[Role Playing Game] Jade Adventure

Level 6
Oct 25, 2018


Map Info:

In a team of four, dive deep into a hack and slash adventure! This coop hero survival offers a unique experience in map-based combat and beautiful visuals, all while playing out like an old-school dungeon crawler.
Build a party from Damage, Heals and Frontline chars, and have an adventure!


-Form a party out of nine unique characters in three different classes (Damage, Heals, Frontline).
-Define your playstyle with constellations, a talent system.
-Slash and cast away - spells cost no mana, they only have a cooldown.
-Your ultimate ability slowly generates over time. Use it when needed for powerful effects.
-Advance and quest through three worlds, each with four challenging levels.
-Explore beautiful environments and maps.
-Further power your playstyle and characters' stats with items.

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Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Game is designed for full team of four.
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