ISO: Animater for advance body concept

Level 6
May 27, 2007
I'm looking for an experienced modeler with high experience in animating for 2 requests - both using the same method.
  • Knowledge in optimizing polygon structure
  • Able to create 'realistic' looking animations for default wc3 view.
  • Must be willing to work under moderately strict rules

If you fulfill all of those, keep reading.

Most warcraft3 models match the theme warcraft3 has - cartoonist, magical, and so on. There is an incredibly small selection of models for 'modern' age projects, excluding war machines and modifications of the space marine.

I'm asking for a modeler and animator to create 2 models - one of an infantry soldier, and one of a 'zombie' of sorts.
However, each one would differ greatly to what is available to the hands of mappers.

The infantry model would be 'relaxed' when moving - almost at a jog. Weapon across chest, back hunched forward slightly, ect.
When it fires, weapon is raised to shoulder, shoulder pushed back, ect.

But, the most interesting will be the actual model of the infantry unit and zombie.
The animated file has absolutely no physical geometry. No head, no chest, nothing but the bones and attachment points.
Individual body parts are than attached ingame to the proper attachment point.
That's where the real difficulty comes in.

But why? Well, simply it would give an unheard flexibility in 'zombie' style games. Zombie parts rip off. Grenade goes off near a team mate and their arm gets blown off - it could even come with penalties for losing a limb.

The zombie model would have nothing particularly interesting about it compared to the default zombie file, besides 'better' animations and textures.

If you're interested, PM me and I'll get in touch over messenger. There are some minor restrictions you would be held to (High standard of quality, multiple texture files per model instead 1 for entire model, ect)


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