacked or return after a few seconds. Players will also have to use additional tools to effectively hunt, rather than just chasing with normal axe or dagger.
    - Aligators - when immersed in water and moving slowly - become periodically invisible (like sabretooth), so they have to be detected . Once they start moving fast or step on shore they become visible. Also small chance for byte can be added to older aligators (lvl 3, 4). All this will make them attack surprisingly and be really dangerous /actually they hunt this way in nature/.
    This will make players be more cautious / use torch / detect.
  15. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Weather effects / Lightning / Jungle

    - naturally occuring weather - add variations in duration (small chance for long periods of rain/storm/snow like a day, day and night).
    Variations in weather combinations (small chance of naturally occuring mixed weather like wind and rain / wind and snow.) Also the weather messages can reflect a forecast of the duration to warn players.
    - natural weather should be independent of player casts -
    Example: When weather is clear players can cast a rain. Then while it rains there is still a chance natural weather to occur (add snow or wind to the rain).
    - storms currently damage birds all around the map (2 or 3 consecutive storms kill most smaller birds i guess). Some resistance of birds could fix this.
    -Lightning - can be used as special effect when a totem is destroyed / ancient teleporter is destroyed or below some hitpoints.
    Also it could have % chance to give some xp to player (lvlup) / transform lv 3 animal to elder beast instead of only damage every time.
    -Jungle - tree line around each animal lair could be added more variation (randomization of add/remove particular trees). When raining tree/bush sapling can spawn around similar to herbs/berry.
    Randomizing the jungle further at game start would significantly improve the map.

    Although bringing all those jungle parchmentz at once makes it quite a long post, probably some of it may come useful to developer team.
    Keep up.
    All the best :psmile:
  16. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    Oh, these are some very useful bug reports and suggestions!
    In the next few days I'll try to implement some of them and to give you the detailed answer you deserve ^^
    I want to soon finalize and publish version 5.6 - it is much more stable and better working than 5.5 and I don't think it would be appropriate to make any more large scale changes for now, but there are some tricky small improvements that might require some more testing.
  17. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    I give up. Everything seems fine, but there is such a bug indeed.

    Fixed (but Imperial crab still will not be raised).

    This is possible, but it requires some needlessly complicated systems.
    Fixed the simple way - it is now an item which can me taken only by hero or transport. If used by hero, gives 200 XP to troll.

    There are already stronger and weaker walls - actually walls and wooden barrels.
    But you are right. Walls hit points have been reduced to 200 and sight range is shorter.

    Not sure if I can fix this. Or just too sleepy at the moment.

    The reason is my fix to the stupid reaction of the AI, which is quite simple: attacked animal has a chance to forcefully retailiate. So thank you, I removed this chance when attacked unit is flying - this should fix the problem.

    It could be done, but this won't contribute to the gameplay, it would only make the game harder. I would rather even increase energy pool or decrease fatigue, so trolls won't have to sleep too often.

    I'm ready with this part of the job. More - in a few days.
    Version 5.6 test 10 has been uploaded.
  18. Tratios


    Oct 30, 2013
    Fatal Error

    As many others received fatal error less than 5 mins into the gameplay.


    Program: c:\program files (x86)\warcraft iii\war3.exe
    Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS VIOLATION) at

    The Instruction at '0x6F155EAD' referenced memory at
    The memory could not be 'read'

    Press OK to terminate the application.

    (I should clarify that this is playing the Version 5.6 test 10)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2014
  19. gadina_prokleta


    Apr 11, 2006
    This message doesn't help me :(
    It may be helpful if you remember what was your last action - or some other player's action. There must be a reason - something done under specific conditions. For example, long time ago there was an unpredictable reason for critical error: when you throw a net to someone under the effects of Molotov, the game crashed. As it turned, it was a "built in" Warcraft 3 bug and I had to replace the ability causing it.
    Of course I couldn't know there is such stupid bug - someone told me.
  20. chessboxing


    Jul 10, 2011
    Few notes on 5.6 test 12


    Critical errors near totem:
    I had several similar critical errors when playing test game:
    I set 1 computer player in enemy team and after 10 minutes it auto builds his totem (without guardian). I had the map revealed with cheat code and noticed that when a nearby beast attacked his totem it resulted in immediate error. Then i repeated this step going near his totem next game and after totem spawn i tried crafting item close to his totem: once again error. 3rd game i went close to totem and tried to cut tree: once again error. I guess there is some triggers related to the totem (probably autobuilded totem) that cause the errors. Maybe it tries to give command to guardian but it does not exist.
    Summary: all actions near the enemy totem of Computer player result in error. This probably dont emerge in multiplayer when there are 2 tribes but if someone plays a singleplayer game is very likely to receive those errors. Actually if i hadnt used that reveal map cheat i wouldnt guess this is the cause of at least some errors.

    Some other things:
    - cooking ability lvl3 - its like 50% working and it says 100%. (actually it shouldn't be 100%. Probably a little less as meals can be combined for faster food increase)

    - antidote - if there are several instances of poison as well as a disease the antidote doesnt remove all of them. It removes only 1 and the others remain.

    - golem uses 1 stone to create instead of 5. It can be affected with malaria (comodo) also with this type of armor it is overpowering almost all jungle beasts (with 2 golems you can fight with 4 5 bears or aligators).
    This mechanical golem leads to the idea of its raised counterpart: a flesh golem by shaman ... i guess they should require some mana stone / crystals.

    - petrified wood - no longer appears. I noticed that lightning does strike only units. In several games no petrified wood was available in all map.

    - raised antelope - dmg is 20 - 50 (probably too high); raised stag is 20 -40
    also i guess increasing the revive cost would be good (at least for antelope/stag / bird) as shaman can have alot of animals very fast.

    - small animals and vultures - still they tend to return to you after you hit them with dagger / throwing weapon / arrow / stone / stick . It makes the game a bit easier though.

    - energizer balm - gets cancelled on hit and tooltip says "combat consumable" (healing balm works correctly)

    - when playing hunter i noticed that the most parts of the map are plain grass so i thought some more of those grass/bush texture doodads can make hunter tents / traps harder to detect.

    - music - adding an option to set the music theme as in DOTA would be good: -human1; -orc2 etc..

    - regarding the totem mana at game start players may be given options:
    1 to save their amount of mana in totem for heal / revive / weather effects and later build guardian (OR)
    2 use the mana to spawn a guardian beast at start - offensive game start (say they can use the guardian to help them setup the base in some specific lotation with bears / aligators / spiders etc)

    - froll hut - it can be changed to be a neutral structure where players can make harpoons / torch / totem of horror ... instead of destructable for a mana stone (frolls got their harpoons from there and guard the hut). Also some of the (poisonous) frogs can have a chance to become a froll like elder beast.

    -ambient sounds - i noticed some animal and player sounds (some classes play a sound when crafting i guess, also boar enrage) can be heard only when ambient sounds are off (from Options/Sound menu) or player is using -cam mode. Also i think adding some animal specific enrage sounds (like bear roar, tiger roar) would be iteresting as well as a boss specific sound on spawn to warn players.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2014