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Jump Grand Battle V1.1B [15/07/2013]

Submitted by The10th-X
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


Map Info:
Fight in this hero arena from the Ever-so popular JUMP! series, enjoy a new system of skills and stats, which adds a little more fun into the gameplay

Map Progress V1.2:

V1.0b Changelog:
Code (Text):
-Added 20 Sec CD to HP pot and increased price by 100g
-Reduced Mana pot cost to 75g
-Changed damage type of Zoro's Q and His ultimates first hit to normal, reduced damage of his second hit by 3x AGI
-Reduced HP gain of STR by 1/2
-Added a 0.5 mana bonus per INT point
-Increased AS gain from AGI to 0.04 from 0.03
-Added pathing blockers on duel Water
-Increased Jellals utli Damage from 0.1 to 0.5 x INT
-Decreased Itachi susanoo Damage from 1x INT to 0.4 x INT
-Increase Natsu ultimate duration to 20 from 15
-Reduced Natsu roar range to 1250 from 1500
-Increased the boundarys of arenas
-Made it so you can transfer between each arena in 3 points
-Increased creep Strength and bounty, added 2 more camps
-Stopped Goku moving while kame
-Changed gokus Kame damage to Universal
-Gintokis ulti now pauses, decreased kncokback range by 2/5
-Changed luffy ultimate dmaage type to Universal
-Added Terrain destruction trigger to loads of skills
-Reduced HP gain of Philosiphers tone to 200/400/600/800/1000
-Reduced shinigami sword damage bonus to 15/30/45
-Readuce uniform MS bonus to 20/40/60
-Added Broken Muramasa blade as an Item
-Made all Ulti CD 60 Seconds instead of 30

V1.0c Changelog:
Code (Text):
-Fixed the Itachi utlimate SFX
-Fixed Duel Arena Glitch
-Fixed Natsu Tooltip

V1.0d Changelog:
Code (Text):
-Gintokis heal now works
-Removed the itachi.. /facepalm
-Added Player leave system

V1.0e Changelog:
Code (Text):
-Made it so zoro can't attack teammates
-Removed Burst SFX
-Reduce Kyuubi blast cast by 1 second
-Increase Rasen shuriken Damage
-Descrease Altrairis damage (0.5 => 0.2)
-Nerf Skill 2 Damage for Jellal
-Nerf Zoro's W, Remove Stun off skill 1
-Incrase Instant transmission Damage
-Added blackbeard
-Reduce Zoro ultiate Damage by 1x AGI each hit
-Gintokis passive now only gives bonus for Agi and Int
-Fixed Ogas Ultimate

V1.1b Changelog:
Code (Text):
-Remade Sokyoukou (Stronger, also should fix hp glitch)
-Increased Hp Pot CD
-Descreased Stock delay on bracers
-Fixed Settings DC Bug
-Added a Default mode in case Red is AFK

New Features for 1.1!
.NEW CHARACTERS! Edward, Sasuke, Kenpachi, Allen, Maka and Mirajane
.Old characters revamped with new spells (Ichigo, Naruto, Oga etc.)
.SFX Changed/Improved to decrease lag
.Bugs fixed
.Arenas Expanded
.3 New Modes
.More efficient mode selection
.New items
.Balances (Too lazy to make a full changelog)

Team leader:The10th-X
(if you would like to join send me a PM saying what you can help with)

  • New stats leveling system, Each level you may choose which stat to upgrade with a +2 bonus!
  • Level cap of 50, Spells are all stat based so they get stronger to match up with the HP
  • NEW Jump! BURST spell, a spell every char has, costs 50 Mana and increases all damage by 25%!


  • Valkemiere (Terrain)
  • BuY_YoU (Leaderboard)
  • Tachimaru (Killing System)
  • Toma (BGM System)
  • Others for models/Textures (will put in-game credits)

Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/groups/360591544020305/


Author's Note:
~WARNING Turn every setting to wc3 to HIGH to play this map!~

Anime, Jump, Shonen, Eye Candy, Mana system, Stats

Jump Grand Battle V1.1B [15/07/2013] (Map)

20:17, 3rd Apr 2013 Orcnet: map approved
  1. eddia


    Apr 17, 2013
    why no kenshin?