Jaina Slaughter of the Sea

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Just a simple experiment, I didn't change any animation but names of them of female demon hunter.
Imagine when Proudmoore's daughter went to Kul'tiras Navy instead of went to college of Dalaran.
Hopefully if could be a base model for Diablo Demon Hunter or Overwatch Tracer or any other duel-pistol character.

Thanks for the advice from you and the help of @Ardenaso , I now changed her animation set to Kael's and scaled attack animations, added firing sounds too, hope you like her.

Jaina Slaughter of the Sea (Model)

Jaina Slaughter of the Sea Portrait (Model)

Level 6
Sep 3, 2020
The model is really beautiful, I do love it. Animations are nice in a different way. I feel it is a nice addition even if it wont please to everyone.