Island Of Heroes BETA 1.3

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This map is called Island of Heroes.

At the start, you select your hero (AoS) between 12 diffrent heroes.
You will get a start item, this is your castle. You must use it and build it on a place on the map before you get out in battle!
If you die, you will respawn at your castle (if you haven't build it yet, you cannot respwan!!!)...

Like in DotA, you by gear and upgrade your Hero, but on this island, you also need to control your camp...
In the camp, you can build up i few units (not used for battle) and buy upgrades to your hero.

I player lose when his castle dies, or when the main Castle in spawn dies. If the big castle dies, the game is over.

I haven't got any recepts yet, but if you show interest in my map, I will add it.

Some of you might have downloaded the previous versions through epicwar, I tell you that this map it much more balanced and more fun than v.1.0 - 1.2

Hope you like my map, And as I said before, there will be many things I am planning to add, so if you download it and play it, maby that will happen :p

Thanks to:
YourNameHere (some jump spell)

and more...
I might have forget someone that uploaded usfull guides, spells, icons and moddels (I don't remember the names in my head but I hope I can get the names later)
By: Gronis93

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Island Of Heroes BETA 1.3 (Map)

17:44, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
You build buildings and have some units, I just used "Like DotA" because every one knows dota and you select you hero like in dota. Else, its not that alike dota.

DotA imho is a very bad map, and people need to stop associating AoS's with dota. The pick system is hero taverns, when you die, it is a Respawn/Death SYSTEM.
Level 16
Oct 10, 2009
Needs Fix.

Add to the description please.
And btw, DotA did not make all of those systems, nor was it the first to use them.
Take everything about DotA out of your description.
Do you seriously beleive that B.D.(before dota) all maps sucked and had no basic systems?
No. Of course not.
DotA did not make these systems, so unless you want to go in and write
Like DotA and mapsoso and mapsoso and mapsoso
then take that out.