Items help!!

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Hi there!
Im in a huge hurry with my map, short said it will be a Vampirism Map.
I have until Friday to be done :hohum:
*But i want to have some time to buy milk for my coffee to!!* :thumbs_up:

Have you ever played a Vampirism Map before, ex Fire, crazy, revenge etc, and now how it works, that will be a lot easier for both of us.

When it comes to the Items, i really need your fantasy!
I mean, what kind of items does a ancient vampire really have?

Examples >>>
Permanent Item: Vampires Cloak = Permanent Invisibility.
Charged Item: Virgin Blood = Heals 2000 Hitpoints.
Or I dont know.. things like that maybe..

The items i need for you to do is, about 4 full shops!! You do not have to make 4 full shops if you lack patience with it..
I will name the 4 Shops and what TYPE of shop it is, so it will be easy to just put them in the correct shop.
AND 10 items for a drop rate (Just write "DROP RATE" in Editor Suffix)
Those 10 items shall not be especially Good Items..
Remember, nothing advanced, just simple and kind of balanced items.
(Now its handy to have played Vampirism)

AND IF YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT 2, you may import custom-made icons if you write the creator in Editor Suffix, Example Icon by:ReDbEaN87.
But you really need to remember wich person(s) who made the icons so i can give them credit on my map.
MAX 14 Icons, OR MAX 300kb

Thank you in advance! :infl_thumbs_up:

Kindest Regards //ReDbEaN
Not open for further replies.