Jaina as a unit (set)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
The set contains several reworked Jaina variations that can be used as units for some races.

  • Added new animations, distinctive portraits and custom textures.
  • Removed heroic mesh and tonns of unused frames.
Author's notes:

Feel free to use/edit the model but give credits.
The models were created for my map.
Hope you find this useful!

Blood Elf, Dalaran, Human, High Elf, Jaina, Mage, Proudmoore, Sorceress

JainaUnitDalaran.mdx (Model)

JainaUnitDalaranMage (Icon)

JainaUnitDalaran_Portrait.mdx (Model)

JainaUnitHighElf.mdx (Model)

JainaUnitHighElfMage (Icon)

JainaUnitHighElf_Portrait.mdx (Model)

JainaUnitHuman.mdx (Model)

JainaUnitHumanMage (Icon)

JainaUnitHuman_Portrait.mdx (Model)

General Frank
Might be useful for some people, but for now it is a bit too simple. Maybe if you make it more unique and find a way no to use custom textures the quality can be improved.
Level 19
Jul 28, 2021
I like it, it's a very usable model. Especially the high elf version.
Thanks! :smile: Yea, I tried to give the High Elf version a look that might work for Blood Elves too. And I also like when human forces wear identical cloaks, will never give up on this!
Absolutely beautiful! If you don't mind, I will make some very simple recolored icons for them when I have free time
Thank you! Sure, feel free to make any :thumbs_up: